Using Charlotte’s Imagination to Copy Her Style with Liz

Using Charlotte’s Imagination to Copy Her Style with Liz

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Copy her style with Closet Play Images

Using Charlotte’s Imagination to Copy Her Style with Liz

Our series this week is to copy her style, with the “her” being Liz from Closet Play Image. We recently showcased how you could take a high end magazine photo and find many ways to be inspired by it for your closet. Now we are focusing on a “real woman” who happens to be a stylist.
Lesley started off showing a more casual outfit, while Charlotte chose a skirt ensemble. These fun photos were taken from Liz’s Instagram page with her permission. Including the one I copied two different ways.

Quote of the day: “We become what we think about most of the time, and that’s the strangest secret.” Earl Nightingale

In my opinion, I hear women say, I like that on you, but I couldn’t wear it. YET, if we continue to think that, it will be true because our thoughts are powerful. I’d like to think that we can wear basically anything. Sure, a little alteration here or tuck there can make an outfit better, but those are the details.
To me the big picture involves being able to copy her style for ANYONE!! Who’s with me??

I’ll also explore some options of how you can copy her style for either Charlotte’s look or Liz’s outfit at the end of this post. This is the easiest way to find new combinations for the clothes we already have in our closet.

Charlotte and Liz for Copy Her Style

Skirt: Indira~~Sweater: JM Collections~~ Dickey: ~~ Boots: Style & Co~~ Earrings: Audra Style c/o

In Charlotte’s words: “I chose this outfit as inspiration because Liz is wearing a midi long skirt and I have several. Also the v-neck sweater is something I have. Yet my colors are very different.”

Just like with Lesley’s copy her style post, Charlotte got inspiration with the pieces themselves, and changed up the colors to make it work for her closet.
One of the things I love about my mom’s outfit is how she took a more “springy” skirt (because it’s floral and lightweight) and made it work for a chillier day. I think this is so smart since many of our spring days aren’t as warm as we think they should be.

V-neck sweater and layered over a blouse

Ideas for a Too Big Sweater

In my post about purging in a more sustainable way, I gave some ideas of how to style items that have a size issue. When clothing is too big, it’s usually easy to have it altered smaller or layer under it. Yet leave it to my mother to find a way to shrink it controllably. Beware though, this isn’t an exact science.

This sweater seemed a tad large when Charlotte tried it on before these photos. Since it’s 100% cotton, she wondered if she could shrink it. Now you know if you’ve ever shrunk something accidentally, it’s a rude awakening to pull it out of the wash and have it be kid’s size.
Yet if you know you want to shrink it, then do it like my mom did. Measure it BEFORE you put it in the washer. After the cold water wash, measure it again. In the case of this yellow sweater, it was the same size.
Now put it in the dryer for a short time and continue to measure it until it’s at the measurement you want.

BTW, as a knitter, your wool/angora/alpaca natural fibers will shrink in the wash because of the agitation. It will shrink more so in hot water. Most cotton fibers will stretch when wet, so the cotton tends to shrink more in the dryer.


I had to laugh when my mom wore her Audra Style earrings for this outfit just like Lesley did. It goes to show the multiple colors for this particular style (and there are many, many more). Again, these are called Stud Muffin, and it’s a good option if you like smaller earrings yet still want a little boldness and whimsey.
No mom, you do not need those owl earrings below!!

Charlotte is also layering 2 bracelets. I think layering bracelets is much easier than layering necklaces, so if you haven’t done it yet, I challenge you to do it sometime this week. Many bracelets are quite thin and small, so no one else really notices them. When you layer a couple together, it stands out better.

Insider tip: Many bracelets come layered already. But you can save money by creating this same look yourself with what you already have.

I’d also like to point out that my mom is wearing a dickey. It’s basically like the half tees (code Jtouch20) that I’ve been promoting with the idea to cover some areas but not have a lot of bulk in the midrift area. My mom likes a collar or something covering her décolletage area many days even though hers is so pretty.
Using another shirt this way (or dickey) is a trick to bring more texture or different colors to the outfit.

Pleated skirt and boots
Boots with a summery skirt

Navy Boots

I was just having a conversation about navy boots the other day. It’s not a color you see very often at the stores, but I think it can be more versatile than you think. They say that over 60% of people say blue is their favorite color, so why wouldn’t you have blue boots? Plus they would go with your jeans so easily.

Insider tip: If you can’t find a style of navy boots that you like, think about having them dyed. In the past my mom bought a pair of light grey boots and had them professionally dyed at the shoe repair store. The only reason she doesn’t have them now is she purged them thinking that she wouldn’t need boots living in Arizona, LOL!

Sweater and pleated skirt

Other Ways to Copy Her Style

Whether you get inspiration from Charlotte’s look or LIz’s outfit, you can switch up many things and still have it stem from either of these looks. Here’s a couple of ideas:

1-You can think about the colors. Liz teams up a forest green skirt with neutrals and animal prints. Charlotte chose a blue floral print skirt with a contrasting yellow sweater.
2-How about that scarf that Liz is wearing on the front of her skirt? She said she tied it through the belt buckle of her skirt. But if you don’t have a belt on your skirt, or don’t want to wear a belt, you could safety pin it on.
3-Both outfits show how easy it is to wear either ankle boots or knee high boots with a midi skirt.
4-You could fill in the v-neck of a sweater with either a blouse or necklace.

Copy her style for Jodie's Touch of Style

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