Unlimited Ideas for Swoon-Worthy Outfits with Shades of Pink

Unlimited Ideas for Swoon-Worthy Outfits with Shades of Pink

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Scarf as a belt

Unlimited Ideas for Swoon-Worthy Outfits with Shades of Pink and the Scottsdale Museum of the West

Any woman can wear shades of pink because I believe there is a shade of EVERY color for everyone!! Not only is Lesley showcasing her swoon-worthy outfit, and sharing ideas, we are also bringing you along on our trip to the Scottsdale Museum of the West.

Quote of the day: ” Wearing darker shades tend to read more conservative and has more of a polished feel, which is not bad. But it can age you because it takes away from your approachability. Brighter shades make you seem more open and fun, which in turn makes you look younger.” Dina Scherer, a wardrobe stylist.

Since pink is the perfect color for the upcoming spring season, Lesley wanted us all to have fun with the color. And we did, in droves. The most amazing thing in Lesley’s outfit? She is wearing olive green leggings. If you know Lesley at all, she doesn’t like the color green.
Yet once she started hanging around us, she’s starting to incorporate a LITTLE green into her closet. It’s not any different than how she’s added leopard to her wardrobe, which she also didn’t like before she started modeling with us.

The reason I bring this up is how we can think that a certain color or print isn’t “us”. Yet I hope we can be open to the fact that we should evolve, and then maybe we will like them in the future.
For me it was pink. I NEVER liked pink in my younger years. It was just like polka dots because those were not serious enough. And being a dentist was a serious thing!!
Let’s just say I’m glad I’m over that and now I embrace every color and every print.

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An Outfit with Shades of Pink

Shades of pink for women's looks

Leggings: Suave from Stein Mart~~ Kimono: Chicos ~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles ~~ Scarf: ~~ Necklace: ~~ Purse: Target

Incorporating many shades of pink is easier when it’s part of the clothing item or in the print of your accessories.

As for pink and green together. We’ve showcased the combination on the blog in the past with Nancy from Denver. Lots of different greens and pink with unlimited other ideas!

Let’s Talk about the Rules

I’d love to point out that Lesley is basically breaking 2 rules that you read a lot. Let me first point out that Lesley is 5’0″ and describes herself as having a zucchini shape (her words, not mine).
How many times have you heard that petite girls shouldn’t wear longer pieces like this kimono?
And a belt?? That’s only if you have a waist, right?

But no, Lesley is rocking this long, pink kimono and using her scarf as a belt.

What makes this work? If you ask me, I think that the kimono having the side slits is helpful in that it provides asymmetry.
And the scarf as a belt brings in the colors of the leggings and kimono plus creates a waist!
So I hope you don’t carry that thought that belts don’t work for you. Just like when Lesley wore a leopard belt with her purple dress…it can make the outfit fabulous.

More Fabulous Pink Print

Finding color combination inspiration can be easy if you look at the items you already have. Sometimes the scarves and purses already have a couple shades of pink in them, and give you other color with which to combine.
Even Lesley’s kimono has a lighter pink embroidery all over it.

Bright pink kimono for spring
Neutral shoes

Nude Shoes & the Back

Nude shoes are always a great basic to have. Especially when you’re not sure of what color shoes to wear with an outfit. I’m sure many woman would have chosen black shoes to wear with this look, but the nude shoes lighten up the look for spring.
And if you are looking for shoes that are comfortable and stylish, Walking Cradles are a great option. Lesley bought these since we go exploring for many of our shoots.

Another point I’d love to make about your outfits. If you’re like Lesley, you aren’t a big fan of the back view. Yet if you have an interesting piece like this, then everyone will be looking at the cool embroidery!!

Insider tip: I say it all the time because it’s true: Just as many people see you from the back as they do from the front.

Long kimono for short women

Scottsdale Museum of the West

We toured around the Scottsdale Museum of the West for our adventure this day. Its a wonderful place to visit next time you’re in the area. I’ll show a couple of our favorite parts below.

This photo was taken by a man who worked at the museum. And it looks great, right? BUT it’s an optical illusion. (I wish I had the man take a photo from the side). Because Rob is really standing with his arm outstretched into space, and my mom is petting air.

If you look closely, maybe you can see the line of where the painting on the wall continues to the floor at about the horse’s ears? It creates a 3-D look when you line up everything correctly. It’s something we wouldn’t have figured out except for the help of the museum worker!!

Styles Recycled

I had to laugh at some of the “fashion” items we encountered at this Scottsdale Museum of the West.
You thought over the knee boots were a newer thing?? Ha, think again.

And layering necklaces?? You can see how the American Indians started this long before we did.

As for the rest of the museum, it was full of fabulous Western and Native American art, sculptures, photos and history. It’s a hidden treasure in the heart of Scottsdale.

Shades of pink

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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