Tools of the Trade

These are the items that I discuss often and use in my own wardrobe. They are listed in alphabetical order.

All-Day Lipsticks: Rimmel here and Maybelline here
When I say all day, I mean more than just 4 hours. I have tested over 10 varieties of all-day lipsticks here, and these are my two favorites.
The advantage besides they stay put all day is that they don’t bleed into the fine lines around your lips.

Clear Elastic Bands: Found here on Amazon
I use these to fasten scarves, shorten shirts, among many other things.
Here’s an example of how I used one to keep two scarves together.

Elastics for Hair: Found here on Amazon
Even though I have short hair, I used these just like the clear elastic bands except these are thicker for sweaters and bigger scarves.
Lesley shows how this worked for a faux half-tuck outfit.

Fashion Tape: Found here on Amazon
I use this if I have a button-up top that tends to gape open, or if I want my scarf to stay put.

Halftees: Found here Use code Jtouch20 for 20% off
These are your lifesavers if a shirt is too low cut or you want to cover your arms, yet you don’t want the bulk at your midsection.

Hat Tape: Found here on Amazon
This is not only good for making hats smaller, but I’ve used it for making a cuff bracelet fit better. As seen in this short video on Facebook.

Jewelry Polishing Cloth: Found here on Amazon
I like to keep my jewelry exposed because if I see it, I remember it. Therefore, I use this cloth when any jewelry needs shining. This cloth REALLY works.

Maggie’s Snaps: I have the Combo Pack and the Glamour Maggies (these are sometimes out of stock)
We use this especially on cardigans that don’t have a closure or to keep scarves in place. But the ideas are endless of how to use them.
We’ve showcased many options for scarf clips in this post and these are just one great idea.

Packing Cubes: Found here on Amazon
Truthfully, I didn’t understand how these cubes could help with my packing until I tried them. Now I don’t travel without them.

Pashminas: Found inexpensively on Amazon here in all different colors.
A pashmina can be the perfect accessory especially when traveling. Wear it to keep warm, or use it as a pillow on the plane.
Lesley likes to throw one over her shoulder as seen here.

Scarf Clips: Found here on Amazon

These can hold t-shirts, scarves or any extra material without pins or magnets.
I love how they come in a variety of metals and are very inexpensive.
Seen in this video with a scarf worn as a belt so the knot is flatter.

Soul Insoles: Found here on Amazon
While I prefer buying comfortable shoes from the get-go, sometimes I get a pair of shoes that need some arch support.
You can also find a bevy of products that Lesley uses for her narrow heels in this post.
Need to see how they look in sandals? In this post, I show an up-close photo wearing them.

Spatula: Found here on Amazon
I grew up with the adage, “waste not, want not”, so I like to make sure I get the very last bit from my beauty products.
Insider tip: If the container is plastic, I cut it in half to get all of it out. However, my glass bottles need this spatula.

Steamer: Found here on Amazon
This is the steamer I keep in my bedroom so I can quickly steam anything I’m wearing for the day.

Sweater Clips: These clips can be used to pull material together instead of altering pieces. Available in all kinds of styles and looks.

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