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Valuable Advice on What To Wear Instead of Jeans In Winter

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I wanted to explore the idea of what to wear instead of jeans in winter. Since the temperatures are colder, I see most women wearing jeans, and while we can rock a fabulous outfit in denim, there’s no reason not to find other options that make you feel incredible.

Quote of the day: “If you move fast, you can try more things. And if you try more things, you’re likely to find something that works for you.” James Clear

Since most women tend to wear pants in this day and age, I wanted to showcase examples of what to wear instead of jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the magic of skirts and dresses and always recommend wearing those throughout the winter to add variety to our looks.

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Multiple Options of What to Wear Instead of Jeans in Winter

Of course, the three of us are showing 3 varieties of pants for what to wear instead of jeans in winter. But there are many, many more.

The thing to remember with buying pants is that they are the hardest clothing item to get to fit your body because of all of the fit points. That’s one reason that stretchy leggings became so popular.
This is why you may need to make sure that alterations are part of your budget for a new pair (or even an old pair) of pants. I even have a list of alterations that can be DYI done easily.

Yes, it is easier to try on pants in person at a brick-and-mortar store. But in all reality, most stores are limited in the sizing they can carry, so online can be better if you are petite, tall, or anything in between.
And the most important thing to remember. The size is so arbitrary. DO NOT concentrate on what size the pants say. What is important is how they look on your body.

Insider tip: eShakti is a company in India that will basically custom-make clothing to your measurements. For first-time purchasers, you can get $50 off your first order (using my link) by making a pair of custom pants for only about $25 (that’s the minimum for purchase with shipping). Getting your item does take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, but it’s well worth the wait.

Not that you can’t wear leggings now, but the silhouette has definitely turned to a more voluminous lower half, and it behooves us to dress in a modern way.

Here’s a quick list of great options for what to wear instead of jeans.

Jodie-Velvet Joggers and Sneakers

Woman over 50 for what to wear instead of jeans in winter
Pants: no label-Goodwill~~ Vest: no label-Goodwill~~ Top: Fate~~ Shoes: Yes We Vibe~~ Earrings: won in giveaway~~ Purse: Couture Planet-won in giveaway~~Ponytail: Amazon

I’m a sucker for velvet anything, so when I saw these blue velvet joggers at Goodwill many years ago, I snagged them. I didn’t wear them much at first because I wasn’t sure how. But the biggest thing I’ve learned in this journey is that pulling out your clothes and seeing how they go with other items is the best way to figure out how to style something.

I wanted to wear a shorter sweater with the joggers, so I turned this sweater UPSIDE DOWN. Don’t believe me? Here is the video showing how it’s done.

This trick works great with a sweater that has a large neck opening. In fact, you saw me do this in a recent Daily Outfit post with my navy sweater over my chartreuse dress (on Tuesday). Maybe my example shows too much midriff for your comfort, but you could wear it over a dress, over a cami, or with higher-rise pants.

My reversible faux fur vest was a great topper. Its faux fur on one side, and quilted on the other.

I’m wearing my faux ponytail from Amazon. I’m super impressed with how it looks now. Sure, when you’re up close, you’re still going to know it’s not my real hair, but I just LOVE it.
It was too light and shiny when I first got it, so I darkened it up with fabric paint and took the shininess away using arrowroot powder (or they said dry shampoo would work).

Charlotte-Faux Leather Pants

Yellow turtleneck with sweater vest
Pants: Zenaya-Goodwill ~~ Vest: Luna Ivy-Temu~~ Top: JHC~~ Boots: Aetrex c/o~~ Belt: thrifted~~ Earrings: Audra Style c/o~~ Purse: Vince Camuto-thrifted

I twisted my mom’s arm to get these leather pants when we were thrifting. She wore them last year and even with the same boots. I think they would look great with her snakeskin boots or even with sneakers.

My mother always likes to match one or two colors in her outfit. Thus the tan sweater vest with the brown leather pants.
But I’d like to point out that the brown leather pants are neutral and will go with a huge array of colors like:

  • Bright pink
  • Reds and dark reds like maroon
  • Green especially olive green
  • All blues
  • Purples
  • Black

Sweater vests are returning with a vengeance and they pair well with faux leather because of the variety of textures.

Lesley-Cords and Flannel

Long flannel shirt belted with hat for older woman
Pants: Gloria Vanderbilt~~ Flannel Shirt: Sonoma -thrifted~~ Top: Chicos~~ Shoes: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles)~~ Hat: no label-thrifted

Lesley describes cord as a dressier jean option and I love that she has this lighter pair. I always feel like ivory or white pants are ideal for winter because they pop other colors. The only time it’s not ideal to wear lighter colored pants is if it’s slushy outside. Luckily, we don’t have that here in Phoenix.

Lesley’s flannel shirt is a tunic length one that she loves for wearing over leggings too. By belting the shirt, she creates a tighter look. In fact, from the front it reminds you of a belted long blazer.

I adore the hat that Lesley put on with this outfit. Many women are intimidated by hats, yet they can add so much personality to a look-besides they are a great help to a bad hair day.

If you don’t usually wear hats, you may think they don’t look good on you. That’s because you aren’t used to seeing yourself in one.
Trust me, ANY shape of head and face can wear a hat. The most important aspect is the color and how it looks with your complexion.

Insider tip: If you struggle with hats, go to the thrift store and get a couple for a steal.

So how would you answer the question of what to wear instead of jeans?

Stylish outfits for what to wear instead of jeans in winter

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What to wear instead of jeans in winter

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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