Red outfit for ladies for holidays

Ways to Exploit the Shades of Red Outfits for Ladies

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Since it is the holiday season with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to exploit the shades of red outfits for ladies.
Yet, I hope you realize this kind of look can be worn no matter what season. Even in the summer, you can switch the exact items for more lightweight ones, and you are good to go.

Quote of the day: “I tell you, if one wants to be active, one mustn’t be afraid to do something wrong. To be good-many people think that they’ll achieve it by doing no harm and that’s a lie. That leads to stagnation, to mediocrity…” Vincent van Gogh

While many of us think that red is a bold color, that’s no reason not to try other shades if you want something a bit more subdued.
Remember there are so many variations of every color out there and what you call it doesn’t matter.

In all honesty, I don’t think we should worry about how bright a color is but more about how the shade of the color looks and feels. I believe there is a shade of every color for every woman, and wearing color is psychologically powerful. More about that at the end of this post.
For now, let’s break down Nancy’s outfit for our night on the town.

Shades of red outfits for ladies with black and white

Dress: Z Supply~~ Cardigan: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Chinese Laundry~~ Necklaces: 3 layered~~ Earrings:

Red Outfits for Ladies

Nancy had this burgundy dress in her closet and decided to wear it for the idea of red outfits for ladies. Burgundy is in the red family, so it goes to show how there are options for everyone.
Charlotte wore the brighter version for her red outfits for women yet also showed how to make it seem less bold.
Of course, you could incorporate red in other aspects of your outfit as I showcased.

Even though both of the times Nancy has worn this dress on the blog before were “dressier” times, my push is to try to get us thinking how a knit dress like this could be part of a casual outfit too.
For instance, it’s basically a t-shirt dress, so why not wear it as we’ve done in the past with those kinds of dresses?

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Heck, you could take this same dress and cardigan and pair it with silver sneakers and different accessories to wear to the grocery store!!
Remember, we have great clothes, so it only behooves us to wear them!!

How the Accessories Set the Tone

Nancy and I were talking about this outfit before we met up and she asked me if she should wear the longer pearl necklace or the shorter pearl necklace. And my response? BOTH!! Then she went above and beyond and even added a third one to the mix. It looks fantastic.

This is such an easy trick most of us can do if we have a bunch of necklaces. It’s the same concept with friends or necklaces, the more, the merrier, right? Besides what I’ve learned is that we tend to buy the same kind of things over and over, so I bet you have a couple of necklaces that are similar.

Insider tip: Sometimes even I struggle with which necklaces to layer, but here’s the simple trick. Pick 2 (or more) that have similar beads or colors. For this example, all of the pearls tie it together. Then you can vary the lengths or not!! If you need to shorten a necklace, don’t forget to use my favorite clear elastics.
BTW, I showcase some successes and failures on the blog with different combinations of necklaces.

Neutral print cardigan with red outfits for ladies

Neutral Print Cardigan

This type of cardigan is one of those that would work with any color in your closet. It’s a combination of two neutrals and even a couple of different prints. It creates an interesting duster or coat without any work on your part.

Nancy bought this cardigan at our Chico’s event many years ago. You can see how she wore it with her burgundy velvet pants here. That’s not to say that burgundy is the only color that goes with this cardigan. Because it’s black and white, it will go with any color under the sun.
Not sure you believe me? Then hold it up next to the other colors in your closet and you’ll see. And don’t just wear it with a dress, a long cardigan like this works with pants and jeans too. (As shown when we styled long cardigans here).

I love that Nancy chose this cardigan to add to her closet. It’s one of those statement pieces that showcase her wonderful personality.

Sparkle shoes

Metallic shoes

Going out for a dress-up time in the winter, shouldn’t only mean black shoes. Having some other variety in your closet is always a good idea.
However, if you do have a pair of metallic shoes that you always wear for the “fancy” times, I challenge you to break them out and wear them with jeans. Our footwear is no different than our clothing in that it’s silly to “save” them for special occasions. Everything can be worn in many different ways as well as every day is special!!

Then again, if you are putting together red outfits for ladies and wanted other options for footwear, besides black or metallic, let’s think this through.
Of course, you could always go with a matching burgundy option. Or white which is extremely modern right now.

But what else?? Your grey neutrals would also work fabulously with a combination like this. Both the lighter grey version would lighten up the look just as the metallic ones do. OR a charcoal grey would work with the black and white print as a lighter version of black.
Even some shades of the browns would be an option. Burgundy and some of the darker browns are very similar.

Yet let’s not forget that you can add a totally different color to the mix. What color goes well with burgundy?? I would say the color red since it’s the same color but a different shade.
And if left to my own devices?? I think a yellow bootie would be so fun.

Print duster as jacket

Why Red Outfits for Ladies?

We’ve all heard the song “Lady in Red” (here it is on YouTube if you’re not sure which one I’m talking about) It’s one of those iconic songs that really gives you all those love vibes.
We are NEVER too old for those vibes. Red may be a bold and powerful color but that doesn’t mean once we turn a certain age, those adjectives don’t apply anymore.

I say all of the time how the psychology of color is not just for us wearing it, but also for the people that see us and react to us. If we want to be invisible, that’s easy. But I hope you’re reading this because you are fighting that invisibility.

Nancy shows that wearing red, a statement cardigan and sparkly shoes is certainly one way to stand out and be noticed!!

Shades of red outfits for ladies

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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