Hand knit sweater

A Variety of Daily Outfits for October In Arizona: 10.9.21

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Hand knit sweater

A Variety of Daily Outfits for October In Arizona: 10.9.21

It’s really starting to cool down wonderfully here in Arizona so I can show a variety of daily outfits for October. This practice of taking daily photos is a good reminder to alternate between dresses and pants along with some variety in my color schemes.
Although I do notice a predominance of pink this week!!


Daily October outfits

I remember when I first bought these pants, I was a little intimidated by them. Now? Now I don’t think anything about wearing them. It’s like that with all of the steps we try with style. The first time we wear ______ (fill in the blank) is almost scary.
For example, do you remember your first skinny jeans? Yet now you wear them all the time, I bet.

Yet after I challenged myself to wear them with 5 different colors (as per my color recipe), I felt like it wasn’t such a struggle. That’s my suggestion to you with any style or item you struggle with. Experiment with it and try all kinds of combinations.

The shoes are the Jambu mocassins which are only $50 (plus you get my discount with code, JTOUCHF21, for an extra 20% off). These are both inside and outside shoes which is so convenient.

I’m wearing my leopard Ruby Ribbon bra (explained in this comfortable bra post) under the tank so when the bra straps show, it’s not such a faux pas.

And these fun earrings were purchased when I met these sisters on Instagram. They hand make and paint all of the earrings and even custom ones are under $20.


Daily Outfits

Spookie joined me for my photos today and obviously the camera focused on her, haha!! Why this dress for the day?

It’s a short sleeve (preloved) dress that is a fine knit. So it’s a tad warm for the summer, but perfect for our fall especially with the denim blazer.

I’ve had this denim blazer for over 10 years and I used to wear it to work.

I paired it with my red ballet flats which I realize you don’t see much anymore. Yet I think they are classic shoes.

I wore them when I first introduced you to Sheec socks last year. It’s inconceivable to think you can find socks to wear with ballet flats that don’t show AND stay put.
But that’s why I endorse this brand. They are amazing.

(My discount code is always found on my Sheec sock page and is updated quarterly. You can use it once a quarter!!)


Shorts and boots

Some days are still pretty warm, so I thought it would be fun to include my velvet pair of shorts while I still can (although I do love wearing my shorts with tights in the winter for something different).

I paired my oversized star sweater with the navy shorts. I’ve worn this sweater in 5 different ways on the blog in the past. Since it’s warm today, I tried to style it off my one shoulder, so I wore my strapless bra.

The white boots were found at Goodwill and while they aren’t in perfect shape, I love them.

I kept the accessories light with the white flower earrings and white bracelets.


Plaid joggers for daily outfits

It’s a rainy day here in Arizona so I’m wearing my Target joggers again. These knit pants come in all kinds of colors and different plaids, and for $20, are a deal. I swear I could have worn them when I was working and no one would realize how comfy they are.

Because I didn’t want the cords to be tied at my waist, I tucked them inside and wore a brooch there instead. I was hoping it would look like a belt buckle?

Even though the two pieces are darker, I wanted to lighten it up, so I added in the white booties. To me, it’s a more modern vibe than black boots.
That’s why I wore the white earrings too.


Dress and hat for fall

I totally forgot to take a selfie inside, so I had to use the photo from our porch. I’m wearing my first t-shirt dress that my mom made for the three of us. You can see how we wore them together back in the day.
I topped it with a green cardigan for the cooler mornings, and ankle boots.

These are the Vivaia ankle boots made from plastic bottles. I wore them with my thin Sheec socks for the day. Then I used my hat to bookend the brown color.
A little print mixing was included with my leopard bracelet and my favorite earrings from Frannie & Elinor.

BTW, I removed my necklace after seeing these photos. Sometimes Coco Chanel is right, haha!!


My daily outfits in October look for today is all about something easy to get on and off for my monthly massage.

This knit dress is an Old Navy oldie but goodie.

I added a baseball hat because my hair is always a mess after a massage. Even though baseball caps seem manly and casual, there are ones that are stylish. For example, the one I’m wearing is velvet-like.

The pink mules are great for a massage day because they slip on and off super easy. Can you believe I’m wearing Sheec socks too?? There are mules Sheec socks that I just LOVE. (I haven’t added them to my favorites page yet, but just look under Women’s No Show socks to find them.)


Edgy vibe to a hand knit sweater

Today’s outfit started with this sweater. It’s one I handknit years ago and very lightweight. Since I was going to be on a zoom call, I wanted something pretty at the neckline.

The sweater always seems very feminine to me, so I added in an edgy skirt. This snakeskin faux leather skirt is from thredUp.

I seem to have a thing with white footwear lately, haha!! These mules I bought from Walking Cradles a couple of years ago. These exact ones aren’t still available, but there are other white shoes if you’re interested.

Surprisingly, I’m also wearing no-show Sheec socks. They have a mule version that is nice because when I take off my shoe, the lining doesn’t stick to my foot.

My shoulder scraping earrings are perfect with the off-the-shoulder top like this. Thanks to my friend, Judy, who made them for me.

Thank You for Checking out My Daily Outfits for October

My goal with this October looks post is to find things that help you with your daily outfits and to bring a smile and kindness to your life.

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