Using Scrap Fabric for Different Items

Using scrap fabric for different clothing items

Using Scrap Fabric for Different Items

Quote of the day: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward

This week is not going to be about fashion trends or styles that you can get from your own closet. Instead we are going to highlight my mother’s creativity and give her the kudos she deserves.

You were able to get a little more information about the three of us last week in the behind the scenes post. But what I didn’t touch on, is our talents and skills. If you’ve only started reading this blog, then you might not realize that my mother, Charlotte, is a professional seamstress and absolutely loves creating her own clothing. So much so, that many of her friends will give her material that they’ve had in their basements or storage. Because these friends realize that my mom will actually use the material.

Using scrap fabric as sewing skills

For this post, we will concentrate on this bright pink, mohair material that was gifted to my mom from one of her friends. Of course my mom started off by making herself something. After that, she is a pro at using the scrap fabric leftovers for other items. That’s how we all have something in this material.

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit: Let me start out with my mom’s outfit for this series.

Her friend gifted my mom this plaid, mohair material along with the reddish, ultra suede material that she crafted into the dress under the coat. I know my mom usually wears the two pieces together, but I really think they would work fabulously with many other items too.

Since it still pretty cold outside, my mom added a ivory fur scarf to the outfit along with matching red gloves. The faux fur trend is still going strong and I don’t expect it to quit next year. And this is the time of winter sales, so check out this fur scarf or this leopard one if you need some extras.

Using scrap fabric hand sewn for a woman

I had my mom take the scarf off, so you can see the ultra suede dress underneath. The pretty “pin” is actually the zipper pull that my mom used for her dress.

She also layered the dress over a white turtleneck for warmth. If you’re anything like us, here is Denver, we have learned to layer like a pro. Many times, I layer invisibly with a thin shirt that won’t show in the outfit. But you can also choose a piece that sticks out and adds another color or print to the mix. The turtlenecks are another item that can be snatched up in the winter sales, just like this one.

Using scrap fabric from a seamstress

Let’s talk about my mom’s tights.

My mom is the queen of matching tights, and probably has a pair in every color. But many of the times, you don’t always see the tights when your dress and boots meet up. That’s why I wanted my mom to pull up her dress a little. These tights have a subtle print on them, that I consider fun.

Different color or patterned tights may seem too “young” but if there’s one thing I’ve learned lately, it’s that “young” is a state of mind. But if you are just starting out, then try the subtle prints first, or neutral colored tights.

Using scrap fabric with print tights

I also want to point out that my mom grabbed her navy boots for this outfit. I know she used to wear her red boots with this outfit, and I’ve twisted her arm to try some other options. Her grey boots also look great with it, as well as these navy ones. The secret behind these boots, is they were originally grey and my mom had them dyed. It’s a great way to get the color you want if you can’t find it at the stores.

Using scrap fabric started as a long coat

Dress: My mom made it (similar here)~~Jacket: My mom made it similar here)~~Boots: (similar here)~~Scarf: (similar here)~~Gloves: (similar here)

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit:  Even after making herself the long coat, there was quite a bit of material remaining. So my mom asked if I’d like a short jacket.

How could I say no? First I love the color, and then the material is so pretty too. I have worn this jacket on the blog before almost two years ago (and many times in real life too). In the lighting of the older post, it’s interesting to see how the mohair looks like it’s been electrified.

Using scrap fabric as my jacket for a winter outfit

I wanted to layer this jacket under a vest to try to give the jacket a different look like we did earlier this winter. The faux fur vests are also still on trend and definitely work for all of us. I know many of us don’t think to venture into the “younger” stores for our clothing, but these can be the best places to try out the trends for less money. Then if you like the item, you can certainly get a quality one.

Of course I had to add some bling to the vest in the form of a brooch. I feel like I’ve been remiss in wearing brooches lately and I’m not sure why. The three of us have styled them on the blog many times in the past. And I love them, but I haven’t been wearing them much.

Using scrap fabric as my jacket under a vest

Not purposely, but I styled the opposite color scheme on the bottom half.

My mom chose the color navy to go with this material, and I picked a light blue. Since I don’t have light blue boots, I thought my light grey boots would work nicely. Boots are another item that can be on sale right now. For example this pair and this pair are under $50 yet will work into the spring since they are light colored.

I know there are many times you’ll see rules on how to wear your jeans with your ankle boots. This is one time that I could have cuffed my jeans up to show off the boots better, or left them as is. I think those are the two most popular ways, because unless you are wearing leggings, there’s usually too much material to tuck your jeans into your ankle boots.

