Unique Ideas for Mixing Prints in Fashion For Beginners

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Graphic tee for women

Unique Ideas for Mixing Prints in Fashion For Beginners

Mixing prints in fashion is one of those concepts that people either love or hate. Yet it’s done all the time in home design to add interest to a room. Now even if you can’t imagine wearing two prints together, I have some beginner options that everyone can try. Of course I also added in a more advanced style too.

Quote of the day: “The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” Oprah Winfrey

Attitudes are so important. That’s why I loved this quote by Oprah. If we tell ourselves we can’t do something, then of course we can’t. Even if you tell yourself you don’t like it, I think it’s a good exercise to ask yourself “WHY?”
Because I feel like the more I have opened my mind to different possibilities in clothing and outfits, the more I am opened to other things in life.
Who knew clothing could be so life changing?

For these examples of mixing prints in fashion, I worked with some ideas that might be easier for those of you who can’t imagine ever wearing two prints. And I used the same pair of pants in all of these examples.
In the past, I used this concept with shoes, scarves, and purses. So now we have advanced to actual clothing items.

I would also like to point out that men have been mixing prints in fashion for years with their plaid blazers and print shirts or ties. And my theory that is if they can do it, then we can do it better!!

AND check out the photo I took out of a Good Housekeeping magazine recently below. I consider Good Housekeeping a relatively conservative magazine, yet they are showcasing print mixing. I only hope it makes you keep an open mind for your future looks.
More information about the pants at the bottom of this post.

Mixing prints in fashion with texture

Mixing Prints in Fashion with Texture

Texture. It’s a quality that every outfit should have incorporated into it. That’s why when you always combine cotton and cotton, or silky and silky, the outfit can sometimes fall flat.
So the idea of combining a texture in a solid color could be the easy first step to mixing prints in fashion.

Details of the Outfit

This lace top is a preloved piece from @kim.finds on Instagram. She also has a Poshmark closet, but I’m on Instagram more and see those offerings more.

I added print wedges to the mix along with some turquoise accessories. These shoes are also preloved, but originally from Payless. Did you see that Payless is coming back as an online only store?

Mixing prints in fashion with a graphic tee

Graphic Tee

Since most graphic tees have a solid background, this is another way to ease into mixing prints in fashion. While graphic tees may seem silly or too young, I want to argue the pros about them.

Graphic tees can say a message that really speaks to us without saying a word. We have styled them on the blog in the past, and I think they are ageless.

Details of the Outfit

This graphic tee is from our Forever Fierce group. Fierce can mean a lot of different things to different people, but we always mean it in the nicest way possible. Fierce in kindness and love is the way to be.

Insider tip: My favorite way to make a “t-shirt” a tad more dressy is adding a statement necklace. If you don’t have a statement necklace, remember you can combine a bunch to make your own.

Mixing prints in fashion with an embroidered top

Embroidered Top

An embroidered top isn’t much different than a graphic tee. It’s the solid background with just a little print on it. Therefore, from the back view (which you know is just as important as the front view), it appears like a solid.
I’d like to point out that even Lesley used this concept in a post this summer. So if she can do it, so can you!!

Details of the Outfit

I wore this same top recently when using my color recipe for a neon pair of pants. It gets a lot of love every summer.

I added in pops of pink with my Pam Neri earrings and Walking Cradles wedges. One of my friends who is a foot doctor, was discussing how wedges are good for those women who hate the discomfort of heels.

Easy way of mixing prints in fashion

Small Print Same Colors

These smaller prints are the ones that from a distance look like solid. This is one of the “rules” of print mixing that maybe you’ve read. Combine a large print with a small print and start with prints that have the same colors in them.
In all reality, there is red in the print of the top and not in the pants. But it’s close enough.

Details of the Outfit

This top is another from @Kim.finds and is preloved. I don’t have many tops with the tie at the neck, but I figured if I don’t like them, they would be easy to take off.

Insider tip: Do you give up on an item just because of one issue with it? There are MANY alterations that are easy! My mom listed them for me in a blog post and I linked to many of the videos I use.

My punch of color for this outfit was orange. Blue tends to go with most of my colored shoes, so it’s easy to bookend them with earrings.

Other colors with mixing prints in fashion

Subtle Print

I’d consider a subtle print almost like the small print above except it’s not small. The other difference in this example, is I chose a totally different color scheme. Obviously I like blue and pink together since that was my pop of color in the embroidered top look.

Details of the Outfit

This sheer blouse was made by my talented mother, Charlotte. She had this drapery fabric and made Nancy, herself and me something from it which we showcased. And I’d like to point out that my mom styled it with another print in that blog post.

Confession about the shoes. I stole them from my giveaway pile just for this outfit because they look so good with these pants. However, they have NO support so I am purging them.
That’s the problem with finding great shoe companies like Walking Cradles…you become spoiled and need that comfort in all of your shoes.

Insider tip: Did you know that DSW gives you rewards for donating shoes at their stores? 2 donations gives you a $5 reward which I use all the time.

Mixing prints in fashion with bright colors

Advanced Mixing Prints in Fashion

Two bold prints in two different colorways is what I would consider advanced print mixing. And maybe not something everyone likes.
However, I’d like to point out that some dresses, tops or scarves are made with more than one print, and we don’t mind it then (like I’ve shown in the widget below).

Details of the Outfit

I even added a black belt to the outfit to give more of a separation between the two prints. See, belts can be so functional for many reasons!

The top is a Target special I found in the kids department. Even if you don’t fit the kid sizes, I wouldn’t discount checking out some of the deals.

Insider tip: Remember to think outside the box when you find a great deal and you love the material. Just like how I wore my skirt as a scarf and belt once. You could either do the same, or somehow make it work.

These shoes are a gifted pair from Bzees. The best part is they can be thrown in the washer (supposedly). I have washed them in the sink and they clean up very easily.

Print Pants

Why should you have a pair of print pants? I think my friend MK says it best, “I think what I like best about print pants is they say ‘I’m not shy. I’m not trying to fade into the woodwork and hoping you don’t notice I’m there. I’m not tall and I’m not young, but I AM to be reckoned with, and you’d do well to pay attention.'”
My goal is to make sure that each and every one of you gets the attention you deserve. And SINCE we are visual animals, it all starts with our outfits.

Therefore I plead with you to experiment and most of all HAVE FUN with your style. Remember the quote above….it’s all dependent on your attitude.

And these pants? They were purchased from Banana Republic about 5 years ago back when I only wore them with solid white tops. It makes me so happy to think they can get worn so many other ways and with so many other tops now that I’ve evolved.

Insider tip: Do you ever struggle with what colors to wear with your clothing pieces? Make sure to refer to my color recipe because it gives you scads of options from what is already in your closet.

Here's why you should be mixing prints

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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