Style Knee High Compression Socks for Health with Go2 Socks

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We can style knee-high compression socks and the outfit may not be as awful as you think. There are some fabulous varieties of compression socks available now.

Quote of the day: “These are not your grandma’s compression socks!” Jodie Filogomo

I don’t know about you but when I think of compression socks, I remember helping my grandma pull on ugly, beige ones that I hoped NEVER to wear myself. Trust me, when I say I wouldn’t have considered them a stylish item. Therefore, I haven’t thought about them for years.

Until this last October when I was having a wonderful conversation with this woman I was sitting next to on the plane. She was 86 and wearing some “just as ugly” black compression socks (sorry, Lorilei). They were paired with sandals so I couldn’t miss them, and she commented that they were compression socks for traveling.

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Compression socks for health styled under jeans

It got me thinking about how many older women probably are or should be wearing those while traveling. And then lo and behold I saw an article in Travel and Leisure about stylish compression socks for health reasons. So I got proactive and reached out to Go2 Socks about an opportunity to present their items to my readers. If you don’t know why you should be wearing these kinds of socks, then keep reading.

And while I realize that most of us aren’t going to wear them so they are the star of the outfit, I wanted to showcase them both ways for you. Because as Samantha from the company says, “Mundane socks are for the birds.” We are also showing 2 different pairs of socks for each of us to prove how many great styles are available.

Compression socks for health when on your feet

Jodie’s Outfit Styled with Go2 Compression Socks

For my first pair, I chose a yellow, leopard pair. It was between these and the tiger stripes ones because they were both fun and colorful. As I said, I doubt you’d wear them with your skirt so they stick out so much, but hey, you could. Needless to say, it was darn cold this day, so I even layered them over fleece-lined tights. And that’s not an easy feat, trust me!

But I was SO surprised when I learned that two of my friends wear these kinds of socks on a regular basis. One because of venous insufficiency and the other for her overall leg health because she’s inherited her mom’s spider veins. And one friend does wear compression socks over her compression hose, so it can be done.

Compression socks for health for women over 50

Coat: My mom made it~~Skirt: Ann Taylor-thrifted ~~Shoes: Universal Thread ~~Scarf: ~~Purse: Tignanello -thrifted ~~Socks: Go2 Socks

Compression socks for health in yellow leopard

For my second pair, I wanted to try out the ankle sleeves. These are touted as great for plantar fasciitis relief. Because they are only up over the ankle, they still help with swelling around the ankle while still having a range of movement. You wouldn’t have to get the bright pink pair. They have many colors including fun polka-dot versions.

I could see how they’d be great for yoga class too because your toes are exposed so you wouldn’t be slipping around. Heck, you could even wear them to get your pedicure.

Compression socks for health with plantar fasciitis

I told myself that I was going to wear my own knitted sweaters more this year, so here I grabbed this one. Over 15 years ago, I handknitted this project. It seemed too short after I finished it, so I added the fur bit on the bottom. That’s why the zipper stops before that feature.
It’s one of those details that probably nobody notices except me.

Jeans: Banana Republic )~~Cardigan: I knitted it ~~Sweater: Liz Claiborne-thrifted ~~Shoes: DIYed by Jude ~~Socks: Go2 Socks

Compression socks for health wearing ankle socks

Nancy’s Style Knee High Compression Socks

Nancy chose a black and white compression sock since she figured they’d go with everything. It was 17 degrees the day we took these photos, so you’ll be happy to know she was wearing them over her nude hose.

Compression socks for health in black and white print

Coat: Sanctuary Surplus-thrifted~~Skirt: Tempo Paris ~~Boots: Jambu c/o~~Hat: Banana Republic-thrifted~~Purse: bought when we were at Lakewood Cider Days ~~Socks: Go2 Socks

Compression socks for health for women

For Nancy’s second pair, she opted for the multi-colored polka dot version. I actually think this is my favorite outfit because her shoes highlight the socks so well. I have a couple of pairs of shoes where that are very open in the front, so I don’t wear them in the winter. But wouldn’t this be a great way to put the shoes to good use while working on my leg health?

Compression socks for health for women over 70

Leggings: Bookforce ~~Sweater: Kerenhart ~~Shoes: Charles by Charles David ~~Socks: Go2 Socks (here)

Compression socks for health in polka dots

Charlotte’s Style Knee High Compression Socks

My mom chose the pink and blue leopard spots socks. She was thinking they would be very bright, yet you can see they are actually quite subtle compared to Nancy’s and mine. This color combination comes in zebra stripes, normal stripes, and polka dots too.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing hosiery anymore, then this could be the perfect way to keep warm while taking care of your legs.

Compression socks for health with culottes

Coat: Jason Kole~~Culottes: Lola Jeans c/o Trendz ~~Boots: Valley Lane ~~Scarf: Mom made it ~~Purse: Giani Bernini ~~Socks: Go2 Socks

Compression socks for health in pink and blue print

For my mom’s second pair, she went with these compression socks from the team series. If she was a true Bronco fan, she would have gotten the blue and orange pair. Wouldn’t that be a great way to show team spirit and no one would ever know they were compression socks!

Compression socks for health for women over 80

Jeans: LOFT ~~Sweater: Chaus ~~Shoes: Mootsies Tootsies ~~Necklace: ~~Socks: Go2 Socks

Compression socks for health with stripes

Compression socks for health when shopping

Tips & Tricks

We happened to choose socks in the lower range of compression, however, Go2 Socks also have higher levels with their sports series. There are even knee and calf sleeves if you had a focused issue.

But really I know you’re asking why you should wear these. Obviously flying is the biggest concern for most people. Yet anyone standing or sitting a lot can benefit. Heck, people are wearing them even for exercising. Because our leg health is very important.  I think it’s one of the last things we think about unless we’ve had a blood clot.

Considering I already have a couple of spider veins on my legs I’ll be wearing these more. Personally, I’ve started putting them on every morning before my slippers. They may not be on all day, but it’s better than nothing. And trust me, I’ll be showing them off the next time I’m on a plane. You should too.

How we Styled Compression socks for health

What more can I tell you about style knee-high compression socks?? That I wish I knew about them years ago. Well, I do. Because I’ve worked hard to keep the rest of my body healthy, I feel like I’ve ignored my legs.

And yes, they have solid-colored ones also for those of you who aren’t wild about showcasing your socks. Just remember, you’ll get way more attention with the fun varieties. And shouldn’t you be helping to spread the word about compression socks? I know I will be.

Compression socks for health for any outfit

Thanks to Brodo Italian Scratch Kitchen, for allowing us to take inside photos in their wonderful restaurant. It’s a place we’ve eaten quite a few times because it’s close to Nancy’s new house. If you’re in the area, they not only have great food but tasty cocktails too!

The Facts

This is a sponsored post with Go2 Socks. I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with companies that could be beneficial for us all. So thanks for supporting these companies and my blog!

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