Trendz Fall Fashion Show

Trendz Fall Fashion Show

Quote of the day: “The older I get, the more I’m conscious of ways very small things can make a change in the world. Tiny little things, but the world is made up of tiny matters, isn’t it?” Sandra Cisneros 

I showcase many companies and their products on my blog, and I truly love the small businesses and local communities stores. I introduced you to the neighborhood store in my community called Trendz this summer. They are not only a wonderful boutique with fun clothes, but the women who own it are a treasure to know and love. One of the best things about this store besides the people and items, is that the clothing is affordable.

The owner’s names are Jen and Nancy and are pictured below. Before I go any further, I need to apologize for the quality of these photos, as the evening was inside an event center and we weren’t able to control the lighting. And I won’t show you every outfit that we modeled, but I wanted to give everyone an idea of the trends that you will be seeing this winter.

Jen and Nancy at the fall fashion show

Before I get into the show, let me give you some information. Jen and Nancy have this fashion show every fall and spring to introduce their customers to the new items that will be at the store. The best part? They ask their own customers to be the models for the show. What this means is the models aren’t your typical young, one size models. We were all ages ranging from almost 40 to almost 80 and all sizes too.

This makes the clothes relatable which is exactly what all retailers should be doing.

Practice Run

As a model, we don’t receive any compensation for our evening, and we don’t keep the clothes. We are able to get a discount on anything from the store that night, but basically we are volunteering our time and having a blast to boot.

So the day of the event, all models are treated to getting our makeup done by a local makeup artist, and having our hair styled by the salon in the strip mall called Salon Nevaeh (which is heaven backwards).

Practice Run for the fall fashion Style Show

We then walked through our “runway” and practiced where to go. You can see there is also some liquid courage supplied since this is a new experience for all of us. I’m showing mom, Nancy & I in our practice run in the photos above and below!

Taking a practice walk st the fall fashion show

Now onto the big trends that you’ll be seeing a lot of around your area too. Since Trendz Boutique does not sell their items online, I’ll link to a couple of options if you’re interested. Or possibly you may have some of these pieces in your closet already?


Ponchos are such a fabulous item that were all over the runway at this show. I’ll also introduce you to the other models we were blessed to meet and now call our friends.

Below is Nicole who is wearing this colorful poncho that I ended up purchasing that evening. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of it on the blog soon. At first I thought I could knit it, but it’s woven instead of knitted which appeals to me because it’s so unique.

Also check out that Nicole is wearing a dress extender under her poncho. The 3 of us wore one of these on the blog this summer if you want other ideas of how to style it.

More ponchos for fall fashion

Here is another fabulous poncho, this time on Robin, who is a photographer. I’m going to start picking her brain to hopefully get my photos to be so much better.

If you’ve been looking for a burgundy poncho, then this ruffled one could be your new best friend.

Women 50+ with fall fashion

We all know how stripes are such a fun print so adding them in a poncho, makes a fabulous statement. Here’s another one to shop if you like this idea. Notice there is a pin on the collar of my mom’s poncho as decoration.

Ponchos for women over 70 for fall fashion

And here is Nancy in a shorter, more fitted poncho. She also has a clip on her collar, and she even purchased this one. If you have a short sleeved poncho, then layering a top under it can be perfect for the cooler weather. In this outfit, Nancy’s wearing a sheer top, but you really could wear almost any kind of long sleeve top under it for warmth.

Ponchos at the fall fashion show

Lace up & Criss Cross Ties

The lace up detail and any thing with these crossed ties have been big for awhile. In fact, I showcased some flats that have this feature last fall for mom, Nancy and myself.

Below I’m wearing a sweater with this design along with some pumpkin colored corduroys.

Fall fashion with lace up for older women

Nicole is wearing a tank top with criss cross laces under another tank. You can have this criss cross detail on the front of your shirt or the back of your top.

lace up at the fall fashion show

Robin is modeling a sweater dress with the lace up ties on both the front and sleeves. This really adds some great design to a winter dress, like this one or this one.

lace up ties at the fall fashion show

And then my top below has the criss cross design. If you find that the v-neck seems too low for comfort, you can always wear a cami underneath. When we posted this summer about our Trendz Boutique experience, I also told you about the Mod Loops.

