Vegamour for boomers

Vegamour Gro Review From a Boomer’s Perspective

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There are many wonderful brands that concentrate on vegan products for hair care. Today I wanted to include a Vegamour Gro review from a boomer’s perspective.

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For women boomers, menopause can cause some hair changes. For most women, this means thinning hair, sparse eyelashes, and disappearing eyebrows.

As someone who has transitioned to non-toxic and clean beauty products, I love discovering new brands.
It’s exciting to find products that have clean ingredients and really work.

Insider tip: I always like trying the mini or travel sizes to evaluate a new product. Vegamour does have some if you are interested.

I have discussed my aging hair journey in the past if you would like to read more

Vegamour for boomers

More about Vegamour

Vegamour is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and safe, and uses effective products for achieving thicker, fuller hair. The products are free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, gluten, and artificial fragrance, and are considered a natural alternative to drugstore products that may have unwanted side effects.

Vegamour concentrates on 5 different hair issues for women our age. This includes hair loss, hair growth, graying, dandruff, dryness or damage. The best way to know which is best for you and your hair is to take the free quiz.

For the record, these are the facts that I shared in my hair quiz.

“My hair is thin and fine (has always been) and curly. I usually straighten it with the blow dryer but try not to use an iron much anymore. 
It has been thinning at the temples since menopause. I don’t dye it at all, and I live in Arizona where it is D.R.Y.
Eyelash and eyebrow serums are something I use on a regular basis.” 

I did request not to try the hair supplement gummies since we are trying to limit the amount of supplements we take as well and gummies are not on our nutritionist’s approval list.

Insider tip: It’s very interesting to read about how science and nature come together for this brand. The use of Karmatin is very unique.

Vegamour Gro Review Details

I have been using the products for 6 weeks now. Since I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week the difference in my hair from using the shampoo and conditioner is not as evident.
It’s easier to talk about the hair serum, eyebrow serum, and eyelash serum since I use those daily.

I was sent not only the Vegamour Gro shampoo and conditioner but also the scalp detoxifying serum and the leave-in conditioner/hair protectant from the HYDR-8 collection.

The leave-in conditioner is incredible to counteract my frizzy curls and I consider it a 2 in 1 since it acts as a hair protectant for my heat styling tools.
It can also be used on dry hair to refresh your style and I love it to add in some curls at the ends of my hair.

Insider tip: My hair stylist years ago recommended that I use a detoxifying shampoo at least once a month to remove all of the residue from my hair products.
It’s all about the health of the scalp which is the foundation of our hair. Vegamour recommends using it weekly, but in my case, I will continue to use it monthly.

Vegamour Gro review with hair serum

Vegamour Hair Serum

Unlike the shampoo and conditioner, I use the hair serum, eyelash serum, and eyebrow serum daily. That’s why this Vegamour Gro review is concentrated on these products.

Let’s talk about a hair serum. Many companies have this type of product yet not all are used for the same issues.

For example, I have a hair serum in my medicine cabinet that is used to smooth the hair after styling.

This Vegamour Hair serum is NOT that. It’s a scalp product made to help those thinning areas look thicker. It’s powered by plant-based actives, and I used it primarily in the temple area of my forehead.

Personally, I used to use a couple of different brands of this type of product in the past and it helped tremendously. And then with the stress and craziness of moving houses, it became a habit I decided to minimize. All of a sudden I noticed the change in the photo below.

That’s when I realized that hair serum was something I needed to use daily.
It takes 3-4 months to see a difference, so it’s not optimal yet, but already I can tell it’s better.

Insider tip: You can use the hair serum and massage it in with your fingers. Or you can purchase the serum with the scalp massager. I happen to love the massager as it feels better on my scalp.

Eyebrow serum Vegamour

Eyebrow and Eyelash Serum

You never realize how eyebrows and eyelashes make a difference in the look of your face until they start disappearing.

These two products (along with the hair serum) are the ones I used daily in my routine.

I have been using eyelash serum for over 5 years now, and I have to admit, it’s a splurge that I doubt I will stop anytime soon.
It’s so nice to have long lashes again and it’s refreshing to know that this brand is toxin-free.

Insider tip: Some women report that when eyelash serums first came out, they made their eyes red, but Vegamour’s does not have the chemical that causes that.
In fact, you can read more about what makes Vegamour eyelash serum effective.

For this Vegamour Gro review, I also was able to try out the eyebrow serum which is also as toxin-free as the eyelash serum.

When I first started having issues with thinning eyebrows, I would use my eyelash serum on my brows. And while that works, I think Vegamour’s sponge applicator tip is easier and more effective.

Personal proof: I can easily say that my eyebrows are thicker now than 6 weeks ago. Just putting on my eyebrow gel is proof because it has more hairs to cling to instead of me painting my skin with the gel.

Vegamour Gro review

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