Using scrap fabric with a casual outfit

The other item I vacillated about was my purse. I’ve admitted that I never used to change my purse to match my outfit before blogging. But glory be! Now, I’ve found another way to add in fun colors and prints to many an outfit. This time, I kept it subtle with a light blue purse to match the jeans. I figured, I’d try to let the jacket take center stage.

Using scrap fabric for a jacket

Jeans: (similar here)~~Vest: from thredUp c/o (similar here)~~Jacket: my mom made it (similar here)~~Boots: from Soft Surroundings c/o (similar here)~~Brooch: (similar here)~~Earrings: from Happiness Boutique c/o (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Since using scrap fabric is one of my mom’s superpowers, she couldn’t stop with our two jackets. Because there was still fabric leftover.

That’s when she made Nancy a hat and purse. Nancy’s worn both of these items on the blog before. The purse was showcased when we talked about one way to mix prints. The hat was much more recently when we tried to add some color to our solid color winter coats.

Using scrap fabric for the leftovers

I love how Nancy decided to have both of these pieces be the pop of color in her outfit. Sure, she added some purple in the mix which ties in with the material. However, the pink items really steal the show.

Does anyone else think it’s interesting how when Nancy wears purple with the pink plaid, you notice that purple stripe easily. Yet when my mom was wearing her navy boots, it still looked great even though navy isn’t in the print. That’s why I think we don’t need to stress over “matching” that much. The neutral colors especially really go with so much.

Using scrap fabric sewn into a hat

You can see in this close up of the purse below, the two materials from my mom’s outfit combined.

My mom even added in some sparkle and bling in the form of a row of beading. I know most of us think of sparkle and shine as for dress up only, but that’s one of the rules that is being thrown away. If you have a “dressy” purse like this one, you should wear it whenever you want. Why not add a little fun to an ordinary day?

Using scrap fabric sewn into a purse

The other item that Nancy wore is her maxi skirt. I think the vest works great with it. The three of us tried to style the maxi skirts for winter last year. It was a hit or miss with the ideas I came up with, and I have it in the queue to try again. I always feel like I learn a lot from my styling misses and I received some great ideas from readers.

One of my rationales for thinking a maxi could be so perfect in the winter is you can layer under them easily. This could be another fun time to wear colorful or print tights especially when there’s a slit up the side of the skirt. The dark florals would seem perfect for this time of year along with the greys.

Using scrap fabric made into a hat and purse

Skirt: Old Navy (similar here)~~Vest: (similar here)~~Sweater: (similar here)~~Shoes: (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Hat: Mom made it (similar here)~~Purse: Mom made it (similar here)

Using scrap fabric for clothing

Using scrap fabric for multiple items

Funny story about these photos. We are driving along, and I notice this cool train caboose on the side of the road, and tell Rob to pull over. When we get out to take the photos, we realize that the cool caboose and murals belong to a pot shop. Well, it is legal here in Colorado. And they seem to have some fabulous painted walls, so we took our photos here. Now am I a good daughter or what, taking my mom’s to a pot shop?

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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And just in case this post about using the scrap fabric for this pink plaid has you yearning for something in this kind of print:

  • Oh wow, how very clever and very creative !!!! ROcking it.

    • Thanks Lorena!! My mom is quite the amazing woman!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    Your mom is so amazing! That material is so pretty. I have often wished for days when I could sew like my mom used to, but life is so busy. For the time being, at least, I just have to admire what other people like your mom are making. So fun! – Amy

    • I totally know what you mean, Amy!! And it’s somewhat easier now that you can basically learn everything off You Tube…but it’s the time factor!!
      Thanks Amy!!

  • Absolutely pretty! Loving the cozy and colorful outfits. My fave piece would be the white fau fux vest. It’s so chic and really versatile.

    Jessica |

  • First off…if weed was legal in PA I’d take outfit shots in front of the pot shop…lol! That is a gorgeous mural and perfect for pictures. More importantly, omg…you are right…your mom and I are twinsies! That is so cool because I’ve never seen anything even close to the print/look of my vintage coat. I love it! And I love that she made so many beautiful pieces from the fabric.

    • Well, you’ll be seeing more murals that happen to be in front of pot shops…it’s now become a family joke. But they are fabulous, so why not??

