Ideas of ways to wear different fabrics together

Unlock the Mix & Match: Ways to Wear Different Fabrics Together

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For our Ageless Style group, Leslie suggested scrumptious fabrics. And being a person who believes in “extra”, I decided to showcase ways to wear different fabrics together.
I remember one time, a woman told me it was wrong to wear a silky fabric with a cotton one. And I was floored. SERIOUSLY. Some women consider that wrong?

Maybe that was a fashion rule that I missed, but I hope our examples below will give you ideas of ways to wear different fabrics together for a modern look.

Quote of the day: “Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” Deepak Chopra

Hopefully, that quote will give you the courage to experiment with ways to wear different fabrics together. It is fabric combinations that help outfits have depth instead of seeming too matchy. The texture is your friend and having more than just knits in our closet gives us variety.

When Leslie talked about scrumptious fabrics, she listed silks, satins, velvet, cashmere, soft sweaters, and lace. These all seem to translate to feminine materials so if you tend to dress more masculine or classic, they may not be up your alley.
However, I do think that the fun of mix and match is combining two unlike elements. Which is why I paired together my two clothing items!!

Now the three of us were heading out for Christmas Eve dinner in these outfits, so that’s why you see holiday accents. But this could work for any time of year. And welcome back to my stepmom, Nancy as our model.

Faux Fur and Suede

Ways to wear different fabrics for mature women
Skirt: WDNY~~ Jacket: Willow & Clay ~~ Top: Hana Sung ~~ Boots: Bleeker & Bond~~ Purse: Laga Designs

I also adore the faux fur pieces because they add that comfy vibe and the extra benefit is they keep you warm.
Nancy was at a loss for what to style, so I came up with copying this outfit from years ago with some minor changes.

Insider tip: That’s one way to switch up your looks. Recreate a look that you liked from the past, but change out one or two items so it’s not exactly the same.

I like to think that women of any age can wear faux fur. Stop worrying about if the material makes you appear fluffier. There is nothing wrong with fluffy and the softness makes people want to cuddle or pet you.

Fringe Skirt

The fringe detail is really a fun part of fashion. I worried that this trend wouldn’t last long when we started talking about it years ago, but I just read a Spring 2023 trend report saying it was still going strong.

The thing I like to consider when buying something trendy like this is whether I could adjust it later. For instance, with this skirt, you could cut off the fringe and have it be a normal black skirt.
Another option is to make one of these yourself. Then you have control of where you want the fringe to start.

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The Accessories

Nancy got rid of the booties from the original outfit because the heel was too high for comfort. But these white booties worked perfectly. She wore them with pants when we talked about bookending an outfit.

White footwear is very modern and ranges from summer sandals to boots. I think they can lighten up any look and work for women of any age.

Fringe skirt and faux fur jacket

Ways to Wear Different Fabrics: Velvet and Silk

Creating ways to wear different fabrics
Pants: Chicos-thrifted~~ Jacket: Chaus-Macys~~ Top: O2 Collection from Naomi & Ruth~~ Boots: Zanka-Nordstrom~~ Scarf: from a boutique~~ Purse: estate sale

My mom pulled out her red, velvet blazer for the prompt of ways to wear different fabrics. This material is synonymous with colder temperatures and always gives off such a royal vibe.
I hope everyone has something velvet in their wardrobe.

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Insider tip: The important thing about wearing velvet is we need to stop thinking of it as a dressy material. It could easily spruce up a graphic t-shirt and jeans.

Silk Pants

I love the idea of silk pants as an alternative to black pants. Because of the shine, these seem dressy, yet they aren’t the same ole, same ole that everyone else is wearing.

The velvet and silk together are both very elegant materials but the textures are so different. The silk is smooth whereas the velvet is nubby. That’s one of the secrets of ways to wear different fabrics together is to have them contrasting so they stand out.


Even though the silk pants are “grey”, you can see that the grey boots are a different shade of grey. They don’t have to match in order to work well together.

My mom is incorporating other textures and materials into the look with her lace top under the blazer as well as the fuzzy scarf around her collar.

Scarf tip: This is the easiest way to style a long, rectangular scarf. Just drape it around your collar to give the blazer more interest. Lesley did this once with a scarf and cardigan.

And don’t forget that your pearl necklace deserves a place in your outfits even if you are just going to the grocery store.

Red velvet blazer as ways to wear different fabrics

Faux Leather and Tulle

Women over 50 with ways to wear different fabrics
Skirt: won in a giveaway-Southern Soul Collectives~~ Top: ~~ Boots: Macys~~ Purse: thrifted

Now if this combination isn’t a dichotomy of styles then I don’t know what is. The faux leather is edgy and bold while the tulle skirt is the opposite.

I have been seeing faux leather in every clothing item imaginable lately. While I love my teal top (seen when we explored ways of wearing leather), I appreciate a top that has long sleeves so I didn’t have to worry about layering it.

Are you wondering what kind of bra I’m wearing with this top? My normal bra would have shown its straps, so I used my handy dandy We Gather strapless beauty (written about here) which has been amazing. I find it’s very freeing not to be limited by which tops I can wear because of my undergarments.

Tulle Skirt

I won this tulle skirt from Southern Soul Collectives and it’s become a favorite. Tulle skirts may seem like something that only little girls should wear, but I call hogwash on that thinking. Why can’t a grown woman wear something fun and pretty?

I feel like every woman has a celebration at least once or twice a year, and a tulle skirt is perfect for those occasions.


My nod to the holiday season was my earrings and bling pin on my waistband. But these could be easily changed out to work for any day.

I believe in the power of snakeskin boots. Although you might be surprised that I had a hard time wearing the first pair that I purchased over 15 years ago. I was afraid of them and thought they were too bold. Hahahaha. It goes to show how my style has evolved over the years.

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Faus leather and tulle as mix and match
Older women with ways to wear different fabrics together

Ageless Style Group

These are the women who are part of my Ageless Style group. I hope you take a gander at their ways of wearing different fabrics. Each of them always gives such wonderful inspiration for all of our prompts.
And we don’t all post at the same time, so make sure to check back if their post isn’t up yet.

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3 options of ways to wear different fabrics together

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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