Our Travel Outfits that We Wore for Dinners

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Cruise travel outfits for a group

Our Travel Outfits that We Wore for Dinners

Quote of the day: “I think as long as you’re living, you should try to grow, try to raise yourself up. Raise somebody else up with you.” Leah Chase

After sharing why I think a dress can be a versatile piece for your travel outfits, I thought I’d show you the other nights we went to dinner on our Alaska cruise. I even included a group shot of all of us above. We were so blessed to be joined by my best friend, Maureen, along with some other friends.

The quote I chose for today really lit my fire. Because it’s really the idea behind our Forever Fierce Facebook group for which I’m one of administrators. It also makes me think that we should always try to raise ourselves up. And I know I’m biased, but I think the way we dress can absolutely make us feel better about ourselves.

Cruise travel outfits for midlife ladies

So I’m showcasing the other outfits we wore for our dinners on the cruise. There’s always such a variety of styles in the dining room, so it’s basically anything goes. Of course, part of traveling, is how much you can stuff into your luggage. I’m a terrible packer, but I’ve been trying to get better, and really plan out what I take.

To make this somewhat organized, I categorized our other dinner travel outfits to give you ideas.

Another Dress

Even though you brought one dress, why not bring another? Or wear that one dress many times? Dresses are so easy because you just need to add footwear and maybe some accessories and you’re good to go.

Cruise travel outfits for women in cooler temperatures

Maureen brought this floral dress for one of our other dinners on the cruise. And this dress could be just as versatile as her burgundy shift dress from our other post. She could easily add her white sweater over top of it, or wear her black wrap over it.

Cruise travel outfits for women with a dress

Nancy wore her same dress as in our previous post with the same cardigan. I think it’s real life to wear our items more than one time. She just switched up the accessories to change it up a little.

A Skirt

Cruise travel outfits for women with a leather skirt

I brought this skirt to wear over my dress from the previous post. Therefore, I figured I could wear it with other tops a couple of times also. This sheer top was one I wore another time during the day on the ship with a different t-shirt under it.

The anklet socks are from Berkshire Legs and it does remind me of the 80’s. Anyone else remember “She’s Got Legs” by ZZ Top? I might even like this look better with black pumps, because then it’d look like you wear wearing sock booties.

Cruise travel outfits for ladies over fifty

Maureen  brought this midi skirt to wear for one of our evenings. This is one of those skirts that would work fabulously even over her burgundy shift dress from the previous post. It’s also a great casual skirt that could work double time for an outing over your swim suit too.


Pants are always a go to for everyone nowadays. On a cruise, it’s nice because many pants or jeans can also be worn during the day either hanging out on the ship or on an excursion.

Cruise travel outfits for ladies over eighty

My mom  brought this olive green pair of pants for a couple of nights at dinner. She added a decorative scarf to be the focal point by using a scarf clip.

Cruise travel outfits for women with pants

And then those green pants from above got paired with this fabulous asymmetrical top for my mom. I know the green looks so different in the two photos, but my mom assured me she only brought one pair on the trip.

The top was a fun find when we went shopping as a good activity for our brain last year. I think it would also make a fabulous addition to her grey dress from our previous post. You would still see a little of the grey from the dress in the v-neck portion, and the blue trim of the dress would go with the blue of the top.

Womens travel outfits for women over 40 with pants

Maureen also brought this pair of palazzo pants that worked perfectly with the shoes she brought on the cruise. A black cardigan is a smart topper for any trip. It would mix and match fabulously with both dresses Maureen brought and her skirt along with these pants.


Womens travel outfits for women over 40 with leggings

I wore my leggings twice for our evening dinners. This time was with my sweater that also got worn on a travel day, and for our day into Juneau. I tried to dress up the look with my heels and accessories.

Cruise travel outfits for women with a tunic

The other longer top I brought for dinner travel outfits is this sheer tunic. This was worn earlier this summer on the blog to help camouflage sweat stains. In one of the group photos below, you can see I layered a pink cardigan over it when I needed warmth.

These leggings got worn many times on our days at sea too.

Cruise travel outfits for women over sixty

The other night at dinner, Nancy wore these striped leggings with a black jacket. They aren’t exactly a legging in the fact that they aren’t super tight, but they are very stretchy.

Just like Maureen’s black cardigan, this black jacket could be worn with so many of Nancy’s other items she brought on the cruise.


Womens travel outfits for women over 70 with red jeans

Nancy wore her red jeans that she’s worn many times on the blog. They were versatile, because they also worked great when we were out and about on our excursions.

For this evening, she even wore her Walking Cradle shoes. Even though they are a sneaker, they almost look like an ankle boot, and so can be dressed up or down nicely.

Womens travel outfits for women over 80 with jeans

My mom wore this blue blazer with her dress in our previous post, so at least she got two uses out of it. And she wore this scarf with one of her dress outfits as an infinity scarf.

These pants are a pair she just made out of reversible material. They are this pastel print on this side, and a greyish, denim on the other. How perfect for adding some variety when you’re traveling. She wore the jeans with the other side out on travel days and on one of our excursions.

Men’s Travel Outfits

I had to include a couple of my hubbies outfits too. He’s become such a fashion plate himself in our years together, so I had to show him off.

Mens travel outfits for our cruise

For this evening, he just wore his grey jeans, but spruced it up with the shirt. This is one of my favorite shirts because of the different material at the wrists.

Cruise travel outfits for men with a jacket

This outfit was for one of our formal nights. I love that Rob will wear bright colors, and since he only brought one pair of dress shoes, I think the yellow tie fits in well with the lighter shoes.

Womens travel outfits for women over fifty on an Alaskan cruise

Tips & Tricks

I’m sure we all know by now that mixing and matching is the secret to packing less and getting more out of your clothes when traveling. In fact, many people stick with a two color combination so it’s easier.

Adding scarves, kimonos and jewelry are all easy ways to change the look of outfits without taking up a lot of space in your luggage.

For this trip, I started packing with the dress I wanted to bring and the shoes. I only brought 3 pairs of shoes, and since they take up the most space, I start my planning with them. I figured I’d  wear my heels almost every evening, and then tried to get creative with my separates that would look okay with the blue heels.

As for re-wearing my tops more than once, I will wear a thin t-shirt under the top or dress. Then the t-shirt can be put in the dirty pile after one wear, while the top or dress can be worn again without worry that it was dirty or smelly.

Of course, I’d LOVE to hear your smart tactics for your travel outfits!! I have a feeling there will be more of this in our future.

Cruise travel outfits for women on the ship for dinner

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