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Unlimited Colors That Go With Lilac: Outfit Ideas

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Woman fashion and colors that go with lilac

Unlimited Colors That Go With Lilac: Outfit Ideas

There are unlimited colors that go with lilac because it’s a color just like any other color. Even though I’ve read a couple of articles that only list 3 colors that go with lilac, I am here to show that you can pair way more than just three colors with this light purple shade.
Since this pastel has been called out as one of the big colors of this fall and winter, we should explore many of the colors that go with lilac.

Quote of the day: “When you’re young, you’re encouraged to try new things. Why not say yes at any age? Why creatively kill yourself off? Mary Steenburgen

Charlotte is showcasing an outfit in detail with a print sweater that has all kinds of different colors that go with lilac. But in addition, let me first start off by showing you many other examples from the past.
The advantage of finding many different color combinations is the fact that you are creating a more sustainable closet. You don’t always need to buy new things to have fabulous outfits.

Other Colors That Go with Lilac

Here are 9 other options of colors that go with lilac which are broken down into categories of neutrals, colors, and prints.

Lilac & Neutrals

You saw Lesley styling her lilac with the dark neutral of black. But here are more ideas.

Lilac & Colors

I experimented with another color not shown here yet it could also be considered a neutral.

Lilac and Prints

Charlotte’s Outfit

Print hand knit sweater

Pants: Classiques-thrifted~~ Jacket: Style & Co~~ Cardigan: I knitted it~~ Top: Zara-thrifted ~~ Shoes: AK -thrifted~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse:

My mom chose this pair of lilac pants that she thrifted years ago and decided to go with the option of a print top. Since the sweater is short sleeve, she added a white blouse under it.

I’ll give more details about the sweater below, but suffice it to say there is not an ounce of lilac in the sweater, yet it works wonderfully with the lilac pants. I also like how the white blouse under the sweater is neutral instead of trying to match one of the colors in the sweater.

Different colors that go with lilac

Are Colored Pants Frumpy?

Many years ago, I had a reader comment that wearing colorful pants was frumpy. While I like to think you can wear anything, there are details that can be thought of as frumpy.

In fact, I talked about how to not look frumpy in the past with examples of outfits that could be considered old ladyish.

So if you worry that an item you’re wearing isn’t doing you any favors, instead of throwing it out, I have other ideas.

  • Pair it with something more trendy. For Charlotte’s example, she threw her tan and white moto jacket over top, which is a very modern look.
  • If it’s the fit that makes a piece look frumpy, have it altered. What I find with older women, is they shy away from tighter fitting pieces. Unfortunately this can lead to a sloppy look. Unless, you’re wearing something oversized on purpose, it’s better to make sure you see a little of your body shape.
  • And lastly, change the focus. That’s the secret for many a great outfits. If you don’t love the pants, then wear a top that is interesting and gets all of the attention. Or as I suggested in my Grandma Gone Bad post, your accessories, hairstyle, glasses and shoes can make an impact on the overall look.
  • I would also add that too much matchy matchy can be a dated look. Have fun with various colors and try adding in different colors with your accessories.

Matchy Accessories

If you already have a lot of colors in your outfit, then the safest bet is to match your accessories to the other colors in your look. Charlotte showcases this with a dark purple pair of earrings that pull in the darker purple of the sweater.

Then the lilac purse blends with the lilac pants, so it’s really not a focal point.

Woman fashion and colors that go with lilac

Hand Knit Sweater

I knit this sweater many, many years ago. The only reason my mother has it is because of the fact that when I finished it, it ended up being too big for me. So I asked her if she wanted it.
The funny thing is my mom then lost some weight and it was too big for her. And as any good seamstress would do, she altered it on the sides so it would fit better. I think it’s time I steal it back, haha!!

Let’s talk about the colors in this sweater and how they are colors that go with lilac. Since I knit this, I know there are 5 colors of yarn in it. They aren’t always easy to pick out from far away since many of the “stripes” are fair isle (meaning there are two colors in it).

These are the colors that make up this sweater.

  • Dark Purple
  • Grey
  • Dark Red
  • Pink
  • Brighter Purple or almost a burgundy with more purple than red

Notice how the grey almost looks lavender when combined with these colors. And since purple is made up of red and blue, the reds work well with it. The dark red, pink, and brighter purple (or burgundy) are all various shades of the same red color.

What shoes go with Lilac pants

What Color Shoes Would You Wear with Lilac Pants

Charlotte chose her purple shoes to wear with these lilac pants. This pair was found at a consignment shop. While some women don’t like the idea of preloved shoes, both my mother and I think they can be great. Most of the time, they’ve already been worn in, so they are comfortable.

Insider tip: If you are worried about the “ick” factor, then you should read this podiatrist’s post about how to clean them.

Since most women don’t have purple shoes, I thought I would give you other options. The easiest choices would be the neutrals.

  • Grey-Grey would look great since there is grey in the sweater, and many greys can have a lilac tint.
  • Tan-Another lighter neutral that would blend in with the pastel color.
  • Black-Since there are darker colors in the sweater, it would ground the outfit.
  • Burgundy-This would be a great way to pull the burgundy in the sweater into more of the outfit.
  • White-White shoes are very modern right now, and would be very fun.
  • Pink-Again, a light color to blend with the lilac pants and still works with the sweater.
Shades of purple for fall

Not All Lilacs Are Created Equal

Just because something is called lilac, doesn’t mean all of those pieces will look the same.
As with any color, there are warm versions of it and cool versions of it. Therefore, if you are looking at colors that go with a warm lilac, you will be safer if you stick to pairing warm colors with it. And vice versa with a cool lilac.

Insider tip: Color is the hardest thing to analyze when shopping online. Even a store’s description isn’t helpful. The only way to be safe when you order something hoping for a certain color is to know the return policy BEFORE you purchase it. Just in case it doesn’t work with your closet.

Colors that go with lilac

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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Facts: Some of these links are affiliate links. Meaning, if you click a link and make a purchase, Jodie’s Touch of Style gets a small commission at no extra cost to you. I do appreciate you supporting the brands that make this blog possible! I am also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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