Vacation Memories with Where Bloggers Live

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Palm trees as vacation memories

Vacation Memories with Where Bloggers Live

Vacation memories is the theme for our Where Bloggers Live collaboration for the month. I’ll be sharing some vacation memories from my childhood, but most of the post will be concentrated on the 17 years that Rob and I have been together.

Quote of the day: “Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.” Grandma Moses

This quote reminds me that we do have control over much of our life. And vacations can be a learning event as well as mental health for all of us.
A friend once shared with me that you should travel internationally when you are young, in your country as you age and then locally when you are elderly. Rob and I have certainly been taking that to heart.

There are two types of vacations, I think. The kind where you get away and relax. And the kind where you see as much as you can because you won’t be back again. So much of how you vacation depends on your personality and life.
For Rob and I, we tried to find a balance between the two.

Jodie’s Childhood Vacation Memories

Charlotte, my mother, has always been a huge traveler. Since she was a teacher, she would love to pack us up and go places in the summer. We used to borrow her mother’s RV and I bet we’ve been to at least 20 of the states.

She didn’t stop after she retired either. There was a woman who used to organize trips in her area, which is how she traveled to the Panama Canal, Egypt, Hong Kong, Uganda and Japan among many other places.
I include this because she usually picked up material or accessories as some of her souvenirs, which I try to share in her outfit posts. In fact, her statement top from a recent post was purchased on one of those trips.

Funny story: I’ve been sharing memories on my Instagram account on Fridays, and if you want a laugh, here’s one for the books.

Rob’s 2 Favorite Vacation Memories

The backstory. Rob and I have traveled quite a bit together. No kids and having stressful jobs made for the best reason to get away. Yet we have also learned that we tend to get more out of a vacation when we sign up for tours. We are not as good about exploring on our own in other countries especially.
There are SO many stories and photos from our trips, but I’ll try to keep it short with only our favorites as not to bore you entirely.

Eiffel tower in Paris

Paris 2011

The reason we went to Paris is we used to attend a yearly auction where the proceeds went to a dental organization. And my husband LOVED to win the big auctions. This year we bid on a trip to Paris and it was one of his favorite vacations.
Why? The food of course! The photo above is our lunch at the Le Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. It was very snobby and Rob loved every minute of it.

Some of the other tours and things we did:
1Chocolate tour: Seriously, do this if you ever go. It included tasting macaroons and many stories of how items are made.
2-Tour of Notre Dame: I’m so glad we were able to see this since history has changed it.
3Wine Tasting Class: Wines in France are categorized by the region, not the grapes.
4-Tour of the Louvre: It’s such an enormous place that we were happy to be guided around.
5Food tour: We tried many cheeses, oysters, breads and all the things that make Rob happy.

Touring as vacation memories

Mediterranean Cruise 2006

We opted for a cruise to be able to see more countries easily. This was a 14 days cruise on Princess Cruise Lines, and we had a wonderful time.
Why? First, we travel together well, and second we discovered “tea time” on the cruise with scones and little sandwiches.

A couple of the places we visited:
1-Venice: We were so amazed how there are NO CARS on the island. We saw a funeral procession in boats.
2-Dubrovnik: Rob remembers the gelato and the fabulous architecture and history
3-Athens: We had a day tour that included the tourist’s spots along with lunch at a local restaurant.
4-Santorini: We toured a vineyard, where it was interesting to see how the vines grew close to the earth. The wine wasn’t our favorite though.
5-Kusadasi/Ephasus: So much history with the Archaeological Museum and the amphitheater where Paul preached.

Insider tip: Those people that go around and take photos and try to sell them to you? We wished we hadn’t ignored them for so long because our favorite photo was one of those and very inexpensive. I’d suggest to ask about the price first, and then decide.

Jodie’s Favorite Vacation Memories

Hawaii a vacation memories

Hawaiian Honeymoon 2004 on Kauai

How could this not be on our list?? It was our honeymoon and Hawaii at that. Just look at how young we looked!! Rob actually found a great resort for us where we learned that we LOVED to eat breakfast on the lanai.

We also took a day trip over to Oahu to see the Arizona and learn about Pearl Harbor. We also saw the Kauai Grand Canyon and waterfall featured on the show Fantasy Island. And I came home with a plumeria ring that I used to wear daily.

The interesting thing is we returned to the island for our 9th anniversary, but it wasn’t the same. It had been hit hard by the recession and so many places were out of business. It’s a good reminder to enjoy it when you are there. You just never know if it’ll be the same later.

NYC from above

NYC 2003-2010

Most of Rob’s family lives in New York, so after we were engaged, we took a long weekend trip to the city, and then up to Westchester county to meet the family. I absolutely fell in love with NYC, so we made the weekend trip an annual event until Rob’s mother passed. (This was in addition to the visit at Christmas).

I used to keep a booklet describing where we stayed and what we saw. It really makes me wish I did this for every trip because we LOVE to look back at this.
Each time we visited, we tried to stay in different parts of the city. Each area has it’s own vibe, so we really got to know our way around. In fact, the bottom, right photo is the 911 museum as it was being built.

Insider tip: We always used to find a hotel in the area we wanted to stay. BUT then we would also call the hotel and see if there was a better deal.

I hope you enjoyed this trip of our favorite vacation memories. It was truly enjoyable for both Rob and I to go through the photos again and try to remember all the fun.

Vacation Memories

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