Wearing Fall Outfit Colors with Leopard Loafers

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Styling fall outfit colors

Wearing Fall Outfit Colors with Leopard Loafers

When the idea of being inspired by nature came up with our Ageless Style group, my mom gravitated toward fall outfit colors. I think we all tend to have certain colors in our head for the different seasons! And fall brings out those muted rust, yellows and brown colors that we see on the trees.

Quote of the day: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe

And while this quote is not new, it certainly fits in perfectly with this outfit. Because I feel that everywhere I look, I see animal print everything. So with loafers becoming more popular, why not have a leopard pair?

You can see the same style of loafers in black on Lesley with her neutral look. I also picked out fall colors for my outfit with the mule version of these shoes. These posts have been a collaboration with Walking Cradles to review and showcase some of their new fall styles. I will talk more about them below, but I sincerely hope you check out this wonderful company. And make sure to see other fall color ideas.

Silver hair and fall outfit colors

Pants: Chicos c/o ~~Duster: My mom made it~~ Top: St. John’s Bay turned backwards ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~Earrings: ~~Purse:

Charlotte’s Fall Outfit Colors

Wearing fall outfit colors for woman over 70

Since we used nature as our inspiration, my mom felt she had to wear this piece. To her, the print of this duster represents all of the fall colors of nature along with a feeling of American Indians.


I know I’ve said it before, but a yellow purse can be the best punch of color in so many outfits. In fact, I was happy to read that many of you already have a yellow bag. Whether it’s a bright yellow handbag like Lesley’s or a more muted one like my mom’s here, they give a nice exclamation to the look.

Print Mixing

When fall outfit colors are perfect

It’s definitely been an evolution for us to print mix. I was as timid about it as my mom when we first started blogging. But adding in print shoes is one of the easy steps. In fact, we’ve talked about baby steps for print mixing in the past. And by baby steps, I mean using your shoes, your scarf or your purse as the additional print piece in your outfit.

Turning the Tank Top Backwards

Wearing a tank backwards

This is one of my mom’s favorite styling tricks. She will turn many of her tops backwards for a couple of reasons. For today, she did this to have the orange color closer to her face.

Many times she does it because the front of the top will seem too low for modesty, depending on what else she is wearing. And it’s usually easy to do. Sometimes you need to remove the label so you don’t see it. Or you can wear a scarf or a pin to cover the label like both my mom and I have done in the past.

Leopard Loafers

Walking Cradles not only has great shoes, but they are also a great company. And I can attest to the fact with how they respond when something doesn’t go right. Once you reach a certain age, you realize it’s not a matter of things going perfectly. It’s a matter of how people/companies fix their issues. No one is perfect, right?

I’m saying this because this pair of loafers ended up having a place on the leopard that had pulled away from the shoe. As soon as I sent a photo of it to my contact at Walking Cradles, she immediately sent me a return label and sent out another pair to my mom.

And that’s a good thing because my mom loves these shoes. They aren’t her only pair of leopard footwear. In fact, all three of us have showcased leopard shoes on the blog before. But these are nice because they are flats, and my mom is wearing more flats lately.

As an aside, Charlotte did need to size up a half size for these. I think part of it is because it’s been so hot here as compared to Denver, that our feet are a tad more swollen. AND, I truly hope you take a gander at Walking Cradles site because you can also get 15% off with the code JODIE15. And if you’re not sure of how your feet will fit in certain styles, I’m happy to connect you to my contact at the company. That’s where the advantage of working with smaller companies comes in.

This Duster

Wearing fall outfit colors

My mom made this duster many years ago. I have come to really like dusters like this because they can be so versatile. You could easily button this and wear it closed with leggings or as a coat.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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