Unlimited Creative Style: Transforming Items For Ageless Style

Unlimited Creative Style: Transforming Items For Ageless Style

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Unlimited Creative Style: Transforming Items For Ageless Style

The idea of creative style came from the prompt “double duty” for our Ageless Style group from Daenel. This is a theme that is near and dear to my heart now that I have time to “play” with my clothing. While it may seem silly to make our clothing have more than one look, it’s so beneficial for creating variety with what we have.

Quote of the day: “The secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage.” Thucydides

The quote is absolutely perfect for the idea of creative style. Once you throw out the worry about things not as they should be or not being perfect, life is so much more fun. Plus you might be surprised at how freeing it is in your mind too!! Along with the fact that your closet becomes much bigger.

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This idea was recently explored with my Magnificent 8 group of women too. So we took another look in our closets and came up with more ideas.

Creative style for older women

Charlotte’s Creative Style with a Maxi Skirt

My mom made this floral maxi skirt years ago. The first outfit above is how she wears it normally. You can also see how she’s worn it for the colder weather along with how the original three of us had pieces from the material also.

For her creative style idea? She pulled the same trick that Lesley showcased in our mix and match post and basically the same idea I had for this post.
It’s now hiked up to have the elastic waistband around her upper chest and the skirt is shorter. Since Charlotte didn’t want her shoulders exposed, she layered a sheer blouse over it and belted it to have it stay put.

Lesley and a Kimono

Lesley’s idea for her double duty piece was to use her kimono. Above is her normal way to style this gorgeous pink kimono over a column of black. And notice the pops of turquoise with the purse and necklace.

And below she created a dress out of it. She’s using her bike shorts trick to make sure she doesn’t flash too much leg if the wind blows and hooked the kimono together with a belt. Because she had a tank top and shorts under the dress, she doesn’t have to worry about pinning it closed.
However, if you feel more comfortable, a couple of discreetly placed safety pins can help too.

I’ve tried this same technique with a long cardigan in the past. And trust me, there were safety pins in place, LOL!

Creative Style with 3 Pieces

So I decided to go for the extra credit in this double duty post. Both my top and skirt are actually skirts. And I’m wearing a barrette in my hair.
You can see this flower skirt worn as a skirt in the past when it was colder outside.

Presto chango and each skirt can change places along with my barette becoming a brooch! These types of barrettes work wonderfully in my thin hair. How is it I never knew about them years ago?

3 decades of stylish women

Ageless Style with Creative Style

Here are the other women in my Ageless Style group. I hope you pop over to see how they styled their double duty looks! I always find so much inspiration from each and every one of them.

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Creative Style

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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