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Unlimited Casual Outfits With Flare Jeans

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Rosemary, from our Ageless Style group, came up with the idea of rocking our jeans for January. Since we are seeing all kinds of silhouettes in denim, I thought we would concentrate on casual outfits with flare jeans.

Quote of the day: “When you choose your friends today, you are choosing your habits tomorrow.” James Clear

Denim has become a staple for women of every age and I think the best part is how you can wear all of the silhouettes. Sure, the trend is about having more volume on the bottom half right now, but skinny jeans are not to be forgotten.

Today, the crew is showcasing flares. And again, not all flares are the same, so you have your pick.
Notice I don’t say anything about the rise of the jeans. Most of us are comfortable with jeans that land at our waist or mid-rise. But half the time, the top of the jeans is covered with a sweater or top, so it really doesn’t matter.

Whatever feels best for you is the right rise.

3 of us are showcasing different denim washes with a light denim, a medium wash denim, and a pair of dark denim. Lesley went rogue on us and wore black flare pants as her option.

What are Flare Jeans

There are many interpretations of flare jeans, and many will look like straight-leg jeans when being worn.
Of course, there are the large flares (or as we used to say ‘bell bottoms’) that are obviously larger at the hem than the thigh, but many times when I search for flare jeans, wide-leg jeans show up.

The moral of the story? Don’t obsess over what the jeans are called, but try them on and see how they fit.

Personally, I’ve been loving Old Navy for its wide variety of denim with a great selection of sizes. You can find such a great selection of all kinds of ideas for casual outfits with flare jeans.

Jeans and how to style them are a popular topic and we have covered them in the past. Here are just a few articles if you want more inspiration.

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Casual outfits with flare jeans in pastels
Jeans: no label-Goodwill~~ Jacket: no label-gifted by Lesley~~ Sweater: Soft Surroundings c/o ~~ Boots: no label-Bealls ~~ Earrings: F2/NYC-Clothes Mentor ~~ Purse: Kohls ~~Hat: ~~Gloves: no label

Charlotte-Light Denim

When you are styling casual outfits with flare jeans, lighter denim works fabulously. Most of us have been told that darker denim is more slimming and better for women our age, but I think it’s nice to have both.

And if you’re like my mom, you can iron yours and put a crease in them, haha.

Charlotte paired her light blue jeans with a pink, fuzzy sweater and snakeskin booties. The light blue fleece jacket finishes off the look.

Insider tip: The “button” holding the fleece jacket together is a magnet. It’s a great way to pull together any cardigans or jackets. This magnet was from a craft fair but there are similar ones on Amazon. I love my Maggie’s magnets if you prefer a solid finish.

I love this example of how even during the cold months, pastels can look amazing.

Women over 70 wearing casual outfits with flare jeans
Jeans: Levis~~ Wrap: no label-reversible~~Poncho: Vertigo~~ Top: Talbots~~ Boots: SO Authentic American Heritage~~ Purse: Baggalini~~Gloves: no label

Valerie-Wearing Medium Wash Flare Jeans

In Valerie’s words: “Flared jeans have always been my favorite and I’m so glad that I kept this pair. I think they balance the hips and add length to my short legs, especially when worn with boots. My cropped topper was a gift from a friend and it pairs perfectly with the pink cashmere sweater. The reversible cashmere cape was an impulse buy during a visit to Oregona a couple of years ago and has since become a travel essential.”

Valerie shows the perfect way to layer when you have a shorter sweater or top. She added a bright pink sweater under the shorter one, and it adds color while also being functional for warmth.

Orange turtleneck under fuzzy jacket
Jeans: Gap~~ Jacket: Free People-thrifted~~ Turtleneck: French Connection-Your Revolving Closet~~ Boots: Matisse-Goodwill~~ Purse: no label-Goodwill~~Hat: Amazon

Jodie-Dark Wash Baby Flares

I remember when I purchased these baby flares about 6 years ago, and my first thought was what shoes do I wear with them? Because at the time, I had mostly ballet flats in my closet.

I felt like I needed a chunkier shoe to work with casual outfits with flare jeans. That could be one huge reason why the lug soles, combat boots, and platform shoes are making such a huge comeback now.

Either way, I mostly wore these flare jeans with sneakers in the warmer months, but I also love them with cowboy boots now that it’s colder.

This fuzzy jacket was a recent thrift find during our holidays in Prescott, Arizona. I tried wearing it with a pair of ribbed leggings (on Tues of this Daily Post blog) thinking that because it was so voluminous, I needed something tighter on the bottom half.

However, this is one time that I think you need volume to counteract the volume. Next, I’ll try wearing it with a pair of wide-leg jeans to compare again.

Insider tip: The turtleneck is from Your Revolving Closet which is a clothing rental subscription where you pick out the things you want to try. You can also buy them afterwards, and all of my readers get a 30-day free trial.

Black, red and white outfit for older women
Pants: no label-online~~ Jacket: Studio Works-thrifted ~~ Top: Jones New York ~~ Shoes: Liz Claiborne~~ Scarf: scrap from shirt~~ Purse: no label-thrifted ~~Hat: no label

Lesley: Black Flare Pants

In Lesley’s words: “When I started to style this look I started at the bottom & worked up.  Bottoms first and I felt the look was retro, my college days, and WOW this is a look my mother wore when she was in college.  Can we say 1940’s???  So I went with that look. 

The corduroy jacket was a thrifted treasure and even had the oversized buttons that were popular back in the 40s and the rest just came together in a fun way. It just goes to show that everything Old is New again & What goes around comes around.” 

Lesley always loves the red, black, and white color combination and it’s truly very stunning.

Insider tip: Many women commented how they could NOT pull off the print knee socks with cropped pants that I experimented with recently. Lesley did a more subtle approach with dragonfly socks. They aren’t seen unless she is sitting down and crossing her legs. They are still a fun and whimsical gesture, just not as in your face as my example.

Women over 50 with casual outfits with flare jeans

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Casual outfits with flare jeans

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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