These Mod Loops are basically a piece of lace that you can wear tucked into your bra instead of having an entire camisole on. This is great if you tend to overheat easily. BUT also you can wear these Mod Loops under the bottom hem of a shirt which you’ll see Nancy wearing later in this post. Vicki, who lives in Littleton, sells these at Trendz and other boutiques and you can see other ways to style them on her Instagram page. Or you can check out the video here.

Fur jacket at the fall fashion show

Let me also point out this fabulous faux fur jacket that both Nancy and I purchased. I’m wearing it with fur lined leggings that somehow came home with me too! Considering I’m always cold, I thought these were perfect.


Another item that has been finding it’s way in every store I visit is velvet. We styled velvet earlier this year on the blog, and it’s back in full force now that the temperatures have dipped.

Robin is showing a velvet shirt with a criss cross tank under it. For those of you who tend to be warm all the time, then the shorter sleeve versions are great for you.

Women and fall fashion with velvet

Another model in the Trendz Fall Fashion Show is Michelle below. She’s wearing a velvet kimono that could be a great way to dress up any outfit.

velvet at the fall fashion show


I categorized the rest of our outfits under other and will point out the specifics as we go.

As I talked about in my fall trends post, the long cardigans are making a huge comeback. So here is my mom wearing a long cardigan in a pretty light blue color.

Longer cardigan for fall fashion

Michelle has on both floral and plaid together which is a great way to mix your prints.

Fall fashion show for women

I’m not sure if you noticed that Nicole was wearing a hat in the first poncho photo. Hats are another great winter item. We usually think of knitted caps for the cold weather, but the felt hats are great too.

hats at the fall fashion show

Of course scarves are a fabulous accessory we think of with the autumn months, and I love how Nancy fancied up this dress with both a fringe scarf and a long necklace together.

Michelle also got to show off her shoulders in this off the shoulder sweater. I know most of us consider the off the should trend for the warmer weather. But it’s such a elegant way to feature our shoulders, that wearing it as a sweater could work nicely for your fancy events.

Off the shoulder fall fashion

Nancy is showing off both a knotted top and her Mod Loops peeking out from beneath it. These knotted shirts are great to get that asymmetrical look in your outfits.

Mod loops at the fall fashion show

One last detail that you’ll probably be seeing at the retail stores is anything with stars on it. Nicole is wearing a top with the stars all over it. And notice she’s sporting another hat too.

Stars and hats at the fall fashion show


One of the other reasons that I love Trendz Boutique so much is they really support the local community.

We all modeled outfits designed by a 17 year old named Kevin. Kevin has made shirts and caps with the logo Unbound on them to bring together his love of design and graphics. He even came on stage with us and gave us a laugh or two!

Unbound Fashion

Friends and Finale

Thanks to our friends that came to cheer us on at the fashion show. You may recognize Cindy on the far right, since she’s been on the blog with us before styling summer shirts. She drove all the way down from Erie, which is an hour drive. It was so nice to have women out in the crowd that we knew and were supporting us.

Here’s a quick shot at the end of the Trendz fall fashion show below. You can see that Nancy and I were raising our glasses in a “Cheers” to such a fabulous event!

The end of fall fashion show

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know! I hope if you’re ever in the Littleton area, that you’ll stop by Trendz Boutique and tell them that Jodie’s Touch of Style sent you! 

P.S. I was honored to be featured on Imogen’s Inside Out Style site with an interview! I hope you’ll click over and read it!

The Facts

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  • You know as they say, age is just a number. This is such a wonderful event open for everyone. Have fun with what you are doing, that’s what matters.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  • Sue Loncaric (Sizzling Towards

    Looks like you all had a fun time Jodie with plenty of smiles. Thanks for sharing at #overthemoon link party. It is always good to see support for local businesses.

