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The Truth About What to Wear to a Broadway Show

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Wearing a dress as what to wear to a Broadway show

The Truth About What to Wear to a Broadway Show

There is Charlotte’s truth (and mine) about what to wear to a Broadway show and the real truth. The real truth being that of course you can wear anything you want. And trust me, we’ve seen it all. But even when we are on vacation and traveling, there is nothing nicer than dressing up for a night out.
As part of our 3 week series on vacation style where you saw us on a beach vacation and then a rustic vacation, we are now heading off to a city vacation.

Quote of the day: “Most people don’t want accurate information, they want validating information. Growth requires you to be open to unlearning idea that previously served you.” James Clear

Of course the issue with a vacation is our capsule/limited wardrobe. And I realize that most times we fall back on the black pants idea for what to wear to a Broadway show. I understand that thinking and it’s not wrong. But as I say over and over, the idea of feeling great in our clothes and how it affects how we feel is no myth.
And when we are going somewhere iconic, who doesn’t want to feel fabulous?

I’ll make the case for dresses in your travel wardrobe below. But in the meantime, here’s Charlotte looking elegant for any evening occasion.
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Woman over 70 and what to wear to a Broadway Show

Dress: SSR c/o ~~ Shoes: Ellen Tracy~~ Necklace: Pearls~~ Earrings: from Hong Kong ~~ Purse: hand down from my grandma

City Vacation Style

A city vacation is exactly the type that Charlotte is very comfortable with as she has travelled extensively with travel groups in the past. In fact, these jade earrings, bracelet and extension on the pearl necklace are all from one of those trips to Hong Kong.

As for plays and musicals, my mom has had season tickets to these throughout her life. It’s one of the events that we love to do together (besides shopping, LOL).

What to wear to a Broadway show in the summer

What to Wear to a Broadway Show by Charlotte

When packing a dress for a city vacation thinking about what to wear to a Broadway show, it’s ideal to find one that doesn’t wrinkle as much. Attending any event in the city is a celebration so I believe we should dress like you’re celebrating.
Sure, a black dress is classic, but a colorful dress can give off a more happy vibe. And hopefully when you’re on vacation, you are happy!

Wearing heels could certainly be a personal preference, but if you plan to take a taxi or Uber to many events, it can work fine. Plus I think the block heels are easier for walking.
And adding in a dressier purse to your suitcase isn’t hard to fit in your suitcase because you can stuff it full of undies or socks.

Sentimental Accessories

Most times we “save” our sentimental pieces for “special” occasions. And if a fun vacation isn’t special, I don’t know what is. Granted you may not want to travel with valuable accessories but not all sentimental pieces are valuable except in our memories.
The other advantage of wearing these pieces is you tend to get photos when on vacation. So now you’ll have memories of you wearing these baubles.

This pearl necklace Charlotte is wearing is the one she showcased in our pearl necklace stories. And this green purse was a hand me down from my dad’s mother.

Dressing up for what to wear to a Broadway show

This Sheer Overlay Dress

Charlotte prefers to be more covered up so she chose this sheer overlay midi dress that she has paired with orange accessories in the past. This company has gone out of business unfortunately because we loved their selections.

Having the sheer sleeves on this dress is a nice way to combat showing your arms if that is your preference.
Other ideas if you feel the need to cover your arms and can’t find a dress like this:
1-Add your own sheer material to a sleeveless piece.
2-Throw a cardigan or kimono over top
3-There’s also a product that Nancy and Charlotte have worn in the past called My New Arms (post here to see what they are).

Heels for women
Green midi dress

Why Take a Dress on Vacation?

I always think that at least one dress is a good idea on vacation. Gone are the days that a dress=fancy. And I have found dresses to be just as versatile as pants. In fact, on our Alaska cruise, wearing a dress different ways was something we showcased (as seen in this post).

In fact, after wearing a midi dress for my airplane outfit last year, I’ve decided it’s the best way to go. I even blogged about why it’s a fantastic idea and I breakdown how it all turned out good (for once). Spoiler alert: going to the bathroom is easier.

Remember that your dress can be worn multiple ways:
1-With sandals or sneakers for daytime (as witnessed with our summer brights idea see here)
2-Wear a t-shirt or top over it to make it look like a skirt (seen here)
3-You can layer a different skirt over the bottom part (and I tell all the secrets here)

What to wear to a Broadway show

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

My Goal

Thank you for visiting my space on the internet. I like to showcase how it’s never too late to look great for women of any age, size or working with any budget.
I feel I’m here to help move beyond the fashion rules of yesterday and evolve. Style and clothes are made to give you joy. Not cause us stress because we are worried about what other’s think.

My hope is that you get ideas and inspirations from Charlotte, Lesley and myself. It’s not about copying what we wear, but about using what you already have and updating items along the way.
Most of all it’s getting us to think differently and dare I say, have fun?


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