Update on Summer Bucket List

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Summer Bucket list update

Summer Bucket List Update

It’s time for an update on my summer bucket list. For the first time ever this summer, I put together a bucket list of items to get done. This was an idea of some other bloggers who I joined in with for this project, and both my husband and I found it was a nice way to keep track of our summer. I wasn’t able to join the bloggers in updating this list monthly, so I’m showcasing it now. Besides, I’m more of a wait until the end kind of person.

Here was the original list, and I’ll show you what we finished below!


Entry Way

The first project on the home list was to remove the wall that was part of the entry way into our place. This started as a closet when we first moved in, but I’d had the doors removed to make it more open. While we were tackling this project, we came up with the idea to add in the small windows in the remaining wall. This helped make the area more open, and is truly my favorite part of it.

We also had to remove the tile that was in the entry way and add in more of the laminate that was throughout the rest of the first floor. Once we had the construction done, then we ended up changing the furniture in the area too. Doesn’t it seem like once you change one thing, everything needs to be moved?

Home Entry way before and after

Fireplace Tile

This fireplace tile was tan when we first moved in two years ago, so I painted it darker. Then when our neighbor moved in across the street and was a home project doer, we figured it was time to change it out. We kept with the same color scheme for the tile, but found one with various browns and golds. Now I don’t mind the gold trim on the fireplace itself. Since I was going to paint that trim black in the future, I figured I just reduced my work load by having this new tile put in.

Once the new tile was done, however, we didn’t like the clock above the fireplace because it seemed too busy. I’m still not happy with the decor above the fireplace, but it’s a work in progress. Again, it’s that same thought that once you change one thing….If you have some ideas on what I need above the fireplace, I’m all ears.

Fireplace tile before and after

Kitchen Back Splash

We actually had the back porch on our summer bucket list, but changed our mind on placing pavers. We love hanging out on the patio, but we didn’t have a chance to use it much this summer, so we switched gears. We’ve always wanted a kitchen back splash, and since our neighbor has all of the tools for this project, we took advantage of him.

My first choice of tile was one that was more white and clear. However, it wasn’t made well, so we had to return it. This tile is one that I love, although part of me thinks that it’s quite busy. We decided it’s like me. Very busy with lots of personality! Ha ha! I might like to paint the cabinets either a white or light grey in the future. What’s your opinion on that?

backsplash tile in kitchen



One of the wish list items I had on my summer was something gingham. This shirt below is one of my favorite that I bought from Boohoo! And it’s on major clearance if you think it’s fun too. I just wore it in our Fashionable Hats post just last week. The other gingham I picked up was while shopping at the thrift store, and you can see it on my Instagram feed!

fashionable hats for older women

I had also wanted to buy some more dresses, but I lucked out when my cousin gave me a bunch of her dresses that she wasn’t wearing anymore. One of them, got worn for a style challenge on Instagram! If you take the time to check it out, then please give it some love by clicking on the heart to the right of the photo. There are two photos in this link, so if you click on the side arrow inside the photo, you’ll see a better picture of the dress.

The last item I thought I needed in my summer list, was a pair of mules. Well imagine my surprise when I was looking in the back of my closet, and found a pair from over 10 years ago. I wore them earlier this week in our Blush and Olive Green post. So needless to say, I didn’t think that I needed to buy another pair just yet.


LA Party

We did head out to LA to meet up with the women of the Fierce 50 and had such a blast. Even my husband enjoyed himself tremendously. I wrote an entire post about the weekend, showcasing all of the women involved! The Facebook group has changed their name to include other ages so we can be inclusive not exclusive. Feel free to join us by requesting to join on Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution. There is a ton of inspiration within this group of women.

2 Cellos

Seeing a concert at Red Rocks is the perfect definition of summertime in Denver. We did make it to see 2 Cellos and they were amazing. Loud, but amazing.

Dental Reunion

And last on the update of the bucket list under Outings was our 25th dental school reunion. We ended up meeting at one woman’s house instead of going out for the event. But how wonderful to catch up with these people that I used to spend every single day with. Of course, not everyone made it, but about a quarter of us were there. Do we all look like dentists??


New Restaurant

Rob had been jonesing to try a local restaurant that had been getting quite a bit of acclaim in our area. The chef originates from his home town so, we thought it’d be perfect to go for Rob’s birthday celebration.  As you can see, much of my life gets documented on Instagram.

Ice Cream

We ended up making blueberry ice cream this summer. The recipe called to blend up the fruit as a puree, but my husband wanted to leave some of the blueberries whole (not including the ones on top—that was just for decoration). However, the problem with that was when they were frozen, they are hard to eat. So let’s just say, that was a lesson learned. Puree the fruit when making ice cream.

Blueberry ice cream


This is the one item on my summer bucket list that didn’t get accomplished. At least for the kind of picnic, that both Rob and I were imagining, where you take a picnic basket and go eat on the ground. We just never got around to that. But we did join Nancy, (the 60+ model) on a picnic put on by her financial adviser. The best thing? There was an ice cream food truck that came and let us try their ice cream as part of the celebration.


I have been diligently working on my Elite Blogging Academy classes, although I’m certainly not finished yet. One of these days, I would also love to venture out to a blogging convention. If any of you have been to one that you think is worthwhile, I’d love to hear about it.


I did finish the knitting project that will be the gift for my book club holiday party. I can’t post the photo of it yet, since it’ll be a surprise. But keep following me along, and I’m sure you’ll see it on Instagram at the party in December!

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know.

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