  • What a fantastic show! You certainly strut your stuff there gal! You look Amazing! So does your mum and your mum, Nicola and Nancy. They all look Amazing! I wish I could be there to support you on the day. I’ve never been to a catwalk show before in my entire life! Yep! It’s true! Thank you so much for your inspirational post on #FabFridayPost xx

    • Thanks for the positive words, Su! I think this kind of fashion show is so much more fun than the “real” ones! We actually went to a real one just last weekend, and the models never smiled, they walked to fast to really check out the goods, and it wasn’t quite “real” clothes if you know what I mean!!
      I’m off to my knitting retreat for the weekend, so I’ll miss your link up this week. And next week I’ll be in LA. But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon!!

  • The Real Lara Shoe

    Looks like you had a whole heap of fun! Thanks for linking up with us. It’s always a pleasure to have you #FabFridayPost

  • I have so been looking forward to this post! I am loving all of the chic wraps and sweaters. And the fur jacket you modeled is such a neat piece. Definitely a great one to come home with. It looks like everyone had loads of fun. So cool that you got to participate, and even cooler that your local boutique hosted an event like this for your community!


    • It really was such a fun time, Liz!!
      Who doesn’t love going to a fashion show where you would actually wear the clothes???
      We just went to one this weekend, where we came away thinking….what???

  • Bernadette Laganella

    What a fun evening and it is so great to see the trends demonstrated on various age groups and different sizes. I love velvet and I am so happy that it back in style.

    • That’s what was so, so nice about this fashion show. We were all older than 40 and so different in body types!!! I love it when it’s more “real”
      Thanks Bernadette!!

  • Brigid Gallagher

    You all look amazing.

    • Thanks so much Brigid!!! I appreciate those words!!

  • Mother Daughter

    Jodie there are many things modeled that I love. I am finding that I really like kimono’s and leggings. Looks like you all had a great fun time.

    • I feel the same way, Victoria. And the funny thing? These are items I never had in my closet before blogging!! It’s amazing how we change!!

  • What a fun night this was for you all! And what great pieces! Always enjoy seeing new things that are coming out! Absolutely loved that velvet kimono, but them I have a weakness for both velvet AND kimonos!😉

    • Then that’s a shoe in for you, right, Ronnie!! Good thing this boutique isn’t down the street from you!!
      Thanks for all of the love—we really had such a fun evening!!

  • Of course I LOVED the black and white striped poncho on your Mom – that would slide right into my wardrobe IF ONLY it had pockets. I find carrying a purse so cumbersome when I’m wearing a poncho. I also loved the fun-fur sweater/top you are wearing with your mostly black look (wine glass included).

    I already own a sweater quite similar to the one that Nancy is wearing, and now I’m thinking that I’d wear it more often if I turned it into a short-sleeved version of itself. Then I could stitch patch pockets using the sleeve material!!

    As far as the long cardigan “come-back” – they have ALWAYS been the darlings of my separates wardrobe. AND, of course, hats are never far from my head. Nice to know that I am finally once again on trend. 🙂

    WONDERFUL way to do a fashion show. Everyone from models to audience seems to be having so much fun (a blessed relief from the dour expressions on the runway models we see most often). AND, as Julia noted in her comment – NO WAY we’re giving up our leggings anytime in the foreseeable future!
    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie –
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!

    • Now that’s a brilliant idea to take the sleeves off your sweater and then use them for pockets!!! Might as well make it so you’ll wear and enjoy it, Madelyn!!
      And considering I’ve only been to maybe one fashion show before, this really was quite fun. The funny thing is I just took the moms to another fashion show last weekend. And you’re right—-the difference was incredible. The models didn’t smile. They walked too fast, so that you couldn’t appreciate what they were wearing. And many of the styles were just too “out there”.
      This show though is certainly a smart way to get women excited about the new styles at the store!!!

