Unlock Reasons to Use Lilla Rose Hair Clips and More

Unlock Reasons to Use Lilla Rose Hair Clips and More

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Stylish Lilla Rose hair clips for any age

Unlock Reasons to Use Lilla Rose Hair Clips and More

Even with short hair you can find functional ways to use a bevy of pins and especially Lilla Rose hair clips. No this isn’t sponsored, but these are one of the pins my mom kept in our relocation move.
Therefore, I reached out to my Lilla Rose woman and she is offering a couple of discounts below if you’re interested.

Quote of the day: “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” Marie Curie

Hair may not be fearful, but it can be super annoying even when it’s short. Maybe you don’t want to showcase any kind of barrettes or hair accessories, so Charlotte is going to show you how to camouflage them, yet still have them be functional.

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Remember, my advice if you feel like you can’t make any hair accessories work, is to talk to your hair stylist. When I did that in the past, it was very eye opening. Why? Because everyone’s head shape and hair is so different.
Besides all of the hair products we use don’t always work to keep it looking perfect.

Pull back short hair with Lilla Rose hair clips

Why Lilla Rose Hair Clips

My mom loves her Lilla Rose hair clips because these really stay and don’t slide out, even with her thin and fine hair. In fact, they can be hard to remove, so there is a tip on how to do that. (If you order some, make sure to ask).

The advantage of either the gold or silver versions of these Lilla Rose hair clips (which are called bobbie) is they really blend in with my mom’s white hair. In fact, you don’t notice she is wearing anything in real life.

So why even have them? Because don’t we all have a strand or two (or in my case, my entire head) of hair wanting to go every which way?? These helpful tools can tame it down without having all eyes on your head.

But of course, there are many other options that could work. Even with short hair. See what we found for Charlotte with a little help from my arsenal.

Finding combs for thin hair


You don’t see the decorative combs as much anymore, yet they can be so functional. Here’s one object that I was using incorrectly until my hair stylist showed me how. You wouldn’t think it was rocket science, but hey!!

Make an "x" with bobby pins

Other Bobby Pins

If you aren’t wearing the Lilla Rose hair clips or bobbies, and you have trouble keeping bobby pins in place, then here are some tricks of the trade. Again, I’m sure you’re tired of me saying the same thing over and over, but my hair stylist gave me the suggestion to criss cross the bobby pins like this to keep them more secure.

Insider tip: Heck, I’ve seen just normal color bobby pins used as art in the hair. (Not my link, but so impressive.) And that link shows you the right way and wrong way to use them. I had ALWAYS put them in the wrong way until my hair stylist told me differently!

Silver barrette in silver hair

Functional Barrettes

Not all barrettes have to be pretty or decorational. You can find a color to match your hair and tame down the ends that go every which way.

Clips for short hair

Snap Barrettes

These little beauties are something both my mom and I recently discovered. Maybe you’ve seen them around forever, but I’m a recent fan and so is my mom!!
Because of the snap, they don’t seem to pull and tug on your hair as much.

Lilla Rose Hair Clips

My Lilla Rose hair clips come from Laurie as it’s her side business. She is offering 2 different discounts above if you want to explore any of their items.

Remember their flexi clips work wonderfully as a scarf holder, which we’ve shown on the blog before.
And the best part is these accessories are inexpensive and also work wonderfully as gifts. If you have any questions about the items, I can get you in touch with Laurie.

Insider tip: The site also has a sizing and styling page that could be helpful.

Lilla Rose hair clips and more

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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