Options of ways to wear taupe boots

Ways to Wear Taupe Boots -5 Unique Looks

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When we decided to showcase some of the winter selection of Walking Cradles boots, I didn’t plan on the fact that we would all choose light-colored ones. Yet since we did pick basically the same shades of light tan, I thought it would be helpful to showcase 5 ways to wear taupe boots.

Quote of the day: “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” Mae Jemison

One fabulous detail is that Walking Cradles has allowed my discount code Jodie15 to be used by everyone, even if you’ve used it before.

Ways to wear taupe boots
The reason we love Walking Cradles
1-Monochromatic outfit
2-Match the boots to the top half of your outfit
3-Style the boots to match the bottom half
4-Find a print that has the color in it
5-Have the boots be a different color than the outfit
6-Review of the Knox, Georgia & Lewis boots

Since the original idea of this article was to give you some insight into the winter boots available from Walking Cradles, I will include a review of our 3 boots at the bottom of this article.
Yet since the three of us all chose basically the same color of boots, I thought I would first concentrate on ways to wear taupe boots.

Insider tip: These concepts can be used with any color of footwear as a way to style an outfit.

You might think that winter means dark color footwear, but I believe in equal opportunity for all colors of boots. So let’s hear it for these taupe ones (although it’s funny to note that all three of our boots are described by different names on the website).

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Ways to wear taupe boots for any age
Yes, that is dirt on the heel of my boots because I’ve been wearing them so much.

What Makes Walking Cradles Different

Many women will say, “oh my shoes are so comfy”, but I always want to know why. That’s why we also show the shoes up close and personal when we are styling them below. In case you don’t know the background about Walking Cradles, let me give you the cliff notes.

The biggest aspect that sets them apart is the inclusive sizes. If you have a foot that is on the smaller, thinner, bigger, or wider scale, then you know how hard it is to find shoes that fit. Let alone stylish shoes.
What I mean is that this brand offers sizes 4-13 in 4 different widths of narrow, medium, wide, and wide-wide. Now as you can imagine, the unusual sizes sell out much faster because there aren’t as many of those shoes made. Thus, if you fall into that category for your feet, your best bet to get the shoes you want is to sign up for their newsletter and order the shoes when they are first released.

Insider tip: If they are unavailable in your size, it can’t hurt to reach out and use the Contact Us form to tell them your size and which shoe is not available anymore. They don’t know to make more of a certain size if people don’t tell them.

The other factors why I love and appreciate Walking Cradles is
1-“Tiny Pillows” in the insoles for wonderful cushioning of your feet. Plus the suede microfiber footbed is part of many of the styles.
2-The brand concentrates on comfort. There are a couple of types of arch support offered in their shoes from moderate to enhanced. If you need more than the usual arch support in your footwear, make sure to check out the Metro+ Collection tab. There is a “Dalton” bootie if you need extra arch support and want a boot.
3-They are a small business located in St. Louis, MO. These are real people working to make your feet happy. With this comes incredible customer service from everyone at Walking Cradles.

I am an ambassador for Walking Cradles because I really love and wear their shoes. This means I have a discount code, JODIE15, and I do receive a commission from any purchases. Thank you for supporting both my site and Walking Cradles. Usually, the discount is only for first-time buyers, but right now you are able to use it even if you have used it before.
The three of us were gifted these shoes to style.
BTW, I link to the Walking Cradles site and then you can search for the style by using the “Search” in the top right and typing in the style you like. Or feel free to browse all of their selections.

BTW, you can find the Walking Cradles brand on Zappo’s site also, and sometimes there are different styles available. My discount code doesn’t work on the Zappos site but it’s still a great way to support the company.

Ways to Wear Taupe Boots: Monochrome Outfit

Monochrome outfit as ways to wear taupe boots
Skirt: Banana Republic-thrifted ~~Poncho: Banana Republic Factory~~ Top: Ann Taylor~~ Boots: Walking Cradles– “Knox”

I don’t often wear a monochromatic outfit, but I decided to copy the two tones of taupe from the shoes into my outfit.
What is interesting is how the skirt is really gold in real life, yet can appear like a light tan in certain lights.

