Wearing Bright Colors for a Mother’s Day Outfit

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Blue and yellow for a mother's day outfit

Wearing Bright Colors for a Mother’s Day Outfit

A Mother’s Day outfit is something we usually put together every year. This year may be different for many of us, but the fact remains that when we look good, we feel better. So why not add some bright colors to this year’s look? Even if you are staying at home.

Quote of the day: “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” John Wooden

Since Lesley lived in Colorado almost her entire life, she knows how our idea of Mother’s day and the actuality can be so different. She was laughing that she always dreams of a leisurely brunch on a sunny patio with her daughters and friends as a perfect Mother’s Day. That means breaking out the spring dresses and shoes. HOWEVER, the reality is coats, boots and stocking hats. Seriously, if you don’t believe me, check out the snow from last years Mother’s day post.
If it’s one thing we learned in Denver, it was never plant flowers until after the holiday. Here in Arizona, it’s a whole different ballgame.

So Lesley is showcasing her Arizona Mother’s Day outfit with bare legs and bare arms. We decided it’s glorious.

Styling a dress for a mother's day outfit

Dress: Chicos ~~Shoes: Silhouette~~ Scarf: ~~ Necklace: ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Hat: San Diego Hat Co.~~ Purse: Insert from a tote bag

Enjoying warm weather wearing a mother's day outfit

Blue and Yellow

If anything conjures up the thought of spring, it’s definitely the colors blue and yellow. Lesley calls these her signature colors and if you ever saw the inside of her home, you’d see it there too.
In fact, it was the color combination she wore in our post about the crochet detail, where she magically turned a kimono into a poncho.

So this is the color combination that Lesley was inspired to wear for our mother’s day outfit. I wore a bright dress that reminded me of a dress from my youth. Charlotte again incorporated one of her favorite colors.

Lesley’s necklace is a wonderful creation made by her daughter, Richlyn. It uses a chunk of yellow jade as the pendant. Adding the yellow necklace is smart, because a blue necklace would match too much and disappear.

Insider tip: Wearing a contrasting color necklace is key when the necklace hangs over the clothing item. Otherwise you don’t see it.

Are you a Belt Fan?

I feel like belts are very underappreciated. Most of my friends don’t wear them much, and even if you are short waisted, they can add a nice definition to an outfit.
This belt of Lesley’s is actually a scarf. She’s worn it before on the blog as a decoration on her hat.

Insider tip: Wearing a scarf this way can add the vertical detail that stylists like.

Hat Decoration

If you love wearing hats, then why not decorate it also? I especially love this trick when I borrow one of my husband’s hats which can look too masculine otherwise.

For her hat, Lesley added a cobalt band of fabric from a skirt she had recently hemmed. That’s one of Charlotte’s tricks to repurpose the material from alterations. Then Lesley added the flower pin to keep it all in place.

Insider tip: This is a great way to wear some of those brooches or pins you have just sitting in your jewelry box. You can attache them to some hats or to a scarf around the hat.

Woman over 60 in a mother's day outfit
Yellow shoes

Yellow Shoes

Even if you don’t love the color yellow near your face, I think yellow shoes are so versatile for the spring and summer months. They add a brightness to any color combination. If you don’t believe me, then check out the series of posts we did wearing yellow shoes.
Lesley loves yellow shoes so much she has more than one pair in her closet. They are like a yellow purse in the fact they add a beautiful pop of color.

Insider tip: Remember there are MANY shades of yellow. If you wear more muted colors, then a mustard shade might work better. Or if you tend towards neutrals, pick a lighter shade of yellow. They will all add beauty to any outfit.

Lightweight dress for mother's day outfit

Creative with a Purse

Did you notice Lesley’s blue clutch purse? It was actually the insert from a tote bag she bought.

Insider tip: Those inserts can be big enough to use as a purse on their own, so store them outside the tote they came in. Otherwise, you forget to consider it as an option.

Blue dress for a Mother's Day outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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