Wardrobe Essentials for the Mature Women

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Every woman should have a dress up outfit

Wardrobe Essentials for the Mature Women

By this time in our life, I’m sure we’ve all accumulated some wardrobe essentials in our closet. The same events seem to come around for us including funerals, and dates which Lesley covered in her post. Along with the occasional spring wedding which I showcased in my post.

Quote of the day: “If you’re passionate about your work, it makes the people around you want to be involved too.” Wanda Sykes

If there is one thing I’m passionate about it’s how to make our clothing more versatile AND having fun with our style. I want every woman to feel good in their clothes, and not think they have to follow rules. So when we talk about wardrobe essentials, of course that will be different for every woman out there. Yet, there are the events like I listed above that are normal occurrences for most of us.

Even when we retire, that doesn’t mean life stops! So my mom chose the theme for wardrobe essentials as dressing up. You never know when some circumstance will pop up that you need to get dressed up. Heck, this could be for the events I’ve already mentioned like a funeral or a wedding.
It’s SO MUCH easier to have one already in your closet than to have to go shopping at the last minute. The right base for your dressy outfit, makes it easy to tailor it to the occasion.

And if you’re one not to wear many dresses, I hope I can twist your arm to reconsider. Especially in the summer, certain dresses are going to be much cooler and easier to wear. Making them versatile can be accomplished with different jackets or kimonos (like I am showcasing in the widget at the bottom of this post).

Part of Charlotte’s Wardrobe Essentials

Dressing up as part of your wardrobe essential

Dress: Donna Morgan ~~Jacket: Zara-thrifted ~~Shoes: Naturalizer~~ Belt: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Hunt Club

First let’s talk about this green dress on my mother. She saw it on one of the lady television announcers, and then on another one, both in different colors. So when she saw it at Nordstrom Rack, she was excited to bring it home. Sure, she vacillated if at her age she needed another dress, but luckily she bought it. Heck, I’ll take her out for her birthday next January just so she’ll have another excuse to wear it.

As for the details about the dress, my mom shortened it about 3 inches to make it seem more modern. While it’s good to have all different lengths of dresses in your closet, it’s also important that the length is good for your body.
The color was another factor. When my mom first bought this, she thought it was navy in the store. However, when she showed it to me, I saw the tag said forest green.

Wardrobe essential for women

Most of us would think of this color for fall or winter, yet I think my mom is showing how wonderfully it could work for the warmer months also.
Remember there are many ways to wear a dress too. We’ve shown them being worn to look like a top, a skirt or even layering under them.

Accessories to the Rescue

Sure, a dress can be considered one and done, yet adding a belt is an easy way to change the focal point. This metal belt is ancient. Charlotte bought it at our Hungarian festival back when we lived in Toledo, Ohio in the 1970’s. It’s one of those pieces you don’t wear often, but when you do, it makes a statement.

The earrings are jade from her trip to Hong Kong over 15 years ago.

To Jacket or Not to Jacket

Not every dress needs a jacket, yet it’s certainly an easy way to change up the look. For this outfit, my mom grabbed a recent thrift store purchase that adds brightness to the darker dress.
The jacket is the brand Zara, which many think of as a younger girl’s store. Hopefully, this will give you the realization that no store should be off limits due to our age. The faux leather jacket adds a little bit of edginess to a more classic dress like this.

Heels for older women

Heels or Flats?

It’s traditional to wear heels with a dress. Yet for those of you who can’t wear heels anymore, there are still ways to make the outfit look great.
There are other ways to make the shoes seem appropriate with a dress like shine, cutouts or even texture.

Styling a wardrobe essential for woman over 80

Adding a Whimsical Jacket

A more casual jacket can make your dress seem less formal. This jacket is actually mine that I picked out for mom at the last minute before these photos. I tend to wear this jacket in the spring because of the lighter color as you can see from this post.
Pairing the darker dress with its same color only a lighter shade, is a great option. Charlotte didn’t change anything except the jacket for this next outfit, yet it still looks very different.

Jackets make a wardrobe essential versatile

There are so many casual jackets that would work with dresses, jeans or pants. Even here in Arizona, I need them all year long because of the different temperatures in stores and restaurants.

The other way to make this dress more casual would be the shoes. Even though some of you don’t love sneakers with dresses, that would be an option. Or sandals would be another choice.

Summer Dreaming

Finally, adding a summerish kimono or topper is the last example my mom wanted to show as part of her wardrobe essentials for a dress up occasion. When you have a solid colored dress, you can add so many prints or other solids to it for variety.
This white cardigan is wonderful since it’s an open weave. In fact, it’s one of those pieces that could be used as a swim suit cover up also.

White and green for spring and summer

Notice, that my mom did change out her shoes and purse for this look. The white sandals are a pair of Jambu ones that we wore for a spring look last year.
And the bright green purse adds such a pop of color, doesn’t it?

So I hope your wardrobe essentials includes a dress or dressy outfit, even if you don’t wear it often. Like I said before, it’s better to have it than to have to go find one at the last minute.
And if you need help shopping online for one, please reach out to me at Jtouchofstyle@gmail.com. I’m happy to send you links to ones that would work for you.

Wardrobe essentials for the mature woman

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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