Using Scarf Charms and Rings and Other Shiny Things

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Women with scarf tricks and tips

Using Scarf Charms and Rings and Other Shiny Things

Using scarf charms and rings can be an easy way to help with how to wear your scarf. One of the most common comments I hear is how women have scarves but don’t know how to style them. Don’t get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. Just try some of these fun ideas. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway below in the Lilla Rose Hair Clips section.

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Truthfully it’s only since retirement have I really enjoyed the possibilities about wearing scarves. Sure, I had them when I was working, and wore them every once in a while. Yet, part of me thought them too “old ladyish” and too confusing.
What changed my mind? One event was a patient who came in towards the end of my career wearing a lovely scarf which really made me think of how the piece could create such elegance. The other factor was taking the time to play with my scarves. AND not when I was in a hurry trying to wear them. That was frustrating.

I say the same thing over and over about almost everything. The more you do something, the easier it gets. And playing with your scarf is no different.
So join us below with a couple of fun ways to tie your scarf along with interesting scarf charms and rings to discover.

Getting Creative with Scarves

Lesley, Mary Katherine and I all wore some scarves creatively this week. If you didn’t believe that Lesley’s “belt” was an infinity scarf, I have the photo to prove it above.

Lesley has also been charmed by a fun way to “braid” your scarf. This trick takes a long scarf and makes it look like a necklace. I think it’s especially useful if you don’t want a ton of material overwhelming your body, yet you like the scarf. When you wear the scarf this way it creates the focal point around your neck and to your face which is always a good thing.
I even put together a short YouTube video on how to create this look and which scarf to use.

Insider tip: You know those self belts that come with many dresses? They can be used as a scarf. Many times I’ve kept the “belt” when I’ve gotten rid of the dress and put it in my scarf collection.

Lilla Rose Hair Clips

Versatility should be my middle name (along with colorful). It tickles my fancy to get creative with our clothing and accessories to make them work double duty. How about using hair clips as a scarf charm? This idea was the brain child of Laurie of Lilla Rose who I’ve worked with before on the blog. The last time, Charlotte, Nancy and I showcased headbands and the bobbies.

Truth be told, I would NEVER have considered buying Lilla Rose’s flexiclips since my hair is shorter now. Yet when Laurie suggested the idea of using them with a scarf for bling and function, I thought the concept was brilliant. How is it that I never thought of that? Yet look how fabulously they work with all three of our different scarves. 

Let me touch upon some details of the Lilla Rose Flexi Clips. You will love to hear Laurie’s take on the product, ” The product that I fell in love with and caused me to become a consultant was the Flexi-Clip. It is a patented, one-piece, flexible hair clip (string on piano wire) with an attached pin and it works in all types of hair, from baby-fine to extra-long and thick. It comes in 7 sizes, and enables you to do a variety of quick & easy hairstyles, from a simple half-up to a full French Twist!  Size is determined by how much hair (or fabric) you want to hold. 
Flexi clips work on tension INSIDE the clip, so many people who normally get headaches from putting their hair up can wear these because they don’t pull on your scalp.  The Flexi clip really is a life-saver for busy women like me, because you can do your hair beautifully in only seconds and be ready for the day!  I wish I had found these when my kids were small…I wouldn’t have looked like I forgot to brush my hair every. single. day!

Laurie of Lilla Rose

It’s always nice to know more about the person behind the company. Laurie gave me this synopsis of herself, “I am an empty nester mom of three 2 legged kids and three 4 legged kids (an Aussie, a Boston, and a quarter horse)  Besides spending time with my adult kids, I enjoy running an Airbnb, reading, interior design, gardening, cooking for friends and family, riding & training my horse, and helping my hubby run his business.  I also love being an independent stylist with Lilla Rose and have been with the company for almost three years. They make pretty, well-made, unique hair clips, bobby pins, hair bands, sticks, and other hair accessories.”

As for the company itself, “Lilla Rose, Inc. began when a California dad created some hand beaded hair jewelry for his daughters.  He called them flexi clips and got a patent for his design.  People loved them and he began to sell them at fairs and festivals.  The business quickly outgrew his garage and now has a home office in La Habra, CA with over 11,000 consultants nationwide.  Our consultants are free to sell in the environment that most suits them…parties, vendor events, online, and through social media.” For more information about the business opportunity, you can visit Laurie’s website.


Laurie picked the winner of the scarf and Lilla Rose flexi clip and congrats to Deb Brower.
I hope you’ll check out the Lila Rose site for other fabulous items too. Remember, they work wonderfully as gifts also. 

Scarf Charms and Rings & Other Shiny Things

As you can see by the collection above, both Charlotte and I have a menagerie of scarf charms and rings. As a public service to you all, I even created a You Tube video showcasing how many of these work. Truth be known, not all of these are “really” scarf claps. I have a feeling that the black, spiral one is just a decoration I picked up at Hobby Lobby or some such store.
The fact is you can get creative with many of the objects you might already have in your household and use them for tying your scarves. For those of you who can’t find anything to work, I’ll also link to items below.

Insider tip: Just like I talked about raiding the men’s accessories for your own purpose with a pocket square from this post, other men’s items can be used too. For example that Ohio shaped, wood item in the upper right photo is actually one of my father’s tie clips!

Join me on my YouTube video to see a variety of these scarf clips in action.

Wearing scarves to minimize a larger chest

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


Laurie from Lila Rose gifted all three of the clips we showcased in the Lila Rose Hair Clip section and I was paid a partial sponsored post fee. She is also hosting the giveaway. Like I always say with any kind of sponsored posts, I appreciate it when small companies support my blog, and they appreciate your support. It’s truly a win/win for everyone.


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