Unique Ways to Style Winter to Spring Transition Outfits with the Ageless Style Group

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Unique Ways to Style Winter to Spring Transition Outfits with the Ageless Style Group

When the seasons change, do we think about styling winter to spring transition outfits? I know most of my friends are excited to pull out the spring clothing pieces that have been hidden away for months. But the reality is that there is still a nip in the air many days. So incorporating the winter pieces with the spring things is very smart.

Quote of the day: “This is the only perfection there is, the perfection of helping others. This is the only thing we can do that has any lasting value or meaning. This is why we’re here.” Andre Agassi

Helping each other come up with fun or interesting ideas for our outfits is beneficial for all of us. I feel like I get some of my best ideas from readers comments or other bloggers. So make sure to check out the other women in the Ageless Style group below (and shout out to Amy for the idea of winter to spring transition outfits).

Winter to spring transition outfits for women

Items in our Winter to Spring Transition Outfits

For this theme of winter to spring transition outfits, I wanted each of us to take at least one “winter” item and show how to make it work for the warmer weather. Of course if your weather isn’t warmer yet, at least how you can pretend it is spring.
Charlotte’s outfit is focusing on a furry vest. Lesley worked with a jacket but talks more about how colors play a huge part for her. And I brought up the rear with some winter boots.

Now, don’t be put off if you don’t have the same pieces. I’ll try to talk through our reasoning, so you can apply it to your closet also.

Furry vest worn for spring

Charlotte’s Look

My mom just finished making this chartreuse furry vest. She’s had the material for a year, and even made a pillow out of what was left over after she cut out the pieces. This vest is definitely a statement piece in a color like this. But you know my thinking…we are all fabulous women who need to stand out!!

So no matter what color furry vest (or coat) you happen to have in your closet, adding in a white column of color under it, will lighten it up for that idea of transitioning to spring.
While many comments on my utility vest post recently were about how vests don’t keep your arms warm, they can help keep your core warm. And a warm core can even help the extremities. In fact, I’m always amazed how cold I am when I take off a vest. It really does help.
The advantage of a vest is you can still show off some of the ruffle or puff sleeve details that I see lately.

Charlotte incorporated light snakeskin boots as her footwear and a matching purse and earrings for this outfit. If you can see the bracelets, they add some other fun colors to the mix in this outfit. These were gifted from Audra Style who is known for bright and cheery accessories.

Making a fur vest work for spring
How a jacket can be worn for spring

Lesley and Color Thoughts

Lesley said that winter to spring transition outfits is more about color than the actual clothing. She finds that she brings out the sunny yellows, Easter pinks and robin egg blues about this time.
So while she is still wearing black pants, she swapped out a white jacket for the usual black or navy jacket she would have grabbed a month ago.
The short sleeve top under the jacket is one of those colors she thinks about for spring. In the winter months, she would have gravitated towards a red long sleeve top instead.

And it wouldn’t be Lesley without having a scarf to bring in more spring colors. Along with the detail of the floral purse and the flowers on her necklace. Lesley is also wearing a colorful bracelet from Audra style.

Insider tip: Don’t think that wearing a scarf has to be complicated. Especially with a jacket, you can just drape it around the collar and let it hand down the front. It creates a frame that way.

If you don’t have a white jacket or yellow top, any lighter pieces will seem more spring like.

Winter to spring transition outfits with a jacket
Tall boots with shorts

Jodie’s Outfit

I know most women are SO ready to put away the boots once it says spring on the calendar. Yet, it’s not always warm enough for sandals yet. I decided to have fun with my over the knee boots by pairing them with shorts. I have to admit that I have been wearing shorts much more since blogging.
In fact, I was super excited when I was influenced by Shelbee to wear shorts in the winter with tights and boots. In fact, that’s what I wore for New Year’s Eve this year!!

I paired this pair of floral shorts with a navy top and light tan jacket. The turquoise necklace, purse and glasses add more color to the mix.

Even if you don’t ever wear shorts, you can style a pair of winter boots with a springy skirt instead. It’s a great mix of the yin and yang together.

Shorts as a spring item

So what are your secrets for springifying your winter items? Make sure to see what the other women are styling!

How we style winter to spring transition outfits
Winter to spring transition outfits

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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