3 unusual brooch styling ideas

Unusual Brooch Styling Ideas with the Magnificent 8

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As another installation showcasing how style is truly ageless, the Magnificent 8 group came up with the idea of brooch styling ideas.

It’s not every day that we grab our brooches and add them to an outfit, and in hindsight, maybe it’s time we did. Because a brooch or pin is no different than a scarf in the fact it’s quite magical. It can serve so many jobs and be that “extra” piece that every outfit needs.

Quote of the day: “Do not fear mistakes, there are none.” Miles Davis

Now the idea of brooch styling ideas is definitely not new on this platform. In fact, I’ll link at the bottom of the post to many of our other ideas and styling tricks so you can get even more inspiration.
What I did laugh about is how all 3 of us decided to showcase our brooch styling ideas with dresses.

Yet I hope you realize that even our jeans and casual outfits are perfect for pulling out these small pieces of loveliness. Heck, I showcased a bunch of ways to wear them that look modern and hip.

Just like the quote above, there are no mistakes with any brooch styling ideas. Instead, think of them as a beautiful cherry on top.
I bet most of us have a brooch or two, and some of them might even be sentimental. Yet, we tend to forget to wear them, and leave them for “special days”. Since every day is a gift, I’m challenging you to pull one out every week, and pin it to anything!! And hopefully, you’ll get inspiration from us or the others in the Magnificent 8 group on brooch styling ideas.
Then make sure to share your look with me and I’ll share it on my social media sites!!

Brooch that is a pin and scarf holder

Charlotte’s Brooch Styling Ideas

My mother found this brooch in 1988 when she was in New Orleans for a courtier sewing workshop. It’s not your typical brooch of sparkle and rhinestones, but a more functional item. In fact, it’s really a two-in-one item because it’s a pin AND a scarf clip.
It’s the answer to that issue of I want to throw my scarf over my shoulder but it won’t stay put. Then again, you really could use any brooch to hold your scarf in place. It doesn’t have to be fabricated like this one.

Even though this design is not something I see often, I did find a similar one here. It’s not quite as bold, but it seems like the same idea. Then again if you find a brooch with multiple pieces to it, you might be able to make it work, like possibly this one.
And here is one that looks like a belt buckle and would be just as functional although I’m not 100% sure it’s a pin also.

My mom wore this brooch to hold the handknitted scarf I made her years ago. The scarf was made with ribbon yarn and creates a beautiful cascading design on the solid colored dress.
Let me point out that my mom made the dress, so the outfit is handmade in more than one respect.

Dress: Mom made it ~~ Boots: 9 West ~~ Scarf: I knitted it ~~ Earrings: Frannie & Elinor c/o ~~Brooch: story above

Wearing a brooch on a necklace

Brooch Styling Ideas with Necklaces

Lesley shared: “I have had this broach for about 30 years.  I bought it at a craft sale while I was still living in Carbondale, CO.  It is by a craftsman/woman named Lorelei.  I loved this piece because of the mix of materials.  Vintage earrings, pearls chains, and tiny interest pieces (a tiny doll size spoon).  Being that the brooch is a bit heavy, I have to wear it on a jacket, heavy sweater, blanket wrap, etc.  It is perfect as a pendant because of the weight.”
In fact, I turned it over so you could see how it really is a pin.

I love that Lesley basically created her own necklace design by adding the brooch to the 2 necklaces. In fact, I’ve done something similar with my pearl necklace here. It’s also very much like when Lesley attached a single gold clip earring to a grouping of necklaces in the past.
Adding extras to our necklaces is just another fabulous way to give that outfit some uniqueness and interest.

The gold accessories contrast beautifully against the black dress Lesley is wearing. She even went as far as to grab a vintage dresser scarf that she could use over her shoulders for more interest.

Dress: Amazon ~~ Shoes: Anne Klein ~~ Shawl: vintage dresser scarf

Scarf as a belt and brooch as the buckle

Jodie’s Brooch Styling Ideas

My yellow leaf brooch is one that was given to me by a wonderful friend. In fact, you have met her here on the blog when I twisted her arm to join us. And trust me, it was out of her comfort zone.
She gave me this brooch when her mother passed away because she thought I would put it to use more than she would.
And I have worn it many times. It’s such a lovely color, and it goes to show that brooches can last lifetimes.

I decided to make my brooch functional by using it to hold together a scarf at my waistline. Since the scarf is a small one, I’m having the brooch hold the ends together it then makes it act as the “belt buckle.”

This green dress has an interesting design in the middle portion, so you may think it would be strange to add a belt. However, since I’m all about the extras, I decided to add color this way would be wonderful.

In order to make the yellow look intentional, I wore my yellow booties (still available on Amazon) and found a yellow clutch. There’s also yellow in my multicolored earrings and bracelet.

Dress: Ellen Tracy-thrifted~~ Boots: Amazon (still available here)~~ Scarf: Gibby’s (use code Jodie20 for 20% off) ~~ Bracelet: Heartland Jewelry c/o~~ Earrings: Joanne Katherine~~Purse: thrifted

More Brooch Styling Ideas

In the past, we have shown all different clothing items that are wonderful backdrops for our brooches, along with the fact that you can pin more than one together.
I’ll give you the links so you can see how much fun we’ve had with our brooch styling ideas.
1-The classic place, on your top.
2Wearing it on your waist, yet still different than my example above.
3Adding it to one of your accessories. Yet none of us wore it on a necklace as Lesley did above.
4-Another time we used them on accessories, and Nancy wore it as Lesley did, but it still is a very different example.
5-Wearing brooches by your neck
6-Experimenting with wearing them on different pockets.

Magnificent 8

The Magnificent 8 is a collaboration among 8 stylish women, each in a different age bracket, ranging from their early 20’s to their early 80’s. The mission of this collaboration is to show you just how ageless style is, how we can each dress however we’d like, and in ways that make us feel fabulous. There are no age restrictions on style. So wear what you want, when you want, add a smile, and strut your style with confidence.

And be sure to check out all of these amazing women with brooch styling ideas!
But not every post goes live at the same time, so if it’s not up when you check them out, I hope that you will check back later!!! It’s hard when we are all in different time zones.

Magnificent 8
Brooch styling ideas

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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