Using Color Analysis for Grey Hair Women

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Blue tunic with capris

Using Color Analysis for Grey Hair Women

I love how Jen’s Your Color Style has the availability of color analysis for grey hair women too. Not only does our hair color change over time, but our complexion can be different as we continue our life journey.

Quote of the day: “No man ever yet became great by imitation.” Samuel Johnson

This quote really makes me stop and think. I feel like as I’ve gotten older, I do want to look more unique and myself. Whereas as a younger women, it was all about wearing what other girls wore. And that’s where finding our better colors can be so helpful. Just because I’m wearing a fun color, doesn’t mean it’ll look the same on you. It may, or it may not.

That’s where it’s nice to have the three of us because we are all a little different. We determined Charlotte is a bright and warm coloring. While both Charlotte and Nancy have natural color hair, my mom’s is more white, while Nancy’s is more silver. I found I have a warm complexion like my mother. And then I compared a couple of online color analysis systems in detail.

Styling bright blue tunic

Nancy’s Wearing

Capri Pants: Casual Corner ~~ Tunic: Ruby Rd from Anthony’s c/o ~~ Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target ~~Necklace: ~~Earrings: ~~Purse: Cammiehill-thrifted

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Nancy’s Color Analysis for Grey Hair

The color cards in the style kit showcased Nancy as a Bright and Cool coloring. There are different ranges for these guides and it seems like Nancy falls in the light category and medium category.

This color blue certainly seems to be wonderful on her. These photos were shot at a really neat exhibit at our local botanic gardens, so the shadowing and lighting may not be perfect. Keep your eyes peeled though. You’ll be able to see more of this wonderful display of twigs later this week.

Summer outfit for older woman

Blue Tunic

I think tunics are associated more with leggings in the winter months. Yet this tunic is lightweight and a great color for the warmer times. Nancy got this one from our collaboration with Anthony’s last year. You can see it with longer pants in that post.

As I was looking through all of our photos from blog posts, I see Nancy’s always worn this tunic with white pants. Not that it’s bad, but I do think this color would look great even with black, grey or tan. In fact, Nancy has a raspberry pencil skirt that could also be a great combination.

Red, white and blue for any day


Every year there seems to be controversy about capris and whether they are flattering. Since all three of us have some, we have shown them often on this blog. And I think it’s like any style. There are going to be silhouettes that work better for your body than other silhouettes.

Nancy was sharing with me that capris are what she prefers to wear when it gets warm outside. Before I started blogging, I got out of the habit of wearing shorts because I didn’t think they were professional. At that time, I was wearing skirts instead. This is why I don’t understand why capris are called unflattering. In my head, they hit on our legs where most skirts end. So what’s the difference?

Bright blue for a cool complexion woman

Red Accessories

This red necklace and matching earrings were a wonderful buy at a boutique many years ago. Having bright color accessories are the perfect way to add pizzazz to any outfit.

Just think if Nancy went the matching route and wore a bright blue necklace. You wouldn’t notice it at all because it would all blend together. It’s like the examples I showcased last winter when we all wore the same necklace with different colors.

So if you don’t have any bright accessories, I think Chico’s is one of those places that has so many fabulous options. And if you sign up for their emails, you can get notices of all their great sales. Or follow me on FB because I will occasionally repost the sale codes.

Using color analysis for grey hair

Purse & Shoes

It’s usually my mom and I that are matching on a photo shoot. But this week it’s Nancy and my mom with their red shoes. Nancy’s had these sandals for at least 4 years now since they are the same ones she wore in our red sandals post.

If you have footwear in a fun color, it might make you feel better about wearing them if you have a matching purse. NOT that your footwear and purse have to match.

Red pops in purse and shoes

Nancy and Colors

Nancy’s favorite color is a rosy pink. It all started when she was modeling a dress when she was a young girl. She wore a pink dress at the event and everyone commented on how that color looked so good on her.

While Nancy’s become quite the fashionista now, she likes to warn you that it hasn’t always been the case. Growing up her mom had no interest in clothes and style. So it wasn’t something on her radar until I came along.

Even now, she was saying that figuring out her best colors is still a learning process. And I feel the same way. Until you study something over and over, it’s not the easiest to know.

Color analysis for grey hair woman

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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