Wearing an After WorkOut Cover Up

Hat and dress as after workout cover up

Wearing an After WorkOut Cover Up

The idea of an after workout cover up isn’t all that much different than a swim suit cover up. I think if we spend the time, we all can come up with ideas of how to run to the store after our gym session and not look like we’ve come straight from the gym.

Quote of the day: “If you hit every time, the target is too near or too big.” Tom Hirshfield

To me this quote means it’s okay to fail. Especially when it’s only about an outfit or trying a new style. It’s not a permanent thing, and so it shouldn’t be that scary.

Maybe it could be easier to just throw on a sweatshirt over your leggings and t-shirt. Yet I think, if we experiment with some of the things we already have in our closet, we can find other options. Like with my mom and her maxi skirt. And then Nancy did the same thing with her kimono. But if you don’t have those pieces, you might have some of the other ideas I came up with.

Stylish after workout coverup

Jodie’s Wearing

Dress: Peach brand here ~~Shoes: Italian Shoemakers~~Hat: Chicos c/o~~Purse: Aldo-thrifted ~~ Sunglasses: Glasses Shop c/o

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How I Styled my After Workout Cover Up

I know when we discussed this idea of adding pieces to our fitness gear to look presentable to go to the store, many women shared they would be too sweaty.

And I get that. Because some days I’m like that too. But even when you are sweaty, you’re not stinky yet. And if it’s convenient to run your errands on the way home, why not?

So I wanted to see if I could “just” throw a dress over my yoga outfit and have it be my after workout cover up.

Workout wear for women over 50

Hat & Sunnies

Let’s start with a hat. Because if you’re anything like me, your hair isn’t as wonderful after a work out as it was before the workout. Okay, okay, my hair isn’t always the best even before the workout, ha ha!!

But it’s nothing a hat and sunglasses can’t fix. You change the focus with these accessories, and then you can’t tell that you don’t have on makeup, and your hair is going every which way. These are my prescription sunglasses from the Glasses Shop. They were one of the pairs I discussed in my online glasses post recently.

What to wear after a workout


I wanted to approach this idea like I would for covering up from the pool. So I thought a casual, non fitted dress would work. This dress is one that I picked from my Peach ambassadorship. It comes in blue or white and is great for summer because it’s not real fitted. And I figured it’s nice to showcase a fun sports bra this way.

I removed my t-shirt to address the idea that it could be really sweaty from my workout. You might also have noticed that you don’t see the leggings. I just rolled them up a couple of times to hide them beneath the dress. You wouldn’t necessarily have to do this. But I thought it was an interesting trick, if you needed it.

A dress for after the gym


After yoga, I do like shoes that are easy to get on and off. Since I’m not much of a flip flop wearer, I found these sandals at DSW last year. They are truly comfy and basically a flip flop. And they come in many different colors including black.

I know my mom always comments that she doesn’t like that piece between your toes. Yet I think that really depends on the sandal. I don’t notice it on these, yet on some shoes they bug me.

Purse and Yoga Mat Carrier

I made sure I had a bigger than usual purse for this concept. Because I knew that I’d be throwing my sweaty t-shirt in it for afterwards. Now granted I could just toss it in the car afterwards too! So maybe that’s not important.

As for the personalized yoga mat carrier, you can thank my mom for that. She made both Rob and I one of these carriers when we bought the mats.

Styling an outfit for after yout workout

My History with Working Out

I’ve talked about my history with working out and such this February. While I used to be more diligent about getting in my workouts weekly, I have learned that it’s not always the quantity of the activity, but the quality.

It’s one of the reasons I really enjoy Yoga so much. I’ve been using The Yoga Collective for over 8 months now, and I really enjoy the different options they have available. The best part is I don’t have to choose an hour class. Most of the time Rob and I pick a 15 or 30 minute class.

If you are interested in trying out The Yoga Collective, I’m supposed to have a discount code for you to use. It’s JTOUCH and you sign up under the monthly membership. It gives you a 3 month membership for $10, and then continues after that for $6 a month. Which is truly a great deal if you compare it to other yoga classes.

If you do end up signing up for the Yoga Collective, feel free to email me (Jodie@JTouchofStyle.com) or comment below, and I can tell you a couple of our favorite classes.

Wearing a dress to run errands

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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