Valentine’s Day Love for Where Blogger’s Live

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Family as Valentine's Day love

Valentine’s Day Love for Where Blogger’s Live

As part of our Where Blogger’s Live collaboration we are showcasing Valentine’s Day love. To some people that means decorations and candy. However, I’m not that person who puts up holiday decor (it’s only been recently that we even put up much Christmas stuff as I showcased this December.)

Quote of the day: “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” Marilyn Monroe

So I’d like to dedicate this post to these three important people in my life who have seen me both at my worst and best. Luckily I am blessed to have many people in my world as friends and family.

I apologize for the condition of some of these photos. I haven’t quite figured out the secret to showcasing my old pictures. And I know I have more photos of Nancy and I but I claim the excuse that they still aren’t organized and found after our move.

So join me with these fun photos and some stories to go with them.

Valentine’s Day Love with Charlotte

When my mom describes me as a baby, she always includes that I was colicky. Which really means loud and not so sweet. Of course, let’s just look at the evidence. Did your mother put a toy on your head when you were a toddler??

Mom and I

And on top of that, dress you up in matching outfits. The funny thing is I see women doing that with their kids now, and I think it’s super cute. Funny how your perspective is different at different times. Maybe I would have liked it better with more stylish shoes?

Matching outfits from the past

The Original Glamour Girl

Past photos

I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to know that my mom has always loved dressing up. This one shoulder dress was always one of her favorites. And it goes to show as Charlotte ALWAYS says “styles come around again and again.”

My mom as my Valentine's day love

Heck, back in the day, we even had similar hairstyles. And the best part of looking through these old photos? Finding pieces of clothing that I still have. This green suede skirt is still hanging in my closet. I even wore it on the blog once.

This Journey

Part of the family as Valentine's Day love

And while I can be a smart ass and joke around, it’s truly been wonderful that my mom is still part of my journey. Unlike my dad, she is here to grow old with me and be part of my life with Rob. Not to mention this online presence where we can showcase that it’s never too late to look great.

To me it’s only fitting that we hold hands now like we did when I was a kid above. (Notice at least that I didn’t put a toy on her head though…)

Nancy and More Valentine’s Day Love

Back in the day

Nancy came into my life when I was living with dad while in dental school. She actually remembers meeting me 10 years before that when I would come out and visit my dad during the summer. He would take me to church and introduce me to everyone (how embarrassing for a 14 year old).

Needless to say, Nancy didn’t like my dad when she first met him. It was understandable. Do you know that song, It’s Hard to be Humble? Yep! That was his theme song.

Granted, once you got to know him, he really was wonderful. Otherwise, Nancy wouldn’t have married him.

When my step mom got married

I wrote a tribute post about him last year, so he doesn’t get the photos and fanfare for this post.

I love this photo above at Nancy and dad’s wedding. There I am bossing people around, just like normal. And Nancy’s wedding dress? You can see me wearing it on my wedding day to Rob.

The dress I’m wearing above?? It’s one that my mom transformed from a bridesmaid dress.

Our Journey with Nancy

Nancy as part of my Valentine's Day love

When my dad passed, I was lucky to still be included in Nancy’s life. She is one busy women with many friends and activities. Yet she was always good about making room for us too.

Many have commented how amazing that my mom and stepmom could still get along while we explored and blogged together. That’s why I wrote the post about our relationship a couple of years ago.

Nancy will always say that she married a different man than my mother did. Of course she was right, because as we all should, my dad evolved. And so has Nancy.

We miss her dearly on the blog. I’m not sure you know this, but Nancy is not someone who loves the “fashion” side of the blog. Her wonderful style evolved only because I twisted her arm to join us on this experience. Instead, she was the person who many times came up with the ideas of where to explore and go as part of the adventure side of this blog.


I had to include this photo of Robby when he was 4. Did you know he was a star on the Sonny Fox’s show at this age? I wish I could find the YouTube video of it. This is him with his vibraphone set. Vibes are like a xylophone except with reverb.

Rob can definitely be called my Valentine’s Day love. Why? Because we got married on Valentine’s Day 16 years ago.

My husband as a kid

Our First Date

As I described when I recreated our first “real” date, we met each other speed dating. Our event was “8 minute dating” and we had 8 minutes together. If you aren’t familiar with speed dating, you sit at a table across from someone for that allotted time. Then you move to another table, and so on. At the end of the night, you go online and “pick” the dates you would like to see again. As long as they “pick” you also, information is exchanged. It’s a very safe way to meet.

The funny part of our 8 minute dating is that I went with 2 other friends. While we were preparing to attend, I came up with a unique question that I asked every “date.” The question was, “have you ever worn a skirt?” I figured it could open up some good stories either from Halloween or even toga parties.


Needless to say, Rob said “no”, and that squashed any great stories. Luckily, he was fun to talk to without any skirt stories.

The other funny part is we laugh that he has “dated” my 2 friends also since he spent 8 minutes with all of us! LOL.

Our Journey Together

Holidays with the one I love

I have been blessed to find this man as he makes me a better person. We don’t agree on everything, yet we both are open to seeing each other’s side AND we are each other’s best friend.

My mom always says we are joined at the hip. And we are. We like doing everything together, so it’s a rare moment when you’ll find one of us without the other. Some people find this strange. To us, it’s just hanging out with your bestie!

So Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all. I believe this day can be happy for all of us if we focus on what we have. Sure, we think of love for our soul mates, but there’s love for our family and friends and even pets too. Let me share the love and a big hug to you who take the time to read my blog. Thank you.

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