Embroidered blazer looks for women

Unlock Variety: 5 Embroidered Blazer Looks for Women

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With blazer looks for women on the rise again, I thought it would be fun to explore different style varieties.
This article is really a twofer. One is how I styled the same blazer in 5 different ways. And two is how I changed this blazer from tan embroidery to make it more colorful.

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Quote of the day: ” All good things which exist are the fruits of originality.” John Stuart Mill

The blazer looks for women
1-Wear it with a skirt
2-Wear over a dress
3-Try a super dressy maxi skirt
5-Shorts and boots
6-How I DIYed this embroidered blazer
7-Finding your own interesting blazers

There are so many ways to take the items we have and transform them into something more original and fun. Granted, when I bought this embroidered blazer originally over 10 years ago, I thought it was quite sassy.
But now that I’ve been incorporating more color into my looks, it wasn’t getting worn as much.

That’s when I decided to use a little creativity, and add color to the embroidery. I share more about that towards the end of the article. Since not everyone thinks that’s a fun way to spend their time, I thought I’d start with styling blazer looks for women.

Insider tip: If you appreciate the embroidery aspect, but don’t want to do it yourself, I found some premade options for you at the very bottom of this article.

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Blazer Looks for Women with a Skirt

Casual skirt with blazer looks for women
Skirt: Old Navy-Horizon thrift ~~ Blazer: Paparazzi~~ Shoes: Pashion Footwear-won in a giveaway ~~ Hat: Amazon ~~ Earrings: Pam Neri

It may not seem very creative to wear a blazer with a skirt since those are the items that create many of the suits we wear. Yet this orange skirt is what I would consider a very casual one. Why? Because it’s a knit material with a drawstring at the waist.

Yet that’s one of the secrets about making your closet bigger. Stop categorizing your clothing AND mix and match different styles.
Just because you know an item was made for casual days, doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with dressier or “professional” items.

Blazer and Dress

Woman over 50 showing blazer looks for women
Dress: Horizon thrift~~ Blazer: Paparazzi ~~ Shoes: Unisa~~ Necklace: Chicos ~~ Earrings: Kohls

Adding your blazer over a dress is super easy. Just think of the blazer as a structured cardigan and it can do double duty as a jacket too.

This dress is also a casual knit, just like the skirt in the first example, yet by adding the embroidered blazer, you change the overall vibe of the outfit.

Insider tip: Adding a blazer is also a great trick to bring a better color to your face. For example, if you had this yellow dress but the yellow tends to make you look sallow, then adding the blazer in a better color for you, fixes that.
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I also like a dress because it acts as a column of color with the blazer, yet you didn’t have to think about matching a top to your bottoms.
Then adding a long necklace is a perfect accessory for the look.

Super Dressy Skirt & Blazer

Blazer looks for women with a tulle skirt
Skirt: Ninexis ~~ Blazer: Paparazzi ~~ Shoes: Leila Rose-Payless

Even though most of us think of a blazer as work wear with a professional vibe, they can be incorporated into that dichotomy style instead.
By pairing it with a super dressy skirt, you’ve changed the overall feeling of the look and made it unique.

This tulle maxi skirt may seem like something you’d only wear to parties, but there’s just no reason not to wear it out to dinner also. Heck, I would pair it with a t-shirt and sneakers to go grocery shopping too.

This is when you could say, it’s business on top and a party on the bottom, LOL!

Casual Blazer Looks for Women

Keeping it casual with blazer looks for women over 50
Jeans: Express-preloved~~ Blazer: Paparazzi ~~ Shoes: Vivaia “Aria” ~~Scarf: Gibby’s Jodie20 for 20% off~~ Earrings: Audra Style c/o

The opposite extreme of pairing your embroidered blazer with a super dressy skirt would be to wear it with something you consider very casual. Like jeans. I went a step further and wore them with my most distressed pair of jeans.

I know many of you can’t imagine wearing distressed jeans. Heck, I was the same way until I started blogging. But I have to admit, you feel different in them. Like a little more edgy and fierce. It’s not for everyone, I understand.
But if you are thinking of trying a pair, you might want to start with a pair where the distressing is minimal and see what you think.

Insider tip: My “scarf” is actually one of my Gibby’s headband scarves. I decided to pull it down around my neck instead of wearing it on my head.

Shorts & Blazer

Embroidered blazer and shorts
Shorts: Just Black through Fashom~~ Blazer: Paparazzi ~~ Boots: Mix No6-DSW ~~ Necklace: thrifted~~ Earrings: AsknHave

Another very casual element to style for blazer looks for women would be shorts. You can see I even added in my combat boots to make it even edgier. I also think that cowboy boots would be a fun touch.

If you have trouble finding the inseam length you like for shorts, I have 2 suggestions:
1-Try out one of the online fashion boxes. These shorts are from Fashom (with my link you get $20) where you can request certain items and specify things like inseam lengths.
2-Buy a pair of pants or jeans and have them cut off to the length you want. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, have a seamstress do it for you. But with the raw hem detail, it is easy enough for anyone!!

How I DIYed This Embroidered Blazer

Now for the story of my age-old embroidered blazer. I was inspired by my friend, Sabra on Instagram when I saw her wearing this suit. In fact, my first response was to buy one like hers, but then I remembered this embroidered plaid jacket that I wore back when I was working.
I never could purge it because I always loved the design so much.

And I’ve worn it before when we were mixing prints as beginners.

Since I have a bunch of embroidery thread from my needlework days, I decided I would add color to the blazer by embroidering on top of the embroidery. Of course, this was very slow and tedious, even with the decision not to do every piece of all of the flowers (as you can see in the up-close photo).

Which made me change the course of action to use DIY fabric paint (found on Amazon) for the back and sleeves. I still didn’t paint all of the flowers and areas, but it sure made the process faster.

DIY alert: If you have a solid blazer, you could always use stencils (found on Amazon) to make your own embellished blazer.
Another option would be to sew on patches.
There are many ways to create your own unique blazer this way.

Finding Your Own Interesting Blazers

The best place to find your own one-of-a-kind blazers would be on Etsy and eBay. I searched for embroidered blazers and here are just a couple of options above.

1-Black with embroidery
2-Charcoal grey with roses
3-Brown grey with embroidery

I did find this exact same blazer in a couple of places if you love it.
1-In black on Etsy
2-The tan version in small on eBay.
3-Same blazer in medium
4-Another option would be to look at Poshmark under Paparazzi blazer.

5 ways to wear blazer looks for women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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