Wearing our Favorite Fall Colors for Outfits

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How to wear fall colors for outfits in with prints and solids

Wearing our Favorite Fall Colors for Outfits 

Here are some ideas for wearing our favorite fall colors for outfits. As a Throwback Thursday, I am going back to last year in Denver with the original crew from Jodie’s Touch of Style. So if you’ve been missing Nancy, you’ll love to read this again.

Quote of the day: “When we seek for connection, we restore the world to wholeness. Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other.” Margaret Wheatley

This is such a lovely quote. The connections that happened while Nancy, Charlotte and I were out and about taking photos is something so special. Even though our lives have changed since last year, we will always have these memories.

It’s no different than the changing seasons. One of the reasons I love the fall season so much, is the beauty in the colors of the leaves and everything evolving to winter.

How to wear fall colors for outfits for women 40+

We were continuing our wonderful day exploring Denver through the Doors Open Denver. For our next activity we didn’t take a guided tour, but explored some of the self guided places. I’ll tell you more about this area below.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit

Styling fall colors for outfits with red, yellow and olive green

Jeans: Style & Co. ~~Vest: Merona ~~Top: Old Navy~~Boots: Indigo Rd. ~~Brooch: ~~Earrings:~~Purse: Tignanello-thrifted 

Styling fall colors for outfits with leaves

Why I Wore This Outfit

Just like I combined bright colors in our last post about combinations with pink, I wanted to keep things bright for this outfit too. But just to tone it down for some of you, I added the olive green vest over the top.

This vest is a replacement for the one I used to have that I wore over our t-shirt dress two summers ago. Of course I wanted one of these vests and I searched high and low. I actually ended up buying a jacket and cutting off the sleeves to make it a vest. But as you can see in that earlier post, it was just too long for me. Or it was something. I just never loved it like I love this one.

Styling fall colors for outfits red jeans

How You Could Change This Outfit

You may not be as enthralled with color as I am, and I get that. So exchanging the red jeans for a brown pair (or any of the other fabulous colors that Macy’s is offering for such a great price) would be more subtle.

The other detail you may not be embracing like I am is the peep toe booties. As much as I thought these were silly a couple of years ago, I think they work for the transition times. But there are just as many brown booties without this feature that are perfect for fall and winter.

Styling fall colors for outfits for real women

Interesting Tidbit

These red jeans are over 6 years old and I tell the story that I thought I was too old for them. In fact, I was talking to a patient when I was working about red jeans. She was trying to tell me I should get a pair, but I remember thinking it was for the young kids only. But after she left, I thought about our conversation and I’m glad I reevaluated my response.

Because is there a color that is only for certain ages? I certainly hope not. Sure, back in the day, there were a lot more rules about how we should dress as we reached certain milestones. And it could be hard for some women without those rules. Yet I think that having the freedom to wear what makes us happy is very freeing.

Nancy’s (70+) Outfit

Styling fall colors for outfits for older ladies

Leggings:~~Tunic: Carolyn Taylor ~~Shoes: Ecco~~Earrings: thrifted ~~Purse:

Styling fall colors for outfits for women on a budget

Why Nancy Wore This Outfit

Nancy chose the darker colors for the autumn season. Yet because it was still a nice day, she didn’t want too many layers or long sleeves. She has been loving the leopard look for the last couple of years, so she paired this tunic with leggings.

She kept the shoes and accessories relatively neutral since the top is the focal point.

Styling fall colors for outfits for a day of walking

How You Could Change This Outfit

I’ve heard many women still report that they can only handle leopard in small doses. If you happen to be one of those women, then you could substitute a solid brown tunic and then add in a leopard accessory. For example a leopard purse, a leopard scarf or even a leopard necklace would all do the trick nicely.

Styling fall colors for outfits for women over 70

Interesting Tidbit

Nancy didn’t used to shop at second hand stores until both mom and I started taking her in with us. Now she’s convinced that it can be so worthwhile and budget friendly. These earrings she found when we were up in Frisco last winter.

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit

How to wear fall colors for outfits for advanced style

Pants: Dana Buchman ~~Jacket: Metrostyle c/o~~Top: Mirasol ~~Shoes: Nina ~~Necklace: ~~Earrings:~~Purse: c/o

How to wear fall colors for outfits with accessories

Why Charlotte Wore This Outfit

Since my mom knew we were walking she planned the outfit around comfortable shoes. She loves matching her clothes and making  monochromatic outfits, so that’s why she chose this jacket and pants to go with the shoes. Even though it’s not a suit that was bought together, it certainly matches like it was planned.

I was super excited to see that she incorporated a bright and non matching purse. I think it adds a modern edge to the outfit instead of just playing it safe with either yellow or green.

How to wear fall colors for outfits with bright accessories

How You Could Change This Outfit

If you don’t like the matching jacket and pants idea, then this would also look very fallish with black pants. Since I know every woman has a pair of black pants out there, you’d be set. Of course, it’s always good to update your black pants.

Just like I discussed in our fall trends for 2018, leather is one way to make a statement. And if you think that leather pants are WAY too crazy for you, you might start with a pair that have leather trim only. Heck, if Macy’s is selling it, it can’t be that out there.

How to wear fall colors for outfits for a monochromatic look

Interesting Tidbit

The sparkles on her shoes are shoe clips that she’s had for ages. In fact, she still has many of these accessories that she keeps hoping will come back into style soon! Do you remember them from our boho looks just last week?

How to wear fall colors for outfits for women over 50

Tips & Tricks

I always think of the color of fall as what you see in the trees and around nature. But Nancy was smart to incorporate leopard which is definitely a trend that is still going strong just like I talked about in the fall trends 2018 post.

It’s natural to gravitate towards the darker colors once the season changes. But I always wonder why we don’t choose the bright colors instead?? It seems like once the days get darker earlier, we would want brighter and lighter clothing? My goal this year is to try to pull in some brights even when it’s a dark and dreary day outside. I’m interested to see if it changes my mood.

What I will say is I’d love to challenge us all to think outside our boxes that a certain color is for a certain season. Just like we wore pink for breast cancer awareness, it’s fun to incorporate any color for any time of year.

How to wear fall colors for outfits in Denver, Colorado
How to wear fall colors for outfits at the Dairy Block in Denver

This is a newly refurbished area called the Dairy Block. It used to be owned by Meadow Gold and the Windsor Farm before that. It’s just recently been transformed into unique micro-district. The alley way is decorated with all kinds of murals and has cornhole games throughout. There are restaurants, retail shops and even a hotel all connected by this alley. We were here during lunch and it was still pretty busy. But I’ve heard in the evenings that it’s extremely packed and loud.

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