      • Check out a few online – it’s crazy! I don’t know how that “look bored or angry” runway model thing got started, but I’ve never responded to it. If the clothes make me feel like THAT why would I every buy them?

        • My mom used to not smile and said it was because the focus was supposed to be on the clothes instead! But I’m like you….I need to like the person wearing the clothes!!

  • Stevie Turner

    I love wearing ponchos, but I tend to only wear them at music festivals. Perhaps I should be a little bit more adventurous?

    • You should absolutely wear them all the time now!! You’ll look so fashion forward, Stevie!!!

  • This looks fun! Ponchos and over-the-knee boots are my favorite things this fall.

    Jessica |

    • Then maybe for once I’ll actually be in style, ha ha!!!
      thanks Jessica!!

  • Shahab Khan

    Wonderful post dear …………………keep posting!!!!!

    New Year Gifts

  • Wow, such a nice event. It seems you all enjoyed that moments! Love the outfits you wore! Have a great day! Kisses <3

    • Thanks so much Rakhshanda!!
      We did have a fun time!!

  • Jacqueline Rendine

    What a fun opportunity! Looks like a blast!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  • Wonderful show! I love, love Nancy’s fringe scarf – and you’re all such vibrant models. xo


    • Thanks Patti!!
      Funny because Nancy didn’t buy the scarf, but is thinking she might have to go back and get it!!

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    How fun! You can tell from the photos that you’re all having a fabulous time. And how fun that Cindy came to support you guys! You know I’m a huge fan of anything lace up and velvet so I would’ve been in trouble had I been there…lol!

    • That made me laugh Debbie—yes, you would’ve been their bestie because you would’ve wanted almost everything!!!

  • beautiful photos
    The Glossychic

  • How fun! This looks like such a fabulous event! I absolutely love that liquid courage is supplied for the models too lol. You ladies all look like naturals! I am really loving the ponchos too. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend, Jodie!


    • Thanks Lindsey!!
      We had so much fun– I think we would have even without the liquid courage…ha ha!!

  • Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun.
    Have a great week.

    Love, Esther

  • What a fantastic event Jodie! And well done to you all. I would love to do something like this but I would crap my pants! xx

    • I didn’t think I’d be nervous at first, but it was a little!! But everyone is so nice, that after the first round, it became more fun!!!

  • That’s really cool that you got to model for the event! How amazing!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  • Wow! Looks like you gals had so much fun. I’m in love with that velvet kimono!

    • Thanks Amy!! It really was a fun filled evening!! And this store has such interesting pieces!!

  • Oh what a fun event! You all looked so great in your outfits. That velvet kimono got my attention though, what a luxe piece !I’ve never seen anything like it before. This sounds like the kind of store I’d love to shop at! 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • I think that is one of the advantages of a small local shop….there are items that you haven’t seen elsewhere!!!
      Thanks Mica….it was such a fun time!

  • What a fantastic treat this is to see these photos! You three make fabulous models! Love the make up on you. I love that you support small business, that is so important. Love the shot of you faux fur and drinking wine ! Lol!
    💕💕💕💕 Elle

    • Thanks Elle!!
      I do love the idea of supporting the local shops, and these women make is so easy!!

  • Laura

    This looks like such a fun time! What a great event! And I love all the clothing you got to model!

  • Judy Gramith

    You “Touch of Style” ladies totally rocked the show!! I can tell that a couple of the outfits modeled by Charlotte znd Nancy probably stretched their comfort level just a bit but I also can see that they enjoyed participating and “trying out” these fun new styles.
    Jodie you looked wonderful in everything you put on! I’m glad that you treated yourself to that pretty woven poncho too!
    I like the hairstyles and makep that they did for you too, although the eyelashes might have been beyond Nancy’s more conservative style ( which I like a lot)
    Clearly you all had a great evening!!! Fun post to boot!

    • You are so observant Jude!!! The eyelashes were a fun addition, although we didn’t understand why she didn’t put Nancy’s to the outside too. But it was fun being fussed over!!
      It’s too bad you don’t live here too, because we would have made you part of the group!!!

