Virtual Birthday Party Style: 6 Easy Looks To Pull From Your Closet

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Have you ever attended a virtual birthday party?? One of my friends, Ada, is celebrating her birthday and invited us to celebrate with her. She will be posting her looks sometime this week, so make sure to visit her.
I came up with 6 easy looks that you already have in your closet because it’s better to shop your closet than have to buy something new.

Virtual Birthday Party Outfits
1-Dress & Cardigan
2-Maxi Dress & Jacket
3-Skirt & Top
4-Wide-leg Pants
5-Dressy Pants

Quote of the day: “The best dreams happen when you’re awake” Cherie Gilderbloom

Even when you retire and have a very casual lifestyle, there will always be those events that pop up where you will need something fancier. Just think about weddings, graduations, and even virtual birthday parties.
It’s SO much better to already have clothing options already in your closet than stressing about going shopping and finding something.

Insider tip: So when you find a fabulous deal on an item especially if it fits amazingly, don’t give in to the thought “but I have no place to wear it”. Buy it and practice wearing it even for casual days.

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Dress and cardigan for a celebration

Dress: Kristin Davis from thredUp ~~ Cardigan: Boden ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~Scarf: Gibby’s Frillery c/o–Jodie20 for 20% off~~ Earrings: LDWatkins designs~~ Glasses: Zenni Optical

1-Dress & Cardigan

Wearing a dress is one of the easiest outfits you can wear to a virtual birthday party or any such occasion. Heck, even a t-shirt dress can be made to look fancier with the right accessories and shoes.

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Or in my example above, you can take a dress and wear it with sneakers to have it seem more casual.
A sleeveless dress can easily be worn with a cardigan or jacket in the cooler weather, or if it’s hot outside, it’s perfect on its own.

Insider tip: Don’t forget that your glasses can act as a fun accessory to your look. I’ve showcased many options for online glasses because they are budget-oriented.

Outfit Details

This dress is a knit material and can be both dressy and casual. It has its own ties in the front, but I also added a Gibby’s scarf to make it more colorful.
Online thrifting is another great option if you don’t have many thrift stores in your area. The dress was from thredUp and you can find great deals on the site.

Insider tip: For first-timers, you can get $10 off (and I get $10 credit) to thredUp through my link.

These sneakers are the “Orleans” style from Walking Cradles. I always like them because while they are a sneaker, they can basically look like a loafer too and be worn with everything.

Maxi dress and leather jacket

Dress: Banana Republic-thrifted at Horizon thrift~~ Jacket: Steinmart~~ Boots: Penny Loves Kenny~~ Necklace: from Savers~~ Earrings: Pam Neri ~~ Purse: no label

2-Maxi Dress and Jacket

A maxi dress is another great option for these special occasions. If it seems too dressy, you can always make it more casual with certain types of jackets like a leather jacket or denim jacket.

For cooler weather: The jacket and booties keep you warm.
For warmer weather: No topper needed and pull out the sandals.

Outfit Details

I found this dress thrifting and it fit perfectly-no need to shorten it or anything. Since the jacket seemed heavier compared to the dress, I also added a heavier necklace.

Insider tip: If you have a thin pearl necklace that doesn’t seem to stand out, layer it with other necklaces. You can mix pearls and other stones together.

Yellow skirt for a virtual birthday party

Skirt: Elodie ~~ Top: Outback Red ~~ Shoes: Kelly & Katie ~~ Necklace: given to me by Suzette~~ Purse: It’s a photograph box

3-Skirt & Top

Separates can be popular since you can mix and match easier. So grab a skirt and pair it with one of your tops.
This kind of look can be made more casual with different footwear or if you add heels, it looks fancier.

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Outfit Details

The sweater top is an old one but that doesn’t make it any less fabulous. I tucked it into the skirt for better proportions. If you don’t like to tuck your tops, then think about adding a knot with a clear elastic to give it more interest.

