Wearing Black as Birthday Party Outfits for Ladies

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Black for dress up birthday party outfits for ladies

Wearing Black as Birthday Party Outfits for Ladies

Lesley is styling her idea for birthday party outfits for ladies. Wearing black is a popular choice for a fancy schmantzy time. The fancy part was my request for my birthday celebration. And you can see what I wore too.

Quote of the day: “You are not getting older, you are increasing in value.” Unknown

I think perspective is the key for everything. And embracing our birthdays along with celebrating them to the nth degree is my idea of a good time. So I asked everyone to get fancy schmantzy. After the photos we even went to tea (with the Queen, no less. Trust me, I’ll prove it with photos later this week).

My mom chose a dark color too for the occasion and she got very creative with her scarf.

Circle skirt as birthday party outfits for ladies

Skirt: Flint & Miss ~~ Cardigan: Jessica H ~~ Top: Charter Club ~~ Shoes: 9West ~~ Necklace: ~~ Purse: Vintage ~~ Ring:

What are Fancy Birthday Party Outfits for Ladies?

Over 70 woman in birthday party outfits for ladies

Like I talked about in my fancy schmantzy birthday outfit, I tend to wear heels. Lesley did the same but her first choice for the birthday outfit was this skirt.

When I asked her what about the skirt made her do a happy dance, she said it was the fullness that made her feel like a princess. She would have purchased it in just about any color since she loved the style so much. It was one of those impulse buys (from SteinMart) and she was glad she was able to bring it out to wear.

Sometimes it’s good to make those impulse buys. Even when you don’t have somewhere in mind to wear it. Or heck, you could create the perfect occasion to wear it. Just invite all your friends out for a party.

Do Accessories Matter?

If it’s anything I’ve learned from my mother as a kid, it’s the love of accessories. And Lesley is no different. It’s funny how we both wore long beaded necklaces for this theme.

As for that black, beaded purse, it’s vintage. Lesley admits to have about 30 vintage purses. She started her collection back in the 80’s and most are from antique or consignment shops. When she’s not carrying them around for function, they are displayed in her extra bedroom as decoration.

One other detail I’d like to point out is that Lesley wrapped a long pearl necklace around her wrist as her bracelet. It’s a great way to get creative with the pieces you already have. There are many necklaces that you could make into bracelets this way.

Pretty in polka dots as birthday party outfits for ladies

What Color Should You Add to a Black and White Outfit?

Red heels with a black and white outfit

Of course it’s classic to style a black and white outfit for any occasion. Heck, even I’ve done that before. On the blog, we’ve also shown that you can add any other colors to black and white. Like neutrals, metallics and of course, color.

Lesley’s favorite pop of color is red. In fact, she has a note pad that reads, “WHEN IN DOUBT WEAR RED”. She said that red makes her feel flirty and a bit daring. And even a little bit sexy!! I think we all need to feel that way at times. Notice Lesley is even wearing red lipstick. Remember, you’re NEVER too old for red lipstick!

And she’s had these heels forever. It goes to show that a red shoe comes in handy. Just like we’ve proved on the blog in the past.

Let’s just point out that Bill Blass agrees as I just came upon one of his quotes, “When in doubt, wear red.”

Black for fancy birthday party outfits for ladies

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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