  • You all look so fabulous with your outfits. Who would have thought some of it are from scrap fabric? It is interesting you took these pictures from a pot shop.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

    • Thanks Katya!! My mom is amazing with leftover fabric, and the pot shop is going to be a family joke now!!

  • Oh now that I didn’t know! But it makes perfect sense that your mom is a professional seamstress. Very cool! And she did another fabulous job with tying this fabric all together. I LOVE her coat with it!


  • Mes Voyages à Paris

    Just love it!! That fabric looks amazing !!! wonderful pics!!
    Mónica Sors

  • Oh wow, your mom is not only beautiful but also a thrifty creative queen. How beautiful and stylish you all three in these matchy and gorgeous look. I’m in love with your mom’s coat. She looks like a Doll.
    Have you Great day dear 😍

    • Thanks so much Rakhshanda!! My mom is quite amazing, and will absolutely love to read your comment. It will just make her day!!

  • I’m lovin all the colors in this outfit.
    Look so chic!

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  • Just reread this. A pot shop, hysterical. A great background, who’d have thunk !

    • Hilarious, right? And we found another great one next week!! They are all over!!

  • Dearest Jodie,
    I really enjoyed this post and found it so moving and inspiring! It is a real talent to be able to sew and create beautiful things. How wonderful that your mom created such beautiful clothing from that gorgeous mohair plaid.
    I love the red suede lining and how she make a beautiful bag and cropped jacket for you.

    I used to do mosaic work with dishes. When people used to break a dish by accident they would leave them with me and I would turn it into a Clock or a dresser or a Lazy Susan. I understand how satisfying it is to use things that are discarded and then to create something lovely from it.
    I love the red suede lining and how she make a beautiful bag and cropped jacket for you!

    You get your creative skill from your lovely mother and you three, look like valentines days beauties.


    • You totally have that creative eye and mind, Elle. Especially the ability to take those broken items and make them into art!! That’s so amazing!! You need to show us some photos of those….I would love to see them!!
      Thanks for the lovely, lovely comment!
      My mom is just reveling in all of them!!

  • I always have loved the idea of making the use of scrap fabric, I even keep the scrap fabric left after getting my clothes fitted! I guess I ingrained this from my mother! And my God this post has given me more ideas how I can use scrap fabrics!
    I absolutely LOVE the matchy outfits you all are sporting, it looks sooo adorable and cute 🙂
    Hope you’re having a lovely Valentine’s week <3

    • That’s so fabulous to hear that you do this too, Ankita!!
      I can’t wait to see the lovely things you create!!

  • I am in AWE of all of the pieces your mom did. So beautiful and I love all of the little details and things she made!

    • Thanks so much Laura!!
      She does have sewing skills deluxe!!

  • Theresa Campbell

    Wow. Your mom is one talented lady. But while I’m admiring these gorgeous colorful pieces I can’t help but think the fabric looks like vintage mohair, perhaps from around the 50s/60s? It looks so much like the coats I’ve seen from that era. Super fabulous. And the colors are gorgeous. And who says colorful tights are too young? Don’t pay any attention to that at all. I see no problem whatsoever that your Mom opts for colorful tights. They look splendid on her. And I totally admire her fashion sense, fun spirit and creativity.

    • You could be absolutely right about this mohair Theresa….considering her friend probably had it for a long time, it wouldn’t surprise me!!
      Thanks for the love to my mom and her talents…she is quite amazing!!

  • Nina Nguyen
    • Thanks so much Nina!!
      I love that she still enjoys doing this so much!!

  • Your mum is so talented! I love the fabric of the coat and I love that she made you all a little piece too.

    Gemma x

    • Isn’t she so great?? I love that she’s willing to make things for Nancy and myself too!!

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    WOW!! Super power indeed! My mom was that way too….she could use every square inch of fabric to come up with something. I admit that when I was learning how to sew, I thought to myself, why am I learning to sew when my mom does is so much better than I do?? I think our moms share a super power held by few.
    Blessings and love the fabric!!
    Bev xo

    • It’s like you’re in my head Bev….I never felt the need to learn to sew because my mom could do it for me. Luckily, I’ve at least learned to alter most of my things now because it’s a skill well needed when you’re as short as I am.
      I think that’s why I knit instead….it’s a different creative outlet, so that mom and I aren’t really competing??

  • I love this mohair material and your Mum is so talented.
    I love all the pieces she created, especially the long coat.
    Julia x

    • It is quite a talent my mom has, Julia!! And I finally realize how lucky I am to have her make me clothing—funny, how I hated it as a teenager…LOL!!

