Using Color Wardrobe Analysis for an Outfit

Adding in a third color to an outfit

Using Color Wardrobe Analysis for an Outfit

Using color wardrobe analysis is certainly a great way to make sure that you wear the colors that look best on you daily. I have to admit, I didn’t subscribe to this theory for the longest time. But now that my closet is mostly full of these colors, everything seems to go better together.

Quote of the day: “See everything, overlook a lot, correct a little.” Pope John XXIII

This quote reminds me that we need to give one another grace. I feel like that’s one of my life lessons I’ve had to learn. And one of the things I heard Jen from Your Color Style say is it’s good to know the colors that look best with your complexion, but if you like a color….wear it!

Using color wardrobe analysis for your outfit

Jodie’s Wearing

Jeans: Chicos…the No Stain ones~~ Top: Michael Kors-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~Earrings: ~~ Bracelet: Boho Betty~~Hat: San Diego Hat Co~~Purse:

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My Online Color Analysis

I guess it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that my mom and I are very alike in our coloring group. We are both bright and warm although because I don’t have all white hair yet, I tend to be grouped in the medium instead of light. And then Nancy is a cool complexion yet some of her colors overlap with ours. You can also check out my comparison of two online color analysis methods.

In fact, I tend to gravitate towards even the darker colors whether that’s the best for me or not. See the quote above again…ha ha!

It hasn’t be easy for me to give away the colors that don’t complement me because I like them all. Yet I have tried hard to only purchase new things that fall into my “good” colors. I think taking Jen’s online class has been beneficial. Instead of just trying to memorize my colors, it’s been helpful to learn about the ideas. More about that in the next post.

Color wardrobe analysis for a warm complexion

Pink Top

A good friend was cleaning out her closet and gave me this top. I just love the color and wore it recently for our thrifting challenge on Instagram only with black pants.

It’s one of those items that I can see why she decided to give it away. It’s cut a little low in the front, so I added my Mod Loops band for coverage. I bought this Mod Loops piece when they used to be featured at my local boutique. And I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them more in AZ since they aren’t as much coverage as a cami.

Hat days

White Jeans

These are my Chico’s No Stain white jeans again. They certainly aren’t inexpensive, but I used one of my 50% off coupons that Chico’s generously sends out from time to time, and that made them a better deal for me. If you are interested, I tested them out with water, wine and even soy sauce.

I read that these jeans are stain repellent for up to 20 washes, so I’ve been trying not to throw them in the wash as often as I usually do. Instead I just rolled up the cuffs this time as compared to the last post when they were down.

Online prescription sunnies

Adding in a Third Color

After my friend, Laurel, told me that a touch of turquoise goes with everything, I decided to take her advice. I carried my turquoise purse, added in a turquoise bracelet and my turquoise stud earrings.

I have longer earrings, but thought I’d stick with smaller ones today. Minimalism isn’t my motto, yet I have been trying to analyze the whole picture lately. And my thinking was that there was a lot going on with the bling on the top and my hat.

Color wardrobe analysis for women over 50

These Shoes

Maybe you are tired of hearing about my love for Walking Cradles shoes? I now have so many of their shoes from ones I’ve purchased to ones I’ve earned. And when I say earned, I mean like these which are the pair I was gifted for being a model in their Shoe Stravaganza!

Just like my jeans, they aren’t always inexpensive shoes. Yet finding ones that fit feet from size 4-13 along with slim to wide wide isn’t always easy. Besides, there are ways to save money with this brand. One, my discount code is still available for another couple of days. Use Style15 to get 15% off. Two, sign up for their emails because there are times they have flash sales. And three, you can win a free pair too.

After you have your pair of Walking Cradles, you’ll realize why I’m so gaga over them.

Walking Cradle shoes for summer

The Hat

Since we were hanging out outside for the day, I grabbed my straw hat. I bought this hat years ago when Rob and I went on a Mediterranean cruise. It’s one of those packable ones that is easy to stick in your suitcase.

Just a few years ago, I decide to decorate the hat with pom poms. Deep down inside, I adore DIY projects. Not that I take the time to do many of them. But I want to! And this one was a snap. I just glue gunned the pom poms on the band and they’ve stayed wonderfully.

Bright pink and white for summer

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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