Wardrobe Sharing: Daring to Try Other Styles

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Wardrobe sharing pieces for women over seventy

Wardrobe Sharing: Daring to Try Other Styles

Our wardrobe sharing started after a suggestion to be the kind of older gal whose younger friends want to wear your clothes. At the same time, there was a comment that a woman’s daughter had to borrow some of her clothes for work. Even though the mother and daughter had different body shapes/sizes, the daughter found some things to wear and was even complimented on the pieces.

Quote of the day: “If you learn something new every day, you can teach something new every day.” Martha Stewart

We certainly could learn something new just by raiding our friend’s closet. You can see what Charlotte pilfered for our wardrobe sharing from both of our closets. And now it’s Lesley’s turn.
I also gave 5 good reasons in the last post about why this exercise could be so beneficial.
Make sure to see how it can work even when you and your friends are not the same size.

I’ve discussed having a clothing swap in the past, and while those are a fabulous way to “purge” and “shop” for free, wardrobe sharing can be even better. It’s basically like free rental clothing. And it can work even if your friends aren’t the same size. Lesley, Charlotte, and I are all very different sizes and shapes, yet we still found some great pieces to share.

The other challenge we tried last year was to go to each other’s closets and put together outfits for each other. You don’t realize what a rut we get into with our clothes and style until you try new things.

Lesley’s Wardrobe Sharing from Jodie’s Closet

Lesley borrowed this yellow print kimono from me (and we forgot to have her grab earrings or a purse, oops). You’ve seen me wear this kimono many times on the blog. My favorite time was using it with my color recipe to give options of different color combinations.

Bright colors for fall

Pants: Style & Co~~ Top: Zennia Outfitters-thrifted ~~ Kimono: Jodies-Angie~~Shoes: Cityscape ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings:

Now, it’s no surprise that Lesley liked this kimono of mine. She has the same one in a different colorway. We both bought the kimonos at the same time at the same store last year. You can see Lesley wearing her darker one last fall which she also tied up to create a different proportion.
The colors of my yellow print kimono are not ones that Lesley gravitates towards, but she told me after these photos, that she would keep this kimono if I didn’t want it, haha!!

It’s my theory that too many times, we keep buying the same colors because they are what is already in our closet. Yet many times, a new color can fit in just as well.
In fact, I think this kimono acts as a great topper that ties together the olive pants and lilac top that Lesley is wearing.

Capri pants and kimono

Wardrobe Sharing from Charlotte’s Closet

The two items from Charlotte’s closet are the poncho and purse.
My mom made this scarf poncho and has worn it styled 2 ways before (the “v” in the front can be turned so it’s a boatneck style). Since there are different colors around the poncho, you can decide which colors you prefer to have in front.

Poncho for zucchini shapes

Pants: Style & Co~~ Poncho: Charlotte made it~~ Top: Chicos~~ Boots: Jambu c/o~~ Purse: Charlottes

The canine models wanted to be part of the photoshoot too. Lily is the darker pup and Dolly is the lighter one. Both are Lesley’s companions and have even joined us in a couple of other blog posts here and here.

Lesley will tell you that she has a zucchini-shaped body, so instead of belting the poncho, she left it unbelted. She also layered a collared blouse under it.

And to balance out the flowy poncho, Lesley wore leggings with it. I also love how she wore a white collared blouse under the poncho.

The purse is one of those whimsical pieces that every woman needs. Sure, we tend to concentrate on the “basic” items, but those aren’t always what brings us joy!

Poncho made from a scarf

Do you Admire a Friend’s Closet?

I think many times we admire our friend’s clothing. Once you try something that you may not have in your closet, you might realize it could also work in your wardrobe.
So share this post with your bestie and see if they want to have fun like this.

Wardrobe sharing

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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