Unique Daily Outfits for Denver Summers: Week Ending 7.15.22

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Another week of unique daily outfits where I try to wear a variety of cooler things for our Arizona summer, yet also share a multitude of different colors.

This week is a travel week to Denver, so while a couple of daily outfits were worn in Arizona, the majority were from my suitcase!!
You might think Denver is much cooler, but they had temperatures in the 90s while we were there.

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Pants: Beach inc-preloved~~Top: no label~~Shoes: Walking Cradles

I love it when my daily outfits put themselves together. I had these two pieces just hanging on my closet rod because I was trying to work them with other outfits, and then I thought, “Hey, they’d be perfect together.”

The top is from an overseas company that we decided not to work with because their products weren’t as described. This is one piece that was okay.

The pants were given to me by a friend, and I love the bright green and the fact they are linen. I have worn them with dark brown in the past.

And these are the Walking Cradles “Natalia” sandals that I love for comfort and walking. (I reviewed two different WC construction of sandals here). Because these have a strap around the heel, they stay on nicely when walking.

I added colorful earrings that you saw with our resort wear (since they are so whimsical). They are still available here but FYI, I removed the green tassel portion because it wouldn’t stay where I wanted it.


Shorts: Sadie & Sage- Roka boutique ~~Top: Alembika ~~Shoes: Betsey Johnson

This top is the Alembika top that I styled 5 ways a year ago.

I decided to create another way to wear the boxy top by tucking in the collar and creating more of a wrap top with my Maggie Snaps magnets (found on Amazon).

I still love my clear elastics for tying up clothes, but sometimes these magnets are even better. Except when you are leaning in the washer to pull out clothes and it attaches to the metal side of the washer, haha!

The sweater shorts may seem hot for the day, but because they are loose, they really were fabulous.

It’s almost like these Betsey Johnson shoes were made to go with this top, and since we were just hanging around the house, they were the shoe of choice. These shoes are not comfortable for walking long distances only because the toe strap is plastic and tight.


Shorts: Style & Co-Macys~~Top: Scarf~~Sandals: Vince Camuto

Wearing shorts 2 days in a row, but I’m making up for the future that I know will be full of dresses.

How do you like this top? It’s really a scarf. I was inspired by a woman on Instagram who wrapped her scarf over her tube top. I used a camisole instead and secured it with my Maggie Snap magnets (found on Amazon).
For some reason, I have been using my magnets more and more lately (as seen yesterday).

Yesterday, I did have some fun times when the magnets would attach to my washer and stove while I was working, haha.

Wait until you see this “top” from the back. It’s super cool, and I plan to share the look in an upcoming blog post about summer scarves.

For my shoes and earrings, I pulled out the turquoise color that is in the scarf and left off bracelets because I would be at the computer a lot today!!


Travel daily outfits
Dress: Banana Republic~~Jacket: Claudia Strater-thrifted~~Shoes: Walking Cradles “Natalia”

Today’s daily outfit is my airport outfit for going to Denver. And I’ll wear the same thing home except I will change out the blue t-shirt that I’m wearing under the dress.

Of course, there is a pashmina scarf in my carry-on bag that I will use if I’m cold or need a pillow behind my neck.

My sandals are the Natalia from Walking Cradles. I almost always wear Walking Cradles to the airport since they are my gold standard for comfortable shoes, and the airport usually entails a bunch of walking.
I don’t often wear sandals, but since we are pre-TSA approved, at least I don’t have to take off my shoes.

I don’t wear a ton of jewelry on the plane. Small, stud earrings are about it, but you should see my fun bag. It’s a print mixed material one that my cousin made for me years ago!!
I’ll have to show it on the blog maybe in my return outfit?


Casual party daily outfits
Dress: Promesa~~Sandals: Walking Cradles “Natalia”

This was the outfit I wore for our “get-together” party in Denver.

The dress was a recent purchase from a local boutique in Scottsdale. My mom found the dress on the sale rack and it was reduced to $17 because the zipper was broken.
Well, you know my mother and her sewing skills, so we figured, she could make it work.

Funny thing is that when I tried it on, the zipper became unstuck, so my mom just had to take it in a little on the side.

Since it’s a one-shoulder dress, I did wear my Gatherall bra (which I reviewed here).

The sandals were the choice for the party since I knew I would be standing a lot, and needed comfy shoes.

I’d also love to point out the choker pearl necklace. There is a turquoise “pendant” hanging from it that is an earring. How’s that for getting creative with my accessories?


Summer daily outfits sporty style
Skirt: Gap~~ Top: Ibkul (it’s a sun shirt)~~Shoes: Walking Cradles “Orleans

We were taking a walking tour of Denver today, thus the sporty daily outfit.

I wanted to wear something cool yet somewhat covered, so I opted for one of my UPF shirts. I love the idea that these have sun protection in them, and this one is especially colorful.

Even though I don’t play tennis, I just love tennis skirts right now. My friend who works at the Univ. of Georgia says all the college girls are wearing them. Well, I may not be a young college girl, but I just LOVE the look!

Since we were walking for our tour, of course, I chose my favorite Walking Cradles sneakers called Orleans. And I am wearing my Active-X Low cut Sheec socks with them.

I could have brought a straw hat, but I decided to bring this pink one instead. It wasn’t hard to pack because it has a low profile.


Daily outfits for a day of meeting friends
Dress: See and Be Seen-from Just Be Youtiful~~Sandals: Chicos

We were meeting up with two different friends for the day, so I wanted something fun yet comfy as part of my daily outfits.

I found this dress at my favorite local boutique called, Just Be Youtiful the last time we were there. It’s a good reminder to not always go by the size of the item. It’s a larger size than I wear, yet the owner was saying how it’s a Spanish brand and their sizing runs small. So it fits great!

I wanted to add a different color to the mix, so I wore my Chico’s sandals and added green accessories too.

The only reason I wore the beret is because of a bad hair day. These kinds of hats are easy to pack and travel with. And can I tell you how many compliments I get every time I wear it?

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