  • Your mom is quite the seamstress, I love it! And great ideas repurposing that leftover fabric for some fun new pieces!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • Rin Handika Utari

    Wow your mom looks so cool and stylish! Love all the outfit!

  • Mother Daughter

    This sounds so much like the women in my family we all sew. My mother, grandmothers and aunts never let a bit of fabric go to waste. We had plenty of quilts made with the last few squares of a piece of fabric. Great post Jodie brought back some good memories.

    • Oh, I’d so love to see some of your creations, Victoria…you should write a post on it!!!

  • Brigid Gallagher

    I can see why you all love this fabric. It is such a lovely colour combination. All your outfits look great. I particularly love the dress and coat. Your mum is a marvel. xx

    • I totally agree Brigid, with both statements!! The colors definitely are fun for me, and my mom…..well, she’s amazing!!

  • What a beautiful fabric and colors that plaid was. And your moms coat is amazing! The way she styled it is so very good! Love it!

    • Thanks Nancy!! The fabric has such fabulous color that it’s hard not to like it!!

  • First of all, that material is beautiful! And I love what your mother created with it. I have so much respect for that kind of talent – just lovely!

    • Thanks so much Lana!! My mom is always scouring magazine and her sewing patterns to see what she can create with all of her fabric!!

  • Lesley Watson

    LOL at the choice of background. What a good sport rob is to put on the brakes when you see the perfect spot. Good team work.

    • Right??? It would have been even more perfect if the caboose front had been in the shade!! But now it’s a great family joke!!

    • Right??? It would have been even more perfect if the caboose front had been in the shade!! But now it’s a great family joke!!

  • Carly

    Your mom is so talented! I had no idea she was a seamstress, even though I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile. I hope someday you ladies will do a post featuring all the outfits she makes. I love that plaid fabric and the way you three all incorporated it into your outfitis

    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this Carly… mom has been sewing for her entire life and it’s so refreshing that she still loves it so much!!

  • ADA

    How beautiful and adorable are the three of you in these matchy, beautiful looks. I love all the layered outerwear styling. That fuchsia fuzzy plaid material and all those pieces are so pretty and unique. =)

  • Gingi Edmonds Freeman

    What an inspiring post!!!! <3 –

  • Your mom is so talented! That gifted fabric definitely went to good use!

    pumps and push-ups

    • You can say that again, Brooke—she didn’t let any material go to waste!!

  • Fabulous looks and again your Mom steals the show. She is super talented and know how to use every piece of fabric. Kudos!!

    • It’s so true—she hates to let any good fabric go to waste…even when there isn’t much of it!!
      Thanks Neti!!

  • Judy Gramith

    Dang! I forgot to mention that the “weed caboose” is a perfect backdrop. Did you inhale?

    • Girl…you crack me up!! Nancy might have inhaled somewhat when she ventured into the shop to use the restroom….LOL!!! But hey, it’s legal!!

  • Judy Gramith

    Someone needs to scream it from the Colorado mountain tops, “Charlotte is a creative styling GENIUS!!” I never cease to be amazed by her ability to beautifully craft not one but several adorable items that all have special qualities.
    This fabric is gorgeous and has color and texture that are inspirational but honestly Charlotte really goes above and beyond!! ALL of these piecs are stunning and your styling is impeccable Jodi! The beading on the purse is so cool! The jacket matches you’re glasses! The navy boots are wonderful! The coat and white fur are exquisite!

    • You always know how to make each and every one of us feel so special, Jude!
      I think that’s one of your superpowers!!! And if you lived closer, I bet that my mom would include you in our fabric fun!!

  • Bette A. Stevens


  • Kellyann

    Such pretty fabric and boy, the talent your mom has! You three look like an ad for a store campaign! Stunning as usual ladies!

    • Well, that will just make my mom so happy reading this comment, Kellyann!!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    The pink mohair is absolutely stunning, I feel like it is such good color and pattern for all of your skin tones! Your mom is one talented lady, wow these pieces are beautiful as are all of you! xo

    • Thanks Andrea!! I am drawn to the colors of this fabric and it’s fun that we all have something from it!!

  • Missy May

    Oh yes kudos to your mother. That coat on here is absolutely perfection. I love how comfortable but, also chic it is. You styled your jacket nicely and that bag is so lovely.
    Another banger post here Jodie. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Missy May!! I know my mom will absolutely love reading all of these comments because she loves making clothing, and being creative!!

