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Tricks for Looking Great Without Jewelry

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Bright colors for a skirt or skort

Tricks for Looking Great Without Jewelry

With a reader’s comment that she doesn’t care for jewelry besides her wedding ring and watch, we decided to challenge ourselves to wear an outfit without jewelry. Now you may think this is an easy idea, but for the three of us, it was terribly hard.

Quote of the day: “When you’re through changing, you’re through.” Martha Stewart

The quote is such a great reminder that change is part of life, and even though we don’t always enjoy the idea, it’s good for us. So if you’re someone who goes without jewelry, then maybe that means experimenting with a couple of costume pieces for a change.
And for the three of us, it could mean that we work on not always depending on our accessories for fun?

This challenge made me think about other ways to make an outfit look stylish without jewelry. For Charlotte that meant interesting pants. And Lesley wanted to showcase an embellished top. My outfit included print mixing.

Insider tip: You could always add some appliques to an existing top.

Wearing an applique top without jewelry

Skort: Charter Club-Macys~~ Top: Karen Scott-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles~~ Purse: Coldwater Creek-thrifted

Casual Summer Look

It’s still summer here in Arizona, so Lesley wore a skort with her embellished top. The proportions of this outfit are absolutely perfect. In fact, you could almost imagine this was a dress, it works so well together.

Insider tip: If you are always wearing longer skirts or capris, then double-check the length of your top. Ideally, you are looking to have one item be 1/3 of the look, and the other to be 2/3. Too many times, with longer tops and trying to cover our legs, we get that 1/2 and 1/2 proportion. Not that it’s the worst thing in the world, but it’s something to consider.

Wearing color for older women

Statement Top

So one of the tricks to look great without jewelry is to wear a statement top. A statement top can be many things. What it ISN’T is a plain, solid-colored shirt with nothing extra. It’s also not a “grandma-style top (as I discussed in this post). You want a top that gives your eye something to focus on and the biggest detail should be to make you feel great!!

Let’s talk about a top that makes you feel great. That sentence does not include any “shoulds” or “should nots”. Feeling great has nothing to do with age, or a brand, or a specific detail. It’s also not about color. Color should be dependent on what makes your face glow, not what has been marketed as making you look slimmer.

SLIMMER DOES NOT EQUAL JOY! If that were the case, then all the thin people would be happy, and I bet we know some people in real life that don’t fit that bill.

So find a statement top that really stands out and is different from what everyone else is wearing. For Lesley, she pulled out this top with flower appliques. With this top, your eye travels from the shoulder area down to her side, and you forget that she is without jewelry.

Insider tip: If you go without jewelry, then you are probably more minimalistic and balk at the idea of a statement top. But I will ask you to remember that you have a fabulous story and should never be invisible. At least try out some colorful tops as a first baby step.

Skort and statement top without jewelry

Other Tips When Going Without Jewelry

While wearing a statement top is a great option as a focus of your outfit, the fact is that your face is (or at least should) be where the eyes end up when talking to someone. What this means is you’ll want to take some extra time on your makeup and hair.

For makeup, even if you’re a minimalist, I suggest a bright color lipstick. It doesn’t have to be dark lipstick, but something that adds color to your face. If you don’t like how lipstick bleeds into the lines around your lips, then I suggest trying all-day lipsticks. I wrote a post about the two that work well for me. YES, they can dry out your lips, so maybe you don’t wear them every day. Or else you use a nightly serum to counteract the dryness as I do.

Remember our hairstyle can speak volumes about our personality. It’s called our crowning glory for a reason. It’s no different than when the original crew of Jodie’s Touch of Style, talked about making your hair look different.

Multicolored purse as a focal point

Shoes and Purses

When you aren’t wearing jewelry or a scarf, then your purse can also be a way to add some personality to your overall look. This is when it’s good to have a print purse or one that has some bling or details. Think of your bag as a conversation piece!

And the shoes? Even your basic color, comfy shoes can have a little bit of interest on them. This pair is a Walking Cradles loafer from seasons past. In fact, you can still find it on their sale site. If you look closely, there is a design on the top portion.

Ways to look good without jewelry

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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