The poncho is very oversized, so I used a hair tie to gather the ends up and create an asymmetrical look.

Insider tip: To make a monochrome outfit more interesting make sure to incorporate some texture. I did this with the floral skirt that you’ve seen me wear here.

Match the Boots To Your Top

Ways to wear taupe boots with matching top half of outfit
Skirt: Zenana ~~ Jacket: Nordstrom Rack~~ Top: I knitted it~~ Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox” ~~ Belt: from Goodwill ~~ Earrings: Isly NYC c/o use code, L1QX92I3NS ~~ Purse: from Target

For this example of ways to wear taupe boots, I styled a light brown jacket for the top half of my look and kept the bottom half darker.
BTW, this blazer is over 10 years old and I used to wear it at the office. Corduroy hasn’t been trending until recently, so it hasn’t been worn. But I knew the material would be popular again.

Even though the outfit is relatively neutral, I added my personality with the textures and extras.
The textures come from
1- Furry sweater which I knitted (and it was a failure at first. I showed my struggles on Instagram here and then here).
2- A studded belt that is pink and sparkly, yet not super obvious.


Even though this outfit is to showcase ways to wear taupe boots, I couldn’t ignore the extras. I decided to add 3 different small pins to my blazer lapel. Since there were bits of pink in my belt and pins, I carried that color into my backpack selection too.

The clear acrylic earrings were a PR item from IslyNYC, and I love how lightweight they are. Save 10% with code, L1QX92I3NS.

Knox Boots

These boots are combat-style boots without the clunky or thick heels usually associated with combat boots. I would call them a great way to get an edgier look without feeling too trendy.
I wore a pair of sheer, scalloped socks with the boots to give them a more feminine feel.

The Knox comes in this Milkshake color as well as Black.

A couple of fabulous details about the Walking Cradles Knox boot
1-Mixture of leather and canvas
2-Double gore on the back so it stretches
3-Flocked fur lining inside
4-Zipper so you don’t need to tie them after you get them comfortably laced.
5-Great tread for stability
6-1 inch heel and tiny pillows inside

Blazer and stretchy pencil skirt with taupe combat boots

Style the Boots to Match the Bottom Half

Ways to wear taupe boots to match your pants
Pants: Chicos-thrifted ~~ Turtleneck: Dickey from Wintersilks~~ Vest: Anthropologie ~~ Top: Cyrus-thrifted~~ Boots: Walking Cradles “Lewis”~~ Purse: no label

Charlotte always loves the idea of matching any footwear to her pants for the sake of matching. This is a great option if you are trying to put the focus on the top half of the outfit.
Basically, you are creating a long line of the color tan from the bottom of the top to the feet. By doing this you are having the eye basically ignore that part of the outfit, and having it focus elsewhere.

Not that we don’t want you to notice these boots, haha. But it’s one of the ways to wear taupe boots.

My mom wore 3 different layers for the top half of her outfit. The turtleneck is a dickey. If you are old enough to know what a dickey is, it’s basically the same concept as the Halftees I love to promote.

Related post: Halftees winter edition

The brown, turtleneck dickey is under a salmon-colored sweater which is under the striped sweater vest. You can see how Charlotte wore the sweater vest over a white top last time.


My mom always wears extras just like I do (I can say that it’s in my genes). She matched her earrings and purse to the darker brown of the turtleneck and even wore an owl ring.

Lewis Boots

These boots are a basic that will stand the test of time. They have a larger toe box for anyone who needs it. For instance, my mom has a hammer toe starting on one of her toes, so this extra room was appreciated.

The Lewis also comes in 2 different varieties. This light taupe boot as well as one of the black styles has leather fronts with a suede back portion. The other black style and the darker brown style are pure leather from front to back.

Details about the Walking Cradles Lewis boot
1-Inside zipper for easy on and off
2-1 inch heel with tiny pillows insole
3-Walled toe box for more toe room
4-Micro-suede inside
5-Gore hidden near the zipper for stretch

Sweater vest with tan pants as ways to wear taupe boots

Print Item With Taupe In It

Walking Cradles Georgia boots in taupe
Dress: Chicos (It’s a skirt)~~ Jacket: Style & Co-Macys ~~ Boots: Walking Cradles “Georgia” ~~ Scarf: ~~ Necklace: tied to fit in the neckline better~~ Purse: Boutique in Wickenburg

Let’s all give Lesley a hand for going out of her comfort zone by styling a “dress” with ankle boots. She even confessed, “Boots with a skirt is not my style usually, but this great nude color changes the concept for me.  I might start styling this look more often now”.

This dress is actually a midi skirt that you’ve seen Lesley wear with a leather jacket. Many of the younger girls use this trick with long skirts and adding a belt to give shaping. Yet Lesley is showing that you don’t have to add a belt to make it look great. She used her black denim jacket as a way to give shape to the overall look.


Lesley wanted to wear this black bead necklace, however, it was too long for her preference. Until she tied a knot in it before clasping it.

Insider tip: You are the boss of your clothing and accessories. Don’t be afraid to adjust them to make them work best for a particular look.

Georgia Boots

These somewhat pointed-toe boots have a bit of Western flair because of the leather detailing.

Besides this Oatmilk color that Lesley is wearing, the Georgia boots come in a scotch-colored brown as well as black.

Other details of the Walking Cradles Georgia boot include
1-Flocked fur inside
2-Zipper for ease of getting on and off
3-1.5 inch heel
4- Higher shaft but with a “v” on each side so they are comfortable
5-Tiny pillows on the insoles.

Black jacket and print skirt as ways to wear taupe boots

Ways to Wear Taupe Boots with No Taupe in the Outfit

Ways to wear taupe boots in winter outfit
Leggings: Peach~~ Top: Target~~ Sweater: Wooden Ships-won in a giveaway ~~ Boots: Walking Cradles “Knox” ~~ Hat: DSW

The last option I wanted to show for ways to wear taupe boots is in an outfit where there is no other taupe. Meaning the boots are the only item of that color.

I always think this is such a modern way to put together an outfit. The kids nowadays don’t obsess over matching as our generation does.
The reality is that taupe boots are neutral, so you should be able to wear them with anything and everything.

I like the fact that they add a lightness to the look. Too many times our winter outfits are so dark and dreary. Just like the weather, but isn’t this the time we need some lightness and brightness to counteract the weather?
So with this outfit, I wore black print leggings and a pink sweater. The pink sweater does have a lighter overall effect for the look and the taupe boots play well with that detail.

Women over 50 and ways to wear taupe boots

Our Review of Walking Cradles Knox, Lewis, and Georgia Boots

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that all three of us are in love with our Walking Cradles boots. We have never been disappointed with the quality and comfort of our WC shoes and this time is no exception.

BTW, we wore these boots on a walking trip to explore some homes in a town an hour away. It was a full day of walking, and while we were tired at the end of the day, our shoes were not killing our feet. It’s really impressive to find boots that are well-made and stylish to allow for a day of walking this way.

Jodie with the Knox: “I have worn these walking around our neighborhood as well as for errands as you’ve seen in many of the daily outfits I’ve showcased. Some boots prove to be heavy at the end of the day, but these Knox boots aren’t that way.”

Charlotte with the Lewis: “I wore these for a full day before our field trip to make sure they would feel okay for our day out. It was amazing how comfortable they were without having to stretch them for the bump on my foot or my toe that sticks up. The sizing is on target and the neutral color is very nice.”

Lesley with the Georgia: “I sized up a half-size just so I could wear socks with these boots and feel comfortable. I really appreciate the zipper to get them on and off because I have a high arch that can make it hard to get into boots that don’t have a zipper. These were very comfortable and easy to walk in.”

4 options of ways to wear taupe boots

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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