  • Nikki Gwin

    hahahahahahaha I am so glad I read to the end!
    🙂 gwingal

    • And the fun doesn’t stop here, Nikki!! You’ll get to see more “pot shop” fun next week, and now it’s a family joke!!

  • PetiteOver40

    Jodie, next to you, I think I might be your mom’s biggest fan. The way she can take fabric and turn it into marvelous pieces like her coat, your jacket, and Nancy’s purse–it truly is a super power in my book! And like all good heroes, she is kind and charming as well.

    Please let her know I am in the process of making my first dress. It’s a simple thing–she could whip it out in 5 minutes, probably–but seeing her work in action keeps me going. Her superpowers make me want to cultivate my own meager skills to see where they take me. Thank you for taking time to showcase her work.

    Hugs to all of you!

    • That’s so exciting that you’re making your first dress, Sherry!! I don’t even think I’ve done that (because why would I need to when I have her?? LOL). I’m sure you have everything under control, but really & truly…if you want her help, she’d be more than willing to talk to you over the phone. Seriously….text me if you want her number!
      PS…and you know I’ve only been appreciating her skills for the last 20 years or so. You know when you’re a teenager, it wasn’t “cool”!!

      • PetiteOver40

        I totally understand the lack of appreciation as a teen. My grandmother, who was an adult during the Depression, knew how to make everything from scraps and then use what was left over to make something else. She was like your mom in this way and she passed away before I grew out of my “that’s not cool” phase.

        Now that I finally understand just how cool it is, I wish she was around for me to share all this stuff with–to learn from and to cheer along. But knowing your mom is just a click away is incredibly cheering! Thank you!

  • Franci Hoffman

    Wow, I love these colors! Winter clothes do not have to be drab, especially when we are dreaming of spring.

    • What a fabulous point, Franci!!! Color, color and more color is always my motto!!

  • Your Mom is a thrifty creative genius.

    Totally hilarious that this turned out to be a pot shop. You crazy gals! Ha ha!


    • My mom certainly is thrifty and creative…you can say that again. And now it’s a family joke about the pot shops—and more to come…LOL!!
      Thanks Suzanne!! XOXO

  • Wow, you did great things with the scrap fabric! The coat, bag and jacket looks amazing!

    Marije |

  • Oh my gawd I’m laughing at your last remark! You are a good daughter! Thanks for the chuckle! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Your mom has a real talent! Plus, I love how you are such a blended family but so obviously full of love and care for each other! Heartwarming this Monday!

    • And it doesn’t stop here, Julia. You’ll see us next week at another pot shop….they have the best murals–LOL!!!

  • Your mom is one talented lady! I cannot get over the chic shape of her coat. Love her tights too. Thanks for sharing her talents here.

    • Thanks Kathrine!!
      You can probably see why I never needed to learn to sew much as a kid…ha ha!!

  • Laura

    That material is beautiful! I love the bright colors! Your mom made some amazing items, she is very talented (but you knew that already)! I didn’t know you could dye boots either. That is a good tip!

    • It’s funny because when you grow up with a mother like this, you kinda think it’s normal. But she’s anything but…LOL!!
      Thanks Laura!

  • I LOVE that mohair material and the items your mom made with it! She is SO talented!

  • donnanance

    Your mom is super talented! Love that she uses every single bit of fabric…very creative as well as an excellent seamstress. Oh yes, matching the print up exactly is a true gift. I had a leader in 4-H who said there is a difference between handmade and homemade. I think that the outfits today reflect the three different personalities of you ladies. The common thread (no pun intended) is the beautiful mohair fabric but you have each styled your outfit in your own way. xoxo

    • Ahhh…but that was a fabulous pun. You have such a way with words. For some it’s words, for others it’s clothes! But you’re right about our own styles showing through. That’s exactly what I discuss in this next Friday’s post!! (Are you reading my mind?)

  • Karen

    I love the fabric and also those tights your mom is wearing! I am so glad to see her highlighted because she is so very talented and I’ve long admired her creations! Something you always work for when creating clothing is that the items you make don’t look homemade. Charlotte’s never have a ‘homemade’ look, they do look off the rack! That takes a lot of time, a whole lot of patience and great skill! Looking forward to the posts this week!

    • You’re exactly right Karen. It does take a lot of patience and skill. As much as I can say that there’s a ton of info on You Tube now—it’s not the same as having done it over and over like my mom has!
      Thanks for giving my mom such a boost. She will love to read your comment!!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    I am beaming with joy to see Charlotte’s incredible talent and creativity take the spotlight. She is such a delightful woman and has become my personal icon. Her attention to detail on all of these items is amazing – seams line up beautifully, the fit is incredible and the finishing details suit each garment perfectly. Can you tell I am a fan???!!! (By the way, the quote is wonderful!)

