Using Scrap Fabric for Different Items

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Using scrap fabric for different clothing items

Using Scrap Fabric for Different Items

Using scrap fabric is certainly not on everyone’s wish list. Instead we are going to highlight my mother’s creativity and give her the kudos she deserves by showcasing how she has fun using scrap fabric for different items.

Quote of the day: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward

You were able to get a little more information about the three of us last week in the behind the scenes post. But what I didn’t touch on, is our talents and skills. If you’ve only started reading this blog, then you might not realize that my mother, Charlotte, is a professional seamstress and absolutely loves creating her own clothing. So much so, that many of her friends will give her material that they’ve had in their basements or storage. Because these friends realize that my mom will actually use the material.

Using scrap fabric as sewing skills

For this post, we will concentrate on this bright pink, mohair material that was gifted to my mom from one of her friends. Of course my mom started off by making herself something. After that, she is a pro at using the scrap fabric leftovers for other items. That’s how we all have something in this material.

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit: Let me start out with my mom’s outfit for this series.

Her friend gifted my mom this plaid, mohair material along with the reddish, ultra suede material that she crafted into the dress under the coat. I know my mom usually wears the two pieces together, but I really think they would work fabulously with many other items too.

Since it still pretty cold outside, my mom added a ivory fur scarf to the outfit along with matching red gloves. The faux fur trend is still going strong and I don’t expect it to quit next year. And this is the time of winter sales, so check out this fur scarf or this leopard one if you need some extras.

Using scrap fabric hand sewn for a woman

I had my mom take the scarf off, so you can see the ultra suede dress underneath. The pretty “pin” is actually the zipper pull that my mom used for her dress.

She also layered the dress over a white turtleneck for warmth. If you’re anything like us, here is Denver, we have learned to layer like a pro. Many times, I layer invisibly with a thin shirt that won’t show in the outfit. But you can also choose a piece that sticks out and adds another color or print to the mix. The turtlenecks are another item that can be snatched up in the winter sales, just like this one.

Using scrap fabric from a seamstress

Let’s talk about my mom’s tights.

My mom is the queen of matching tights, and probably has a pair in every color. But many of the times, you don’t always see the tights when your dress and boots meet up. That’s why I wanted my mom to pull up her dress a little. These tights have a subtle print on them, that I consider fun.

Different color or patterned tights may seem too “young” but if there’s one thing I’ve learned lately, it’s that “young” is a state of mind. But if you are just starting out, then try the subtle prints first, or neutral colored tights.

Using scrap fabric with print tights

I also want to point out that my mom grabbed her navy boots for this outfit. I know she used to wear her red boots with this outfit, and I’ve twisted her arm to try some other options. Her grey boots also look great with it, as well as these navy ones. The secret behind these boots, is they were originally grey and my mom had them dyed. It’s a great way to get the color you want if you can’t find it at the stores.

Using scrap fabric started as a long coat

Dress: My mom made it (similar here)~~Jacket: My mom made it similar here)~~Boots: (similar here)~~Scarf: (similar here)~~Gloves: (similar here)

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit:  Even after making herself the long coat, there was quite a bit of material remaining. So my mom asked if I’d like a short jacket.

How could I say no? First I love the color, and then the material is so pretty too. I have worn this jacket on the blog before almost two years ago (and many times in real life too). In the lighting of the older post, it’s interesting to see how the mohair looks like it’s been electrified.

Using scrap fabric as my jacket for a winter outfit

I wanted to layer this jacket under a vest to try to give the jacket a different look like we did earlier this winter. The faux fur vests are also still on trend and definitely work for all of us. I know many of us don’t think to venture into the “younger” stores for our clothing, but these can be the best places to try out the trends for less money. Then if you like the item, you can certainly get a quality one.

Of course I had to add some bling to the vest in the form of a brooch. I feel like I’ve been remiss in wearing brooches lately and I’m not sure why. The three of us have styled them on the blog many times in the past. And I love them, but I haven’t been wearing them much.

Using scrap fabric as my jacket under a vest

Not purposely, but I styled the opposite color scheme on the bottom half.

My mom chose the color navy to go with this material, and I picked a light blue. Since I don’t have light blue boots, I thought my light grey boots would work nicely. Boots are another item that can be on sale right now. For example this pair and this pair are under $50 yet will work into the spring since they are light colored.

I know there are many times you’ll see rules on how to wear your jeans with your ankle boots. This is one time that I could have cuffed my jeans up to show off the boots better, or left them as is. I think those are the two most popular ways, because unless you are wearing leggings, there’s usually too much material to tuck your jeans into your ankle boots.

Using scrap fabric with a casual outfit

The other item I vacillated about was my purse. I’ve admitted that I never used to change my purse to match my outfit before blogging. But glory be! Now, I’ve found another way to add in fun colors and prints to many an outfit. This time, I kept it subtle with a light blue purse to match the jeans. I figured, I’d try to let the jacket take center stage.

Using scrap fabric for a jacket

Jeans: (similar here)~~Vest: from thredUp c/o (similar here)~~Jacket: my mom made it (similar here)~~Boots: from Soft Surroundings c/o (similar here)~~Brooch: (similar here)~~Earrings: from Happiness Boutique c/o (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Since using scrap fabric is one of my mom’s superpowers, she couldn’t stop with our two jackets. Because there was still fabric leftover.

That’s when she made Nancy a hat and purse. Nancy’s worn both of these items on the blog before. The purse was showcased when we talked about one way to mix prints. The hat was much more recently when we tried to add some color to our solid color winter coats.

Using scrap fabric for the leftovers

I love how Nancy decided to have both of these pieces be the pop of color in her outfit. Sure, she added some purple in the mix which ties in with the material. However, the pink items really steal the show.

Does anyone else think it’s interesting how when Nancy wears purple with the pink plaid, you notice that purple stripe easily. Yet when my mom was wearing her navy boots, it still looked great even though navy isn’t in the print. That’s why I think we don’t need to stress over “matching” that much. The neutral colors especially really go with so much.

Using scrap fabric sewn into a hat

You can see in this close up of the purse below, the two materials from my mom’s outfit combined.

My mom even added in some sparkle and bling in the form of a row of beading. I know most of us think of sparkle and shine as for dress up only, but that’s one of the rules that is being thrown away. If you have a “dressy” purse like this one, you should wear it whenever you want. Why not add a little fun to an ordinary day?

Using scrap fabric sewn into a purse

The other item that Nancy wore is her maxi skirt. I think the vest works great with it. The three of us tried to style the maxi skirts for winter last year. It was a hit or miss with the ideas I came up with, and I have it in the queue to try again. I always feel like I learn a lot from my styling misses and I received some great ideas from readers.

One of my rationales for thinking a maxi could be so perfect in the winter is you can layer under them easily. This could be another fun time to wear colorful or print tights especially when there’s a slit up the side of the skirt. The dark florals would seem perfect for this time of year along with the greys.

Using scrap fabric made into a hat and purse

Skirt: Old Navy (similar here)~~Vest: (similar here)~~Sweater: (similar here)~~Shoes: (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Hat: Mom made it (similar here)~~Purse: Mom made it (similar here)

Using scrap fabric for clothing
Using scrap fabric for multiple items

Funny story about these photos. We are driving along, and I notice this cool train caboose on the side of the road, and tell Rob to pull over. When we get out to take the photos, we realize that the cool caboose and murals belong to a pot shop. Well, it is legal here in Colorado. And they seem to have some fabulous painted walls, so we took our photos here. Now am I a good daughter or what, taking my mom’s to a pot shop?

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