Wearing a Summer Dress in Winter and How to Transition It

Wearing a Summer Dress in Winter and How to Transition It

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Longer cardigan with a dress

Wearing a Summer Dress in Winter and How to Transition It

It may seem silly to think about wearing a summer dress in winter; however, why not make the clothing items we have be versatile? I will walk you through how I took this one summer dress and transitioned it for the colder weather.

Quote of the day: “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since our clothing is an extension of ourselves, then it only makes sense to make the most of it also. And wearing a summer dress in winter is one way to do that.

Why could this be a good trick to have up your sleeve? My best response would be for when you travel. Here are my reasons:
1-It’s hard to know how the temperatures will feel somewhere else. Take for example the humidity and elevation will give you a different “feel”.
2-Layering is smart so you’re warm enough during the chilly times, but can undress when it gets warmer.
3-You are saving space in your suitcase by wearing one piece multiple ways.

You can find more information about this dress at the end of the post along with others that could be just as versatile. And you can see how Rob produced this into a short video on Instagram, here (and if you are really observant, you’ll see I made one change from the video to these photos).

Tunic love

Summer Time

A summer dress is ideal for the hotter weather since it provides more air flow. I was originally worried about the straps with this dress. However, for this photo, I wore a sports bra that matched the color of the straps.
Adding a hat, sandals and straw purse make any dress seem more summery.
Heck, I could wear this as a swim suit cover up too!

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Details of the Outfit

Thanks to one of my readers, Judy, for making this bracelet for me. It’s such a great combination of colors, so I wear it many days.
This hat was gifted from Tenth Street Hats. I love how it’s darker yet still straw. Colorful hats is one of my secrets of wearing non flattering colors and not look washed out.
The sandals are Walking Cradles. This is the lower version of the wedge slide called the Kerry. (This is an older version and the color is not available right now, but check out the styles they still have on their site).

Layering tee with Halftee

Add a Halftee

When it starts to get a tad cooler, it’s nice to have the option to layer under your dress. I’m still wearing sandals and carrying my straw purse, yet it looks different with the tee.
The best reason to add a layer under your dress even for the next steps is because it keeps your dress cleaner. It’s easier to wash the tees instead of the entire dress.

Details of the Outfit

It’s amazing how this Halftee looks like part of the dress. And with these t-shirts you don’t have the bulk of a long shirt. Granted, you can easily wear ANY t-shirt under a dress too.

Insider tip: I signed up to be an ambassador of Halftees because I love them so much in this Arizona heat. Use the code JTOUCH10 to get 10% off through my link. They come in a variety of sleeve lengths and styles, so make sure to check them out.

The sandals are a kid size sandal from Payless. These were the inspiration of adding velcro to most of my ankle strap shoes.

Check out my YouTube video where I show you step by step to convert your buckled ankle straps to velcro.

Insider tip: Did you know that you might be able to wear kid’s shoes? It can’t hurt to try them on next time you’re at the store. A woman’s 7.5 size is a youth’s 6. You might also find boy’s sneakers that work for you. Most kid’s shoes tend to be less expensive.

Adding layers to a summer dress

Add a Top

Adding a top over your dress not only makes the summer dress warmer, but gives the dress a makeover. Instead of a dress, it looks like you’re wearing a skirt.
For this outfit, I switched out to a tan fringe purse and flats.

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Details of the Outfit

This blue top was hand knit by ME!! It’s a lace design and I’ve featured it twice on my #yarnday Saturdays on Instagram here and here. It was a fluke to have the holes so I could pull the ties/tassels through, but I love how it ended up. Then I didn’t need a necklace and the tassels weren’t creating a weird bulk under the top!

Mustard cardigan wearing a summer dress in winter

Another Layer with a Cardigan

So now pretend it’s getting colder, and you need your arms covered so you throw on a cardigan. You might argue that your legs should be covered too (I know my mom is thinking that), but there are times you just need a little layering, not a lot.
Maybe you should think of this as wearing a summer dress in winter—Indian summer style, LOL!!

Details of the Outfit

This mustard colored cardigan was snagged at Goodwill when we were in Denver. It’s just a Target brand so it probably wasn’t expensive to begin with. But I really like the shape of it since it has more of a cocoon feel.

The shoes were marketed as booties from Target. Obviously they were a popular choice for many because they are back in stock. I will say they are comfortable and I like the interesting cut out on the side.

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PS…I hand knitted this purse too.

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Boots as part of wearing a summer dress in winter

Wearing a Summer Dress in Winter with Leggings

The last idea of wearing a summer dress in winter includes being totally covered up from head to toe. (Well, I didn’t put on a hat because in reality it was 110 degrees outside, but you get the picture).
I added leggings and booties and switched out my purse again.

Details of the Outfit

The leggings are Peach brand and a faux leather legging. I know many of you think you’d never wear faux leather leggings, but I bet you might like them more than you think. In reality, you don’t notice much of a difference.
If you are interested in checking out any of Peach’s items, I can offer you $10 on your first purchase through my link since I used to be an ambassador for the brand.

The booties are Jambu brand and all three of us wore them in a post back in Denver.

This Embroidered Dress

This is a wonderful type of dress if you don’t want to think about accessorizing during the summer. All the fun is already on the dress, so it’s easy!!
It was an item I purchased from one of my Fashom boxes. What is a Fashom box? It’s an online clothing box that you can request anytime.
I had requested items in December for our Caribbean cruise knowing that it would be hard to find summer items at the store or even online in the winter months.

Insider tip: I analyzed 3 different clothing box services and compared them in a blog post. Yes, I am partial to Fashom because they have more options in my budget range, but I would recommend any of these services to everyone at least once in your lifetime.
If you do take advantage of any of them, make sure to go through my links so you get a discount for the first time. AND make sure to communicate with your “stylist” which is one of the tips I talk about in the blog post.
BTW, you can request a piece, so you too could ask for this same dress!

Wearing a summer dress in winter

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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