Wearing Black and White Doesn’t Have to be Boring & Ageless Style Linkup

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A hat for summer

Wearing Black and White Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Wearing black and white is certainly a classic color combination, yet that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Not that I wear these two colors together much anymore. However, our Ageless Style theme this month is “Unexpected” thanks to Daenel. More about that below.

Quote of the day: “We are always refining, correcting, doing trial and error, or style and error” The Accidental Icon

A wonderful reader, Sheila-Merle sent this quote to me recently. Sheila-Merle used to be a style consultant and considering the theme of Unexpected, I thought this quote was perfect.

You can also see how my mom and Shelly interpreted this “Unexpected” challenge along with the three of us together at Union Station.

Woman over 50 wearing black and white

Jodie’s Wearing

Pants: Banana Republic ~~ Top: H&M-thrifted~~ Shoes: Cole Haan~~ Sunglasses: ~~Hat: Tenth Street Hats c/o~~Purse: Unique Vintage

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Me Being Unexpected in Wearing Black and White

When Daenel suggested the theme of Unexpected, I knew I wanted to go with a color combination that is out of my comfort zone. And in my life right now, that’s wearing black and white.

I say this because for some reason, I am drawn to color in every way, shape and form. So for me to forgo the pops of color was harder than you think.

Summer outfit wearing black and white

BUT what this exercise DID teach me was how we get in our heads too much. All three of us looked wonderful even though we had to stretch our own comfort zone for our outfits. And yet no one else seeing us, would think our looks are “out there”. Which goes to show that when you say, “I like so and so on others, but I couldn’t wear it”, I will challenge you that you are wrong!

Yet even though I challenged myself to wearing black and white, I wanted to add some fun and whimsical elements to keep it fresh and modern.


Whimsical sunglasses

I have to admit that I didn’t have many sunglasses before I started blogging. Granted I wasn’t outside as much either. What I did have, were glasses that transitioned from normal to dark which was SO convenient.

Once we retired both Rob and I thought those would be too expensive and hard to find. So we got in the habit of changing out to sunglasses when outdoors. But I have to admit, after my research on online glasses, I have found many of the online companies have this option, and that’s what I’m going to get again. Now if only I can find some in these fun shapes!

Fun Accessories

I needed a hat for the day because my hair was a mess. And while I don’t have any black hats (since black doesn’t look great near my face), I figured navy was a close second.

The kitty cat purse is one of those bags that just makes me smile. What better way to show your love for your pet? There are so many purses like these if you like dogs, owls, frogs, or even butterflies.

Polka Dot Top

Standing out by wearing black and white

Once I had my colors analyzed, I really got rid of most black tops in my closet. The reason I kept this top is twofold. One because it’s a cream and black print, so I don’t think it’s terrible on me.

And second because I just adore the peplum detail of the top. To me it adds a little flair to the overall outfit.

Ankle Pants

Showcasing black pants with a modern twist

These black pants are from my working days. They are ankle pants but I decided to cuff them to make them even more so. Right now the cropped and shorter pants are more modern, so I thought this would be a way to make the look more contemporary.

I know black pants are a staple for every woman. Which is why we’ve experimented with wearing them for dress up especially if you don’t wear skirts.

Fix it Fridays

Wearing black and white along with navy

On Instagram, I’m starting a series called #Fixit Fridays. It’s about taking an item that somehow isn’t working and see if it can be fixed. While I don’t have all the answers, I love this idea because I can get great ideas from others. For example, I showcased Nancy’s bracelet for one of the posts. And then I even talked about Nancy’s dining room table.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Ageless Style Group

Now make sure to visit the other women in the Ageless Style group. And even though each of them is styling an unexpected look for themselves, I bet it won’t look out of place to you. It’s a good lesson that we should try some styles outside our comfort zone, just like I did wearing black and white.

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