Wearing Clothes for Real Life: Shopping My Closet

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While I’ve been showing you my clothes for real life, I have to admit that many days I change a couple of times in order to have photos for upcoming blog posts.
That is why you won’t see the bright pink sweater outfit in the featured photo in this clothes for real life run down.

Saturday Real Life

We are heading out to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony this evening, so I will be changing clothes. So this outfit was an easy, around-the-house look.

The jeans are coated jeans. If you haven’t tried them, they look a little like leather but are really denim that is coated with a pigment to give it a wax-like finish.

Why are they wonderful?? Because pet hair doesn’t stick to them.

If you don’t have a pair yet, I can highly recommend them. I have them in a bunch of colors.

My chambray shirt was thrifted earlier this year and I wore a beret because messy hair is a real thing in my life.

The snakeskin boots have a small chunky heel, so they are easy to wear all day.

And did you notice I added an entirely different color with my earrings? These are handpainted by two sisters who live in Florida. I met them on Instagram and all of their selections are under $20.
PS. Perfect gift or stocking stuffer. They have lots of shapes including snowmen, pieces of pizza, and trees.


I still like dressing up for church, so I pulled out my animal print skirt. You might laugh that when I first bought this about 17 years ago, I couldn’t find anything to wear with it. I thought I had to match the cream color in it, and that was so hard.

Fast forward to blogging days and I realize that the skirt is just two neutrals together and therefore goes with almost everything. In fact, I used this skirt for one of my color recipes blog posts.

The top I recently won from an Instagram giveaway put on by a small boutique called Red Poppi. It’s hard to see but I’m wearing my leopard Ruby Ribbon bra which looks like a camisole. It’s a little print mixing, but not in your face print mixing.

Then I won the necklace from another Instagram giveaway.

The boots were thrifted as a replacement for another pair I had that were similar but falling apart.


This sweater is usually reserved for Valentine’s day, but then I decided that was silly. Shouldn’t every day be a love day??

It’s a thin knit sweater, but I usually like something under it, so instead of a collared shirt, I wore a hoodie. I experimented with hoodies worn in different ways in the past if you need more ideas.

I wore it with my plaid joggers (styled here 5 ways). These pants may look professional, but they are knit and comfy.

The Gibby’s headscarf is because it’s time for a haircut. On her site, she always shows them on a naked forehead, but I left some bangs showing.

BTW, you can see in the featured top image that I switched out the earrings when I added the headscarf. See? I am learning restraint, haha!!

The pink sneakers are patent leather. They were never that comfy until I started wearing my Sheec socks with them. Who knew that socks could be so helpful?


Wig or natural hair?? I’ve had this wig for over 8 years and when Em shared an online hairstyle change for my mom (that I shared in the daily emails), it reminded me about this wig.

I was inspired to pair this when my friend Jess wore an animal print dress with a chunky sweater. I did not knit this sweater, but I have a golden yellow one that I did knit. So who knows why I purchased this, haha, except I do love the color.

The dress was thrifted in Prescott when we went for small business Saturday last year.

And I won the riding boots from Naturalizer when I retired and was obsessed with giveaways. I wore Rob’s hat to hide the dirty hair until I remembered my wig. Which do you prefer??


I wanted to wear these suede pants to figure out why I haven’t worn them much. I’ve been thinking about converting them to shorts. It may seem silly to make shorts out of suede, but I love wearing shorts with tights and tall boots lately.

These pants were a fabulous deal when thrifting. I think I paid about $5 for them. Yet I just haven’t worn them much.

I paired them with my tan camo top and a velvet shirt dress. The shirt dress seemed too overwhelming just hanging by itself so I knotted the ends.

However, after breakfast, I didn’t like that, so I buttoned it behind me.

Insider tip: Buttoning or tying ends behind you is a trick I showcased in this short video on Pinterest. Make sure to follow me on Pinterest and save the video for later!!

My shoe choice was my snakeskin booties from Walking Cradles called “Shine”. I am print mixing with the camo and snakeskin, but I think it’s very subtle.

Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to show you that I really do use the tricks I talk about. I layered a skirt over this burgundy dress. Why? Because I wanted a burgundy top and didn’t have one. But I have a burgundy dress (which you can see styled 3 ways in this short video).

When I talked about this on Instagram once, I had a lot of doubters that it could work for women of different sizes. BUT truly, it does, and I talked about all of the myths in a blog post. In fact, if you struggle with shirts coming untucked, this is the solution!!

Anyways, I knitted the sweater, and the skirt is from Walmart (similar to this one on Amazon). The grey shoes are old. I know you don’t see this style around anymore, but I always loved it. And who knows? It may come around again.

No Friday outfit this week because I forgot to take the photo before we headed off to the craft fair.

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