Trying out a New Hairstyle for Older Women

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Using a blowdryer for a new hairstyle

Trying out a New Hairstyle for Older Women

Another easy way to change up our look is with a new hairstyle even without a different cut. That was the goal with my mom, Charlotte, in this example. I wasn’t sure if my mom would like any kind of variety. She’s the type of women that comes back from her haircut appointment and restyles it how she always has it. Me? I’m just the opposite, and love to have it different.

Quote of the day: ” No great man ever complains of want of opportunity.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I loved this quote because even with the haircut you have, there could be a couple of ways to style it. Maybe you haven’t thought of them all, but taking the time to ask your stylist (or a friend) could give some wonderful options.

We started this series on hair thanks to my good friend, Lesley, who you will be seeing more on the blog once we move to AZ. It was her idea to think about working with a hair stylist to change things up.

You can see how Nancy tried out a new haircut. And then I’ll be showcasing having fun with hair accessories. The best part will be some tips from Cindy, my stylist.

Charlotte’s Hair Style Before

My mom has been wearing this hairstyle for awhile. You can see in the beginning of the blog that her sides were poofier. It took years of me twisting her arm to get her to tuck the sides back a little.

You can see some of my mom’s other hairstyles in the behind the scenes post where I talked about Nancy, mom’s and my relationship.

Woman over 80 with white hair

Why Try a New Hair Style

Personally, I think hair is just like clothing in the fact we can get into ruts. And not that ruts are always bad. Yet, I truly think that looking modern is an advantage in almost everything we do.

While I’m all about making our life easier, and working with what we have with our hair, changing our style can be a nice added variety to our day and overall look.

Charlotte has been embracing her natural curls for awhile now, which is great. So I wanted my stylist, Cindy, to try to straighten her hair for something different.

Cindy decided to keep the back portion curly, and use a small round brush to straighten out the bangs and side pieces only.

Using a blowdryer for a new hairstyle

Mom’s History of Hair

My mom said that as a child her hair curled like a poodle (therefore, you can see where I got my curls). After she got her tonsils out at age 5, it turned wavy only and just curling on the ends.

Charlotte’s senior year of high school she even got a pixie cut and it was liked by everyone. As it grew out, she had a cluster of curls and would wear flowers or pop it beads in her hair.

A different look with a new hairstyle

Going Grey

Around age 67, my mom started noticing fading and greying of her hair. That’s when she started coloring it. She had a case of shingles in her throat at age 73 which caused her malnutrition and a long hospital stay.

When she came out of the hospital her hair was much thinner/sparser than before. She’s always had fine hair, but this was worse. So at that time, my mom bought a wig. It was a reddish color wig, styled very similarly to her previous hair style. She wore it maybe for a year, and stopped coloring her hair at this time.

Once her hair got healthier, then my mom decided to stop wearing the wig. And her hair was pure white now that she wasn’t coloring it. It really is such a lovely color, but it was funny because many people didn’t recognize her. It was that instant change since she had been wearing the wig for awhile.

Model for older women

New Hairstyle for Charlotte

I’m not sure why I just love this look for my mom! It’s not like it’s THAT much different, yet the way this new hairstyle frames her face and is spikier, is stunning. Maybe it’s a tad edgier?

This is why it can be a great idea to have your stylist try options for you. Sure, we can fool around ourselves. But I know, if I’d tried to straighten my mom’s hair, I would have straightened it all. And I’m not sure I would have made it as spiky, which is part of what makes this after look so amazing!

What do you think?

New hairstyle for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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