    • She will be delighted that you notice those details, Rebecca! Because those are the things she truly takes pride in when she creates her pieces!! And the fit….that’s all I heard growing up, and I finally realize how important it really is (not that I always alter my things, but I think about it..ha ha!)
      Thanks!! XOXO

  • Mummabstylish Mummabstylish

    Superb, how clever and all these pieces are pretty. Love the colours and they work so well layered too. Jacqui

    • Thanks Jacqui!!
      This material is one of my faves, probably because of the bright colors and interesting texture!!

  • Stevie Turner

    Wow, your mother is a clever lady! I’d love to be able to make my own clothes.

    • It’s definitely a talent that doesn’t see as much popularity right now. However, there is a load of great videos on YouTube, if you ever start….
      Thanks Stevie!

  • Shaman’s Journey Design

    Love all three of your looks, and that’s wonderful to discover how talented your mom is! How fun to see the ways she used that beautiful fabric. It really shows off the versatility and the many ways to use fabric (which I love, as you know!)! xoxoxox

    • This is totally up your alley Kristin!!! It’s always amazing how the same material can look quite different when made into different items!!
      I can’t wait to showcase yours!!!
      Thanks for joining in on the fun!!

      • Shaman’s Journey Design

        Thanks so much, Jodie! I’m really excited about it too!!! xoxox

  • Linda S

    you ladies all look fabulous! and I love the ideas for using scrap fabric. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks for joining in Linda!! I forgot to include the remaining fabric is still probably around in my mother’s sewing room to be used as practice…ha ha!!

  • WOW your mum is super talented, Jodie! I wish I could create clothes the way she can!
    You all look fabulous 🙂
    Suzy xx

    • She is quite the seamstress, Suzy!! She absolutely loves doing it and has so much experience with it!!

  • Courtney Hardy

    I love the idea of using different fabrics for different things.

    • It is a smart way to use what you have…my mom is of the times where you don’t waste anything!!
      Thanks Courtney!

  • Bahaha!!! Dying over your photo background and the inside scoop. Too funny! I love sewing when I have the time, so I always enjoy seeing and reading about Charlotte’s seamstress endeavors. The plaid mohair fabric makes a beautiful statement and I like how these looks are tied together throughout with it. Love how you layered your vest over your jacket!

    • Yes…it’s now a family joke, and even gets better next week. But seriously, the pot shops have the best murals around…..What I didn’t tell is that Nancy had to go to the bathroom when we were taking photos, so not only did I bring them here, but she went inside!! LOL!!!
      Thanks Jennie….you are a fabulous seamstress too, so you could probably show some wonderful creations!!

  • Your mom has got talent! My mom is the same. She could take three different patterns and make one thing. She made me so many cool things when I was growing up. Now she is an amazing quilter! I got none of her talent! Great post Jodie! Cheryl

    • I bet your mom has made you some gorgeous quilts, Cheryl!!! You’ll have to showcase one on the blog for me.

  • Jessica Broyles

    SO cute, y’all! Loving how you used this!

  • Wow, I think I knew she had this talent, but I did not know just how talented she was! These pieces are so intricate and so well made. I am truly impressed!! Cannot wait to see the rest of the series this week.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Thanks so much Amy Ann….my mom will love to read that you said that!!
      And it’s so nice that she still enjoys doing this…it’s her creative outlet!!

  • Wow! You all look so fabulous!! Enjoyed reading this post!

    Mihaailo /

  • Go, Charlotte! That is INDEED a superpower. Love how clever and creative you are with all your big and little pieces.

    Your coat is spectacular!

    • She is indeed quite the amazing woman, isn’t she Em??
      She’s going to absolutely love reading these comments!! And she deserves the accolades!! Thanks for joining in…

  • Pamela Graham

    You girls are just the best! Love your joie de vivre, your talents (Charlotte you are amazing!) and most of all your smiles! Pamela xx

  • Marisa Cavaleiro

    When i was a child i wanted to be a dressmaker ahabah.. your mother as a great talent. I love the colors and the fabric..
    Have a nice week.
    Xoxo from Portugal

    • How neat to hear that, Marisa!! You know it’s never too late??? My mom still loves to sew and be creative almost every day!!