Why Using the Internet is an Educational Experience

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Why Using the Internet is an Educational Experience

In the technological world today, you can find information on roughly everything on the computer.  But do you take advantage of all it has to offer?  Of course there is bad and incorrect information on the internet; however, there is also good and factual material at the palm of your hand!  The reason I bring this up is I once said to my step mom, “Nancy, you can google anything!”  And weeks later she told me how enlightening that statement was to her, as she ended up doing just that for how to cook a rib eye steak!

I truly did it today, as I stood here at the computer and saw my iphone screen was blank.  Even when I tried the home button and to turn it off, there was only blackness.  But I could hear it was working when I hit the sound off switch.  Besides I had just used it to call someone!!  So I started typing in “my iphone screen” into the search engine and low and behold it filled in “is black” for me!  Then I researched and followed what others had done in this instance and the screen can back to life!  What a fabulous tool!
My advice for using what you find on the internet is twofold:  1-Look for reliable sources and 2-Read more than one opinion on the topic!  Remember anyone can put instructions on the internet….it doesn’t have to be accurate!  And if you are buying a product or service, read the reviews from others—I rarely trust a hotel that doesn’t have any bad reviews since it’s impossible to please everyone!  But I do take into account what is said.

Good uses for the internet for information:

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1-How-tos: Helpful to fix many things especially if you can’t find the owner’s manual.  There are many “how-to” videos at your disposal on www.youtube.com!  We have used it for replacing our sump pump, altering the sleeves on a blazer, and how to clean out our Keurig machine.

2-Recipes:  There is a considerable amount of cooking instructions and recipes online.  I tend to trust the food networkthe cooking channel, and recipes from cooking magazines since they have been tested and retested!

3-Medical info:  Being a medical practitioner, I realize this topic online can be overwhelming and the results so different for each individual.  However, I always appreciated it when patients had researched a topic in question.  One relatively good site is webmd.com.

4-Traveling and Entertainment venues:  This is why many travel agents have lost their jobs.  It’s so easy to compare prices for airlines, hotels as well as find tours, restaurants and entertaining things to do!

5-Shopping: How great it is to get things delivered to your door and try on clothes in your own home!  Many clothing sites have a size chart for their items in order to help with fit.  It is important to check return policies.

And the list goes on and on!  Just remember, if you’re thinking “What do I do about this?” —use the internet as one of your resources!!!

I would love to hear your great tips on how you use the internet?


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