Wearing a hat for shade as part of your summer style guide

Vacation Summer Style Guide: Simple Ways to Add Variety

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Wearing a hat for shade as part of your summer style guide

Vacation Summer Style Guide: Simple Ways to Add Variety

A summer style guide should include a vacation idea here and there. That’s why the three of us decided to showcase a couple different types of trips you might be taking soon. We started with the beach vacation and 3 different outfits for that trip.
Now we wanted to think about your more rustic vacation. You know, where you might go hiking (see how Lesley styled an outfit for this). Another outdoor option would be horseback riding. And there’s always the idea of dinner at a dude ranch.

Quote of the day: “A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.” Charles Gordy

Now in all honesty, I’ve only been horseback riding twice (once as a kid which I have the proof below, and once as an adult) which is why Lesley found this very tame horse for me to ride in these photos, LOL!! As for knowing what to wear, I have my theories and you can certainly chime in with your ideas if I’m wrong.

On the ranch style

Horseback Riding Style

Notice the fun sign for this driveway: Rancho Relaxo (with a cactus no less). I’m sure when we think about an activity like horseback riding, you think casual and not very fancy. Then again I have some reasons why you might switch that up a tad.
The hardest thing about traveling is you are limited with the clothes you can take. So many of our items should be able to do double duty.

Dressing up jeans

Jeans: Kancan~~ Top: Express~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~ Belt: Target~~ Hat:

Of course, if you are going riding, you’ll want jeans and closed toe shoes. A good pair of jeans can be a basic for almost any vacation. And as I’ve shown in the past, the perfect airplane outfit includes comfy walking shoes and they should be cute enough you could wear them to many events during your trip.

Jewelry for summer style guide


While you may not need a bunch of accessories for a outdoorsy vacation, a hat could certainly be functional for so many reasons.
As much as I use a hat to cover up my messy hair, they also can keep the sun off your face and the back of the neck. Do you think much about the back of your neck? If you have shorter hair, it’s an area that can be forgotten yet needs sun protection too!

I wrote a post for Kuel Life about the How and Why to Wear a Hat, and I have a couple of ideas I will post on my blog soon. These smaller items can not only shade your face, but protect your eyes ALONG with a good pair of sunglasses.

Having a hat that fits can be an important factor. Especially if you are outdoors, there’s two options that you may want to think about.
One is having a hat with a cord so it stays put even if there is wind!
The other is using hat tape to make your hat fit tighter on your head. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a looser hat so it doesn’t push against my glasses, but you also don’t want it flying off to be lost to the wind.

Insider tip: There are times you can add a cord to an existing hat. I did this trick here with a shoelace. AND you can use that same hat tape to make a cuff bracelet fit better (see my example here).

Another accessory that I added was my belt. This macramé belt from Target has been a go to for me lately. Sure, you might be tempted to just wear a brown belt with this outfit, but it’s certainly simple to replace a boring brown belt with something with a little more sass.

Leopard top with jeans

Summer Style Guide for Tops

Now if you are going on a rustic vacation, you might only think to bring solid colored t-shirts. I’m going to tell you why a cute, leopard print top like this is even better.

1-What if you happen to go somewhere a little more chic? Then you’re prepared with something a little nicer. Whether it’s right after the horseback riding time or another time when you’ve hand washed this and can wear it again.
2-Let’s talk dirt. A print top like this (especially the fact that it’s brown and black print) will hide the dirt much better than most solid tees.
3-Sweat? Not that sweating is bad, but a print top like this camouflages any sweat stains much better than a solid colored t-shirt.

Even if it’s really hot outside, I would recommend a short sleeve top verses sleeveless for an activity like this. Then you won’t worry about sunburns on your shoulders quite as much. Although of course I recommend some sunscreen too (which is why I researched a bunch of natural sunscreens this spring).

Sneakers for vacation


While you might think of cowboy boots as more of a footwear choice for horseback riding, that might not be practical for a short vacation. Like I said, most of our clothing needs to do double duty on our vacations. So your summer style guide would definitely include stylish walking shoes that could be worn for a variety of events.

This pair is my first ever pair of Walking Cradles shoes which you can see in this post. The style is called the Orleans and while they don’t have this color anymore, it’s such a popular style that they always have many different colors and prints in it. In fact, I have over 6 pairs of this style because not only are they comfortable, they can almost be considered a loafer and be worn with basically anything.
I have a discount code for your first pair of Walking Cradles, JODIE15. This company not only concentrates on functional footwear but they have sizes from 4-13 in narrow to wide wides.

Horseback riding summer style guide

My Western Vacation

Here is the proof that I have ridden a horse at least once in my life. And notice the jeans and boots!! This was our vacation from 1978 when we rode out to Washington/Oregon in my grandparent’s RV. You’ll hear a little more about the trip in Charlotte’s post.

Summer style guide

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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