Wearing a Tunic 6+ Different Ways for Maximum Versatility

Wearing a Tunic 6+ Different Ways for Maximum Versatility

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Woman over 50 wearing a tunic

Wearing a Tunic 6+ Different Ways for Maximum Versatility

I had a reader request about wearing a tunic. She “wants to get some wear out of my multitude of dress tunics as in wear them whenever away from the home.” The other details about the email was she doesn’t own any dresses or skirts and wears blue and black jeans in the winter. So that’s how I tailored this post.

Quote of the day: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” Mark Twain

Almost all of our items in our closet can be worn many ways. Personally, one of my mistakes is that I categorize my clothes. Calling something dressy or casual can make it harder to pair it with other things. For example, when we tell ourselves that a material or item is dressy, then we think we have to only wear it that way. But let’s remember, it’s only a piece of material, so you can wear it how you would like.

So join me as I take you along the journey of wearing a tunic in more ways that you might imagine. I chose this Simply Noelle tunic because it’s long enough to be considered a tunic and short enough that I’d never wear it by itself as a “dress”. However, don’t let that stop you from experimenting with tunics that could be dresses, or even some of your dresses.
In fact, see how I wore a dress 6 different ways on Instagram recently!!

Leggings and Tunics

Insider tip: One detail to keep in mind is the proportion of your tunic for your top half and how long or short the bottom half looks. While most of us think we should match our jeans to our shoes to make our legs look longer, it can create a look where the bottom and top half are equal.
Most outfits tend to look better with the proportions being in thirds.
For these examples, the jeans and tunic has more of a thirds proportion.
REMEMBER, it’s hard to see this in the mirror. Take a selfie to check. And it all depends on the length of your tunic.
BTW, I’m 5’2″.

Leggings for women over 50

Combining leggings with your tunics is the popular way to wear them. This works easily because most tunics are somewhat non fitted, whereas the leggings are tight.
Be open to what you consider leggings. Maybe you have a pair of workout leggings that you usually “save” for your workouts.

Insider tip: If you have thick tights, like sweater tights or faux fur lined tights, those can be considered leggings especially if your tunic covers your behind.
IF your tights aren’t thick enough for warmth, wear two pairs on top of each other.

Wearing a Tunic with Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans on women over 50

We tried wearing dresses and jeans many years ago and did not love the results. What I’ve learned is the silhouette of the dress and what type of jeans can make a huge difference. Since a tunic is almost like a dress, and skinny jeans are almost like leggings, this combination can be a true winner.

This can also be a wonderful way to cover up your jeans if they tend to become saggy throughout the day.

If you are concerned about the how and why your denim gets saggy:
Say Goodbye to Saggy Denim

What About Other Types of Denim

Wearing a tunic with bootcut jeans

I wanted to show you how wearing a tunic with my black, bootcut jeans could work also. Most of us have been taught that if the top half is loose, then the bottom half should be tight. Yet many bootcut jeans are tighter around the hips and thighs, and only flare out around the calves.

I think it can work. The outfit above isn’t my favorite however, yet I think it’s because the proportions are half and half.

Layering on Top of Your Tunic

Wearing a tunic under a vest

Don’t forget you can always try wearing a tunic under another item. For the example above and the two outfits below, I am showcasing longer layers.
I like the longer layers with the leggings and matching booties (for these examples) because it makes the top proportion longer which seems better to me.

So go through all of your vests, cardigans and jackets to see how they would look over your tunic.

Insider tip: Don’t automatically assume the shorter layers wouldn’t work. I recently saw another blogger with the top hanging below the jacket and it looked fabulous.
Just try putting together all of your pieces and you might be surprised!!

Other Options of Wearing a Tunic

While I showcased layering items over my tunic, don’t forget you can always layer under it for warmth. A turtleneck or even just a long sleeve t-shirt could be used.

Since the reader requesting this post doesn’t own dresses or skirts, I did not include them here. Yet you can style a tunic with these options too.
1-Layer your tunic over a dress (see my older tunic post linked below for this example)
2-You can wear some of your straight skirts under a tunic. Many pencil skirts would be perfect for this. Then again don’t automatically assume other skirts won’t work. TRY THEM and see!!
3-Or try tucking your tunic into your skirt. This makes the tunic into a top.
4-Belt your tunic. This can make the length (and therefore the proportions) different.
5-Last but not least, you might be able to layer some dresses over a tunic. Think sleeveless dresses and long sleeve tunics.

My other post regarding tunics
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Wearing your Tunic 6+ ways

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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