3 Tricks to Help Your Feet Feel More Comfortable in Your Shoes

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Feet & shoes and Tricks to making them Feel comfy

3 Tricks to Help Your Feet Feel More Comfortable in Your Shoes

Of course our feet hurt at one time or another.  It doesn’t matter how “comfortable” our shoes are—there are many other variables that can make your tootsies ache.  Some days our feet are more swollen than others. Many factors can contribute to this including the weather, diet and other variables.  So let me share with you a couple of tricks I’ve discovered that help to bring comfort to our feet.

1-The Half Sock

The half sock is an easy trick for making your feet feel comfortable in your shoes. For this concept, I have to credit Greetje from No Fear of Fashion blog for this brilliant idea! Even my husband uses it for some of his sneakers and it works wonderfully.

Tricks to Make your feet feel comfortable in your shoes

You take a pair of sock (preferably inexpensive) and cut them so you are left with only the toe portion. For your heeled shoes, this is a nice shock absorber for your tootsies.  Even for my sneakers, when I don’t want a white sock to be showing, it acts as a cushion & sweat absorber!  It also fills the shoe more so my heel doesn’t slide around as much.  The absolute greatest thing about this, is you really don’t need to go buy anything extra.  If you’re like me, you have additional socks in your drawer that you can use to try out this idea! And you can cut them to fit your needs.

Now Greetje said she also does this with tights (a great way to get more use out of your tights that you were going to throw out due to a run in them).  So, of course I tried this—in my scientific way by wearing one half sock & one half tight-sock on the same day. I actually liked the tight-sock better…it wasn’t quite as thick as the athletic sock and seemed to absorb the foot sweat better

2-Sole Serum

 This product is an anesthetic and works when you have an “owie” on your foot.

I actually bought this product to try out for the blog. Luckily I don’t have many shoes that end up hurting my feet, but I actually used it for the first time when I’d been walking miles in my sneakers and had developed a small rub spot.  It’s easy. You just spray it on the area that hurts and let dry and voila…the pain is gone.  It’s the same numbing substance that dentist’s use for your mouth, although I’m not sure how they got it to work topically!

But I love it, and it’s not super expensive.  I got the 5 ml bottle (it was about $13) which is perfect for carrying in my purse.  I get no kickback from this product—I truly just tried it on my own accord and wanted to spread the love for a great product!

3-Shoe Sizers

These inserts are to help fill in when your shoes are too big.

Shoe Sizers Feet Help
Shoe Sizers Feet Help

I’m sure we’ve all had shoes that end up being a little too big. I’ve actually tried kleenex in the toe of my shoes in the past, but the tissue condenses too much and then comes apart with any moisture. I’ve also tried heel liners in my shoes which sometimes work, but I must admit I don’t love them. These sizers have a little bit of give when your toes push into them, but keep their shape nicely.  As with the sole serum, I bought this product on my own to try and I must say I love them. Really you should get some!!!

If you’re someone who has two different size feet, these could be the answer to all of your problems. Put one of the sizers in the smaller foot shoe & voila…both shoes fit!  The only drawback I’ve encountered are they don’t work with my peep toe shoes. I appreciate that all three sizes come in the bag since I think it’d be hard to measure the difference.  Besides I had to layer an orange & pink one in one of my pairs of shoes!  And the price?  They were under $20!

So those are 3 great tricks to help when your shoes aren’t as comfortable as you want!

What are your tricks for making your feet feel comfortable in your shoes?? 

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Even summer shoes can need some help with these tricks to make your feet feel comfortable:

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