Ways to Style Post Workout Clothes

Styling post workout clothes

Ways to Style Post Workout Clothes

There can certainly be a ton of ways to style your post workout clothes so you can go from the gym to a quick errand before heading home. Sure, it takes some planning on your part, but that’s where I’m here to help.

Quote of the day: ” One possible reason why things aren’t going according to plan is that there never was a plan.” Ashleigh Brilliant

Sure, it can seem like a lot of work to figure out some post workout clothes to make your outfit seem less gymish. Is it worth it? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on your preference. I know, it’s Murphy’s Law for me that I will run into someone when I’m out on the days that I’m not looking my best, LOL.

Many of you commented that you are too gross after your workouts to even think about going out in public. But I did have a suggestion from Dust and Dog Hair. Her son is a long distance runner and uses wet wipes. There are even some that are biodegradable.

Hanging out in our post workout clothes

What We Wore

If you missed the individual posts, then let me give you a synopsis here. And I’ll showcase some other options from our past blogs that could work for this idea too. Along with a reader, Karen, who joined us for this theme.

My mom experimented with putting a maxi skirt over her leggings which is an easy way to cover up.

Then Nancy added a kimono topper over her t-shirt and it is long enough to provide coverage over her leggings.

I decided to remove my t-shirt and throw a dress over my leggings and sports bra. I did cheat a little by rolling up my leggings so they wouldn’t show much. It’s funny how Karen, below, basically had the same idea with no prompting from me.


I’d like to introduce Karen. She has joined us a couple of times on the blog in the past. And has been a long time reader on the blog. Karen even shared via email how she painted her cabinets in her place when we were considering it in our place. It’s been so nice to connect with her.

For this concept of how to change up her workout clothes to run errands Karen shares in her words:

“This is what I wore to the gym, the real deal, complete with sweat!!! How I would change this up to go out for lunch or errands, straight from the gym is easy.

It required me taking only three additional things to the gym: my knit dress ( from J.Jill) purchased several years ago, then shoes and a necklace. I only took the dress into the gym to put on afterwards. The shoes and necklace stayed in the car where I put them on afterwards. 

Same sports bra (barely shows at the neckline), but it’s there, and same pants. I did nothing to my hair so it’s super easy to transition into my errand/lunch look.  Took my small wallet/clutch. Easy! “

Wearing a Topper/Tunic

The idea of adding a topper or longer top over your gym clothes seems like something everyone might be able to do.

I have worn a kimono top with capri style leggings. A kimono top is lightweight and flowy, so would be nice to cover a sweaty sports bra.

Nancy has worn a fun tunic over leggings in the past, so it seemed like an obvious idea for this post. If you click over, you’ll notice that Karen joined us for this post also.

Charlotte has this great long vest that she’s made. Any long vest like this would be an option since it’s long enough to cover your behind in leggings.

A Maxi Skirt

The thought of adding a maxi skirt over your leggings would be relatively easy too. You wouldn’t even need to necessarily take off the leggings or roll them up.

Nancy has a knit maxi that is easy to tie up on the side too if you needed some ventilation for the hotter months.

Charlotte wore a longer skirt for a beach cover up in the past. Many of our beach cover up ideas would work for post workout clothes too.

I have a maxi skirt that is more like a midi for you taller women. I find it’s super comfy for traveling also, and would be perfect for many occasions.


Add a dress over your workout outfit like Karen and I did, could also be something to consider. It may take more planning, but once you know which ones work, then it’s easier.

Charlotte has this tunic dress that she purchased on a cruise. It’s one of those pieces that could work for a swim suit cover up, dress or this idea.

A t-shirt dress is one of those casual dresses that is great for the summer months. This is one example that you might want to remove your leggings with before you go out, unless your t-shirt dress matches them.

Nancy has a maxi dress that would be just as good as the maxi skirts I showcased above.

Adding pieces to our workout wear for errands

So there it is. Many ways to style post workout clothes so you can run errands in style. Would you take the time to do this?? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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