Trying Out Hair Accessories and How to Use Them

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Hair accessories, how to use them

Trying Out Hair Accessories and How to Use Them

I have to admit that I don’t see many older women embracing hair accessories or talking about how to use them. Granted, I forget about them too, yet they can be a fun addition to any outfit.

Quote of the day: “A closed mind is a dying mind.” Edna Ferber

I feel like the quote above is exactly what I try to talk about almost every week. Let’s be more open to new ideas, styles and possibilities. And hair is part of that. Hair is a huge part of our look, yet many of us don’t change it up much.

The entire series about working with a hair stylist started as Lesley’s concept back before she moved to AZ. So I twisted my stylist’s, Cindy’s, arm and had her work with all of us. For Nancy, she cut her hair in a different way. With my mom, she styled her hair an alternate option. And now we are showing hair accessories and how to use them with my short hair. Plus make sure to check out all the tips and tricks that Cindy gave us.

Jodie with My Normal Hair

It wasn’t that long ago that I posted about embracing my curls. And since then, I’ve been trying to do so. For those of you who don’t have curls, they have a mind of their own. Which can be the perfect reason to pull out the hair accessories and learn how to use them.

In fact, all three of us showcased some Lilla Rose hair bobbies and headbands not too long ago. I’m sure most of us don’t think about using these with shorter hair. Yet then again, why not?

Woman over 50

Using Hair Accessories

I’ll be giving more tips on how to use certain hair decorations in an upcoming post per my stylist’s knowledge. But here’s a couple of options I brought into the appointment. Even though I haven’t been wearing these kinds of accessories much, I’m going to start pushing myself to incorporate them more.

I’ve been loving wearing scarves ever since blogging. Of course in the summer months they aren’t as realistic around our necks. So I have been adding the small ones to my purse at times. But why not add one to my head instead of a hat? Cindy did tell me I have a small occipital bone so these silky ones may not stay very well. Either that or I’ll have to use bobby pins to hold them in place.

Cindy was SO knowledgeable about some tips and tricks with many of these products. I’ll share that soon so keep your eyes peeled. I had quite a few older barrettes and clips from when my hair was longer. And we talked about which ones would work now and which wouldn’t.

Hair accessories how to use them

My History of Hair

In my embracing my curls post, I did include a photo of when I had my “Buffy curls” (complete with buck teeth too). My mom loved those curls so much that they are still hanging up in a shadow box in her house to this day. I’m not sure they will make the cut to AZ and that’s okay.

The reason they got cut in the first place was when I first got glasses, and we didn’t think the pigtails went well with the glasses. So I had short hair up until high school.

After high school, I kept my hair long but ended up having to tie it back all the time while I was a dentist. For some reason, people frowned upon my hair coming down into their face while I was working on their teeth, LOL! It was probably 8 years after Rob and I were married that I decided to get it cut and change things up.

I went through a phase of wigs (which you can see one of them in my Valentine’s post) and fake ponytails. Dang, I loved those fake ponytails since my hair has never been thick by itself. Exactly why I have worked on different products to make it seem thicker.

Hair accessories, how to use them

Going Grey

You may say that you don’t see any grey in my hair. Yet, it’s there. It’s starting to come in on the temples mostly. I had actually started coloring my hair in dental school on a whim. It was platinum blonde for awhile, and as I got older, I let the blonde darken slightly. It’s funny because both my mom and Nancy feel like my hair is getting darker all the time. But that’s probably because it’s shorter now and healthier.

I decided when I retired, that I wouldn’t keep coloring it. Mainly a cost issue, but also I’ve been trying to be more maintenance free and toxin free. And why not embrace the grey??

Many women will argue that grey makes you look older. And I see that point to a degree. Yet I will counter argue that it’s not JUST the hair color that makes you look a certain way. It’s also the style, cut and how you dress your body that plays into your overall look. And I’m going to try to prove that by letting the grey grow in.

Experimenting with hair accessories and how to use them in your hair

The New Look

So while I can’t pull my hair back into a ponytail with my short hair, I can certainly have a little bling here and there. Besides, if I use these bobby pins on each side, it’s almost like my hair is “up.”

Be on the lookout for more hair accessories in my photos. I plan to try to keep using them. How about you?

Trying out hair accessories in short hair

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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