      • Judy Gramith

        And I absolutely would have joined in the fun!!

    • Nancy Nagy

      Jude-How did you figure us out by being with us just a few days!!? You are so right!! But I had a blast! Loved everything but the crazy eyelashes!! Hope you are getting settled into your new home. I have that all ahead of me!!

      • Judy Gramith

        I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to know about the three of you ! I could just feel you discomfort…? Anyway now you know they’re not your cup of tea eh??

  • Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    I love the capes and jeans jacket, it looks a wonderful friendly show and lots of fun #FabFridayPost

    • Thanks Fiona!!
      You hit the nail on the head that it was a friendly show, because the 3 of us just went to a Denver Fashion show tonight—and it was totally not like this one.

  • Oh my gosh that looks like so much fun! I love that fitted poncho, it’s something that I would wear!

    • It really was such a fun time, Laura!!!
      Thanks and have a great weekend!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    You all look tres chic! LOVE the ponchos. I thought your images came out well! What a fun event and beautiful fashions–you did not need liquid courage, although it’s always fun to have on hand! So cool that you are able to support your local community, Jodie!

    • We were together tonight and were talking again how fun this event really was. Nancy had such a fun time that she wants to put together a reunion—-isn’t that so cute.
      So here’s my question for you as a fabulous photographer. We don’t have any extra lighting or flash. I think Rob had it on ISO 3200 and white balance as auto. What would you have done??

  • This looks like so much fun! I wish I lived closer so I could attend. You all look so beautiful!


    • One of these days, we should put together a blogger fashion show!!! Then we could all be together and have a blast. Different ages, sizes and styles all in one roof!!
      Thanks Liz!!

  • Looks like you all had a great time! I love that you got involved and did this. The pieces that magically came home with you are great. 😉

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Thanks so much Amy!! It is magic how they jump home with us…ha ha!!

  • How fun! What a cool experience! You ladies looked amazing!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  • What a fun and chic fashion show! Love all these looks. Everyone looks so amazing!

  • Ok, that was fun! I love how you modeled with a glass of wine in your hand! Of course, many of us will be doing that activity in those clothes so you had to be realistic right? I also noted how prevalent skinny jeans and leggings were. I keep reading that it’s the end of skinny jeans and we’ll be moving towards wider legged pants but I don’t know if I agree with that. I think it’s a flattering look and women like the look. Plus, I don’t think we’ll ever give up or leggings and jeggings now that they’ve been invented! Of course, I’m hearing that from overseas so maybe we are going to go our own way? Well, I know what I like at least. Have a fun weekend all you lovely ladies!

    • I’ve heard those same rumors, Julia!! And I understand wanting to have variety in our closets, but I do think the skinny jeans are too popular to go anywhere soon!!
      Thanks and have a marvelous weekend yourself!!

  • Lesley Watson

    I am so sorry I had to miss this fun evening Jodie. You all look great and I’m chomping to get across town to see all the fall goodies Trendz has.

    • We definitely missed you Lesley!!! We’ll have to meet up and have coffee and go shopping at Trendz soon!!

      • Lesley Watson

        I would love to do that. I’m off on Mondays & Tuesdays now. Sort of semi retired and really likin’ it. Let me know what works for you. Have a good weekend

        • I know it seems far out, but for some reason our calendar has gotten full for the month (I blame Nancy and her move–ha ha)
          But I’m open on Tuesday Nov. 28 anytime after noon! Since you’ve always come out to where we are, you get to pick the place. And if this date doesn’t work—we’ll find something else!!

          • Lesley Watson

            The 28th works great for me. I have you down on my calendar. Want to make it a late lunch about 1? I don’t mind driving and if we want to drop into Trendz that’s your neighborhood since you know it better you decide.

          • That’s fabulous Lesley!!! I have you down on the 28th also. (here’s my phone number for any reason: 303-419-3375). 1:00 is perfect. There’s a Mexican restaurant just down the mall from Trendz: We could eat there, and then go shop??
            I’m so excited!!! XOXO

          • Lesley Watson

            I love Mexican. What a winner . My #=303-887-2990 Looking forward to this!