You wouldn’t believe how I got this necklace. I was following along on Suzette’s Instagram stories and she offered to send some of her jewelry if you asked for it. And she did, which was the nicest thing ever. Since then, I have paid it forward by sending pieces to friends.

And the purse?? It’s not really a purse but one of those boxes made to house photographs.

Insider tip: Many things that have handles can be used as a purse. Think about jewelry boxes, wine carriers, and lunchboxes.

Wide leg pants for a virtual birthday party

Pants: Do + Be ~~ Top: Misha from Fashom ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Heather” c/o ~~ Bracelet: Audra Style ~~ Earrings: Audra Style ~~ Purse: bought at the Art Museum

4- Wide Leg Pants

The advantage of wide-leg pants is they can actually look like a skirt and therefore I feel like they are perfect for either a virtual birthday party or even some of your fancier events this summer.

One tip when wearing wide-leg pants is to pair them with a more fitted and shorter top. For those of you that feel uncomfortable in shorter tops, then go for an artsy look with two flowy pieces like I did here. Make it look intentional if you are going to “break the rules”.

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Outfit Details

This pair of white wide pants was an impulse buy at a deep discount. Yet, I have ended up wearing them more than I thought I would. I like how cool they are in the summer and create a different silhouette.

My blue top is a piece from an online shopping service called Fashom. More about the service in #6.

Insider tip: If you are looking for more unique items, then it is good to shop in different places. Otherwise, we all look like we shop at the same stores.

The sandals are Walking Cradles that are part of their Metro+ collection with increased arch support. You can find them under the Metro + tab on their site, and look for the shoes that say “Great arch support”.

BTW, this purse was found at the Phoenix Art Museum gift shop. My mom has taught me that many gift shops have very unique and fabulous items.

Bright pants and cardigan

Pants: Talbots -thrifted ~~ Cardigan: Zara~~ Top: from Roka Boutqiue~~ Shoes: no label ~~ Earrings: Bias Cut

5-Dressy Pants

In all honesty, some birthday parties are much more casual than others. So don’t rule out a pair of jeans or other types of pants for this option.

You could always wear a silk blouse with a pair of darker jeans and look appropriate for the occasion. Remember, jeans are only as casual as you make them.

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Insider tip: This is the perfect time to wear your work pants even if you’re retired.

Outfit Details

I recently thrifted these silk pants and paired them with this micro cardigan since they were almost the same color. This cardigan is the perfect way to add sleeves to a camisole without the bulk.
Since the pants and cardigan were so brightly colored, I paired them with a neutral camisole and shoes.

Notice the brooch on my sweater. There’s no reason not to add the extras to any look.

Insider tip: If you are wearing a brooch, you can stick it through the top and cardigan to keep them hooked together so they don’t move.

What to wear to a virtual birthday party

Jumpsuit: from Fashom~~ Shoes: Bullboxer~~ Earrings:


Jumpsuits are along the same wavelength as dresses in that you don’t have to match a top with the bottoms. Since they are all together, you can consider it one and done.

Insider tip: Don’t wear jumpsuits because of the bathroom issue? Look for ones that have their closure in the front like the one I’m wearing in the photo.

For cooler weather, jumpsuits are great, but I prefer to layer under them so the trip to the bathroom is easier. For example, I did that here.

Outfit Details

This jumpsuit I found from an online shopping service called Fashom. It was one of the 5 items in the box I talked about here. I do LOVE that it buttons up the front so going to the bathroom is much easier.

Insider tip: If you are interested in the service, go through my link for $20 off. And I also get $20 credit to use with them. BTW, you can sometimes request certain items like this jumpsuit.

I kept the sandals neutral with a rose gold color and even wore minimal accessories.

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Make sure to pop over to Ada’s blog in the next week to see all of the other attendees for her virtual birthday party.

Virtual birthday party outfits shopped from my closet

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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