Can I Wear Blue to a Funeral?

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Woman over 50 wearing color to a funeral

Can I Wear Blue to a Funeral?

Now this could be a little out there for many people. The idea to wear blue to a funeral, at least a bright blue like this is certainly not the norm. But hear me out below.

Quote of the day: ” Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories.” Unknown

So while I didn’t set out to have all three of us wear other colors besides black for funeral outfits, it just worked out that way. If you missed seeing my mom or Nancy, make sure to see what they styled too. And then I researched some older outfits from the blog to see what else would work.

Teaming up with Kay

I am so excited to be collaborating with Kay from Dressed for my Day today for this theme. If Kay looks familiar it’s because I was able to meet up with her when we were visiting our friends in Arizona. I introduced her in my monthly recap post from March. So make sure to click over and see her idea.

Kay has a wonderful sense of style and even has a second blog that is biblical encouragement and words of hope. What I love about the blogging world is how we can be friends with women who live so far away. And that’s what Kay is to me. A wonderful friend.

Is wearing bright colors okay for a funeral

Jodie’s Wearing

Dress: Victor Costa ~~Kimono: Lady’s World ~~Shoes: American Eagle ~~Necklace: ~~Earrings: ~~Bracelet:~~Purse: Mom made it

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Why I Chose to Wear Blue to a Funeral

In my defense, there is a rationale for me wearing blue to a funeral. My friend, Stacy, was telling my mom that it’s common now for the deceased to have told their family to wear their favorite color. And as soon as that came out of Stacy’s mouth, my mom said, “then I want people to wear blue to my funeral. Bright blue.”

And so I thought I’d make her happy. I’m not sure I’d wear this to other’s people’s funerals. I still consider more muted and dark colors as the overall tone. But if someone suggested a certain color for their own funeral, I think we should honor that.

At the cemetery wearing color for a funeral

This Dress

My dress was given to me from a friend about 10 years ago. I’ve worn it on the blog before with a sheer tunic over it but I don’t wear it often. Maybe because, I tend to consider it dressy because it’s a silk material.

I really love the color of it, so I need to make myself pull it out more often. Maybe I’ll challenge myself to wear it 5 different ways, like I did the gold pants, and put it on the blog.

Since it’s a little lower than I’m comfortable with, I wore my new Shapeez bra that I purchased from their discount rack. If you don’t know what Shapeez is, check out my post about them. I have totally converted and only wear this kind of bra now. This one is basically a cami and bra combined and yet it is a short one for the warmer weather.

Wearing a kimono for a funeral


Kimonos are such the perfect topper for the warmer weather in my opinion. The three of us have certainly worn our share of kimonos on the blog in the past.

And I’ve worn this exact one just last summer with other bright colors. I’ve tried out longer ones too, but I ended up giving my longer ones away. I felt like they overwhelmed me. But that won’t stop me from looking for another long one.

What color to wear to a funeral if not black for older women


At first I thought maybe this necklace and earring set was too much with the overall outfit. However, since I was in the mindset that this is what I’d wear for my mom’s funeral, I figured the more the better. Just call my mom the accessory queen.

This set I bought about 6 years ago from an Israeli artist, and I just love the different materials and colors in it.

Wearing blue to a funeral


I have to tell you that I got these cute shoes for a steal. They are a children’s shoe from Payless. When Payless announced they were starting to liquidate, we had to go see if I could find anything.

And while not everyone can fit into the kid’s section of footwear, if you can, it can be an advantage. I’m a Woman’s size 7, so some young girl’s shoes fit just fine.

The advantage? Usually they are less expensive. For example, with the sale, these were $8. Also, they are usually a smaller heel and easy to get into. The strap on this is velcro, which is SO much easier than a buckle.

Funeral attire with blue

My Funeral

I will concur with Nancy that I do enjoy going to funerals to learn more about the person. Not that I enjoy the fact that they have passed. But it’s such a great way to support and connect with others.

As for me, I would like to give my body to science. When I went through dental school, part of our training included a human dissection. And we were taught to be respectful of this idea because it’s such a great way to learn. Granted, when I pass away, maybe they won’t need people to donate their bodies anymore.

Funeral wear with color

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Friendly reminder…

Make sure to head over to Kay’s blog and see her funeral outfit and rationale behind it. She is as wonderful in person as she seems on her blog.

And if you’re here from Kay’s post, I’d love to welcome you and hope you stay around. It’s not just about me, but also my mom who styled her funeral outfit here, along with my stepmom and her look here. It’s truly a family affair with my husband taking photos.

You can find more about all of us on the about page including our background and relationship. I also have tried to organize past outfits if you are ever interested in a certain style or item.

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