          • 🙂

  • Cindy

    It was such a fun show! I’m so glad I was there!

    • Thanks so much for joining us, Cindy!!! I feel so blessed to call you my friend!

  • Nicole Mölders

    I love that lady’s red wide belt! It’s so me. LOL.

    • Isn’t that cool, Nicole?? They really have some fabulous pieces at this shop!!

  • donnanance

    You all looked fabulous for the fashion show! Kevin has a bright future ahead of him. I probably would have bought the faux fur jacket also…and the leggings…perfect. Glad to see velvet come back…so much fun. Have a marvelous weekend. xoxo

    • Thanks so much Donna!
      And the funny thing about this jacket. When I first tried it on the Monday before the show, I told myself it wasn’t something I’d get. But by the time I thought about it all week, I was sure I needed it!! Ha ha!!
      I hope you have a marvelous weekend too!! We are actually going to another fashion show tonight, but not as models—just as observers!!

  • What fun!! I would have totally bought that faux fur jacket too! Oh wait, I live in Vegas…
    Great post!!

    • Right? You hardly need jackets in Vegas!! But you tried on that green one that one time. So maybe over a cami, it would work??
      Thanks Darlene!!!

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    Just goes to show you that if you hang around long enough, everything “old” is new again. I remember ponchos from years ago. Since I am short, personally I think they look better on tall, long legged creatures. I also had a suede jacket with fringe and a purse to match (also back in style). I do like the tunics with leggings….that’s an easy look I can get into. Thanks for sharing the latest on the runway 🙂
    Bev xx

    • You are so so right, Bev. Everything does cycle back—which is why my mother never wants to get rid of anything…ha ha!!
      But I do think some of the ponchos work even on us short women (you know that all 3 of us are petite, right?) I especially love the asymmetrical ones that don’t “cut us off” midway and create a unique line for the body!!
      Thanks for the love and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  • Oh Jodie this looks like it was so much fun! And all the pretty outfits! Too many too count! Another great post as always! Happy Friday!

  • Isnt it so much fun to attend fashion shows like this! And you even participated!! Fabulous! That green coat is very nice!

    • Thanks Nancy!! We did have such a fun time!!
      Have a fun weekend…

  • Mireille

    Looks like you all had a lot of fun! I did purchase a couple tops with lace up this fall and I really like how it elevates simple sweatshirt like tops!

    • Thanks Mireille!!
      It is the little things that can make the difference for some of these items!!
      Have a great weekend!!

  • Great looks! They all look stylish, yet comfortable!

    Marije |

  • How fun! You ladies are all stars now!


    • Ha ha!! If you mean crazy women who love to have fun, then you’re right—LOL!
      Have a fabulous weekend, Suzanne!!

  • Karen

    What a fun evening! So many cute looks here…I really love Nancy’s fringe scarf with the necklace. That’s such a great way to pair those two accessories. Really a fun post Jodie – you all look great! And good for Kevin! I really do like his graphic t-shirts!

    • This was a blast, Karen!! In fact, Nancy bought that dress, and the necklace but not the scarf. She may have to go back and get it….
      Thanks and I hope you have a marvelous weekend!!

  • Such a great event and collection! Love the ponchos. Have a lovely weekend,

    Gemma x

  • Oh my gosh, what a fun post! So many great styles and looks. You all look fabulous!

    I’m happy to have a couple of similar pieces in my stash…but learned about a few others above that show great versatility.

    You looked great in everything… but the distressed jeans, black OTKs and the velvet vest were my runaway faves. Stunning on you!

    I’m bookmarking this post…lots of great tips!!!!

    • Thanks so much Em!! That velvet vest you’ll be seeing in a couple weeks on the blog—I’m finally getting into the velvet trend!!!
      Have a fabulous weekend, and thanks for all of the wonderful love!!