Wearing Green of all Different Shades

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Wearing green for older women

Wearing Green of all Different Shades

Quote of the day: “Don’t suppress what makes you different. It will ultimately set you apart.” Candace Nelson

My mom gave this quote to me a long time ago. Maybe because she wants me to stop pushing her out of her love for matching and monochromatic outfits, ha ha! That’s why I gave her the category of wearing all kinds of greens together for this week.

I love how my mom enjoys dressing up even for our outings. And she has marvelous style. It won’t stop me from pushing her out of her comfort zone at times, but I know she’s happy with her matching pieces.

Wearing green for older ladies

Wearing all green isn’t the only way to make sure you don’t get pinched on St. Patrick’s Day. There’s so many variations of green and ways to combine it with other colors. Just this week, we showed it with neutrals, and bright colors. Or you can compare and contrast us all together with different green combinations.


Skirt: My mom made it~~Sweater: no label~~Top: Jones New York~~ Boots: no label~~Necklaces: Mom made them~~Earrings: ~~Purse: Zaful c/o

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Wearing green head to toe

Charlotte’s Green

Unlike Nancy who has never been a huge fan of green, my mom says it’s one of her favorite colors. Of course in her large array of clothes and accessories, she has just about every color known to man. You think I’m kidding?? You haven’t been in her closet…LOL!

Of course if you look at our color analysis, then maybe that’s why both my mom and I like the color green so much. There are quite a few shades that look great with our coloring. Yet, you’ll notice that Nancy has many greens that would look good on her too.

It makes me wonder why it’s an underappreciated color. I’m sure much of it has to do with retailers and what they sell. Yet another great reason to go thrifting, because I can many times find the “unpopular” colors.

Women over 80 wearing green


Even though the theme is green, let’s start with the fun and bright colored accessories first. I was excited to see my mom adding in some pops of color with her necklaces and purse. I know many times when you are wearing a color, then you think to grab a necklace of that same color. Yet, like I showed with another post in the past, your necklace gets more attention when it doesn’t match it’s surroundings.

Of course, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that my mom made these necklaces. Not only is she a gifted seamstress, but also creative in copying DIY projects. The earrings were a wonderful gift that were made by our friend, Jude. We were very lucky to meet Jude when we all went out for a meet up in Seattle a couple of years ago.

As for the purse, I had to laugh that both my mom and Nancy, carried their purses we received from Zaful, years ago. It has such bright colors that it definitely goes with almost everything.

Wearing green with a colorful purse


When you talk about boots made for walking, these are definitely those kind. My mom thinks she’s had them for 30 years. Most of us wouldn’t think to buy green boots. But when you like to match everything like my mom does, then it makes sense. She loves that these go with her long, green, down coat.

The reason, my mom still has these? Because she never likes to throw things out or purge from her closet. Of course, things don’t wear out as much either when you have an abundance of items.

As for other green boots, this color is definitely not one you see much of right now. Unless you love rain boots. You can always find such fun colors or prints in the rain boots.

Wearing green with different shades


This ultra suede skirt was hand made by Charlotte. She bought the material at a nearby fabric store that has since moved. It was one of those independent stores that specializes in interesting and decorator fabrics. This summer we traveled out to it’s new location so my mom could visit it again. She found the reversible material that she made into jeans for our Alaska trip. And we even got the fabric for my lovely sheer skirt.

Wearing green with a suede skirt


A crew neck sweater like this is probably something we all have in our closets. It’s not one of the trendy pieces, yet it’s a great basic. My mom wore a collared blouse under it, and that’s my preference too.

I think the modern necklaces really make the sweater seem more contemporary. It acts more as a backdrop instead of the focal point. Another reason in my mom’s eyes not to throw anything out.

Wearing green for springtime

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

So I’d love to hear if you love green or if you don’t tend to